How to Negotiate Salary at a New Job

Imagine you got through your dream interview and the offer letter has been extended to you. However, the salary offered is way below your expectations. What would you do? Let go of the job or accept what has been offered?  There is a third alternative also which most forget. Negotiate for a better compensation. Here is how you can do it.

Negotiate Salary

Do you know how disastrous not negotiating your first salary could be? A study conducted by George Mason University and Temple University researchers, and published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior has found that new hires who negotiated their starting salaries gained $5,000 on an average, which was worth over $600,000 over the course of a 40 year career.

5 Surprising Trends in Fundraising for Charities

You must be aware of latest charitable campaign going on in Facebook, where many of my friends pouring buckets of ice water on top of their head.It’s the ALS ice bucket challenge, a campaign to raise fund and awareness towards ALS syndrome. For many the campaign is stupid but, it’s actually not. While the cause is great, it established on the latest social media campaign strategy. like businesses, charitable organizations are also going the social media route.


On the surface, fundraising seems simple: All you need is a worthy cause, and people will happily donate. As anyone who has ever been involved in fundraising can attest, though, it’s rarely that simple. Even the most worthy of causes have competition, and while the overall economy has improved and people are beginning to give more money to charity again, charitable giving has not yet reached pre-Recession levels.

6 Tips for Paying Off your Credit Card Debt Faster

Credit card debt is the worst type of debt. Most of the time the debt relates to retail purchases that do not retain resale value, which is why the debt is so hard to shift, and why it builds up so fast. Credit cards usually have higher rates of interest than almost any other kind of money lend – this is another reason the amount you owe seems to rise almost faster than you can pay it back.

Credit Card debt

Today on my way back from work, on NPR radio I heard about declining credit card delinquency rate in US, in fact delinquency is at 7 year low right now. That was a very good news for us. and  sign of recovering economy. But if you see deeper, the problem is still in tact. Problem with paying only paying minimum due amount every month.

How to Save Money on Expensive Prescription Drugs

Cost of healthcare is a rising worry for Americans. Seems like everyday cost of medication is going upwards. For people with lower earning it’s becoming more and more out of reach to provide for better care for patients. Health insurance premium is rising and out-of-pocket expenses are also rising.  The big question is, how can we reduce cost of prescription medication?

Save on Prespriction Medication

Even with more affordable health care provisions individuals can still end up having relatively high out-of-pocket expenses, a good deal of which are due to prescription costs.  The US is a popular market for new and expensive drugs due to its size and the relative ease of getting drugs into the marketplace once they have been FDA approved.

Online Mortgage Loan Shopping For Best Mortgage – How I did It

I took a leap of faith and bought our home, our first home. In a series of posts I’ll write about the buying experience, the lessons learned and best practices. in this article I am going to write about mortgage loan shopping, and how did I shopped for mortgage loan comparing 10 different banks, sitting in my office cubicle.

I heard stories on extensive and hectic mortgage shopping that involves going around banks, making phone calls to bankers and what not. Even my colleagues had to go through hours and hours of research and travel to get the best mortgage.

Well, my method searching only lasted for 1 hour. I made no calls and received 10 calls from bankers on my cell phone.