The Top 5 Password Managers I Recommend

How many online accounts you have? If you are like an average American, you should have more than 20 online accounts. Starting from Gmail, yahoo, Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter to important financial account like checking, broker. And, if you’re a savvy internet user, you must have accounts with your utility providers. and if you’re like 80% of rest of us, you probably have same password, with a little variation, for most of these accounts. The reason, it’s so difficult to remember passwords. And you know that writing them down somewhere is riskier.

Top 5 Password Managers

But, having same password across different accounts is risky as well. If you password is stolen, for example, your local library, thieves easily can crack open your checking banks. More dangerous it is when you let your browser remember your passwords. So, if your laptop or smart phone is stolen. Your identity and financial assets can stolen with relative ease. Let’s talk about how to safeguard yourself, how to protect your password. Let’s talk about password managers.

Frugal Travel: How to Do San Diego on a Dime

This is a guest post with tips to enjoy San Diego vacation on a budget. So, if you’re callifornia bound this summar, this might come in useful. Enjoy the post from Jennifer Osbourne.

San Diegao on A Budget

San Diego needs no introduction to aspiring tourists.  It’s got sunshine, perfect weather, oceanfront property, and laidback people with sunny dispositions.  But, the cost of living in southern California is astronomical!  So, how do you keep it classy in San Diego while maintaining dollars in your pocket?

How Ben Graham’s Value Investing Principles Can Help

It is very difficult to make money from the stock market. There is nothing more difficult for an investor than to see mediocre returns on his portfolio. I should know because I speak from personal experience. When I was assembling a portfolio of stocks to save for my retirement I was never happy with the returns that I got.

Benjamin Graham's Investment Strategy Can Help Even Today

That was until I learned about an investment strategy that is more than sixty years old but remains very relevant today. This approach is known as value investing and was developed by the late Benjamin Graham, who is known on Wall Street as the “Father of Value Investing” and was the mentor of the venerable Warren Buffett.

Opening of ties With Cuba is Going to Open Investment Opportunity

I live in Miami area, the area that is slated to benefit most once US starts doing business with Cuba. Our local economy is gearing up for the windfall. Everyone from porter to shipping lines, including local tour guides are upbeat. Let’s talk about the opportunities in real estate that the ties will open. Whether in residential properties or commercial big-ticket investment, there are tremendous potential in Cuba. Tourism from US alone could touch Multi-Billion dollars within first couple of years.

Investment Opportunity in Cuba

There are many options for investing in Real Estate both nationally and internationally.  Many Real Estate investors are free to choose which international Real Estate ventures are best for them. However, due to various international laws and restrictions, some countries may limit Real Estate investments by investors who are citizens of the United States.

10 Reasons Online Shopping is Mostly better Than Stores

Being able to shop online is the best thing that ever happened to the Internet. Forget about Face book or Google for a moment and picture the wonderful benefits you get shopping in your favorite online store. You know they are many, right? But let’s look at the ten most amazing benefits online shopping gives us.

10 Reasons Online Shopping better than InStore Shopping

We go shopping occasionally mainly because there’s nothing else to do and we live 5 mins to an outlet mall. So, mostly our in-store shopping are mainly window shopping, except for groceries and home depot stuff. We are recent home owners so we like to spend at least a few hours every week at Home Depot. Because, that’s what you got to do when you buy home!