7 Top Carbon Emitting Nations Causing Global Warming

Today’s post is about environment. In case you haven’t read my previous articles on environment, you can refer to my Environment category in the archive. I live in Miami metro area. Our area is under threat due to global warming, sea level rise may cause our property to go under water in few years. I am afraid, so is 50% of world population, who live near sea shore. Today I’ll list top 7 nations that emits maximum carbon casing global warming.

Top 7 Carbon Polluting Nations

Atmospheric researchers at Concordia University in Montréal have published a paper outlining the world’s most aggressive carbon dioxide contributors. Their findings suggest that just seven countries hold responsibility for 60% of the anthropogenic global warming in the world thus far.

Helping Kids Learn About Money, H&R Block Budget Challenge Contest

Last time I checked, high schoolers were graduating without basic financial skills, taught in school. As young adults, their first exposure to real-life situations can result in costly mistakes, overwhelming debt and an unstable financial future. A lot of parents are now spending significant time with their child to teach them about money. Even white house came out in support of a site that explains personal financial matters to young adults.

HR Block Budget Challenge

There was a lack of significant corporate sponsorship. When I heard about budget challenge initiative from H&R Block, I thought this could be an excited new era. H&R Block budget challenge is free, teen financial literacy program developed in the form of an online game for the classroom that simulates real life as an adult, including paying bills, credit cards, saving and more. This year more than 90,000 teens participated in the program, which awarded more than $3 million in grants and scholarships.

Six Categories Where Saving Can be Maximized

Opportunities for Saving money is everywhere. Whenever you pay for a good or service, thee is an opportunity to save. Using coupons, discounts, bargaining, deferring buying decision, etc. can be used almost every time you pay. But saving money when there’s little or no possibility can be sometimes taxing for people around you.They may not like the idea of you bargaining everywhere you go out for shopping or asking for discounts. also saving money works best when you do budget for some fun.

Saving Categories to Maximize Saving

While having fun while you save, it’s perhaps wise to think about putting your best effort towards the spending category that can result in maximum saves. Trying to save money on your coffee may not bring the best result as saving money on gas. Analyze your spending history. I always recommend people to use Personal Capital tool to analyze spending, it is a free tool and it makes your personal finance easy to manage. Once you know where you spend your money most on, it’s easier to target that area.

51 Cost Effective Things to do This Memorial Day

Every year, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. This day is observed in order to honor, remember and celebrate the soldiers who have lost their lives in the line of duty to serve the United States Armed Forces. Memorial Day is also marked as the start of summer. Many people use this as an event to both celebrate Memorial Day and also to welcome summer. 

Memorial Day

This is one of the long-awaited holidays we have.  For me this is the first holiday of the year as I haven’t taken any paid leave so far. Planning to celebrate the day by doing some fun activities with friends. What will you be doing?

Why is ProOpinion Good for Individuals Starting A Business

Has there been a time where you have to do such extensive research for your business that it ended up being exhausted and jaded? Don’t you wish that everything that you need for your business were grouped under one umbrella so you will be able to find it at a click of a button?

There are many knowledge-based website hosted by leading business schools or high profile companies, but it still mean you have to go to several websites to look for the right thing that you want. And not mention the cross-checking and cross-referencing that you have to do to make sure that your information is legitimate and usable.