How to Make A Five-Figure Income From Peer to Peer Lending

The Federal Reserve seems to have won its war against interest rates at the expense of investor returns. If you are saving for retirement in relatively safe corporate bonds, you’re lucky to be breaking even after inflation. Stocks have done well over the last five years but you’ll be lucky to see the 7% average annual return going forward, and that is if you can avoid the next market crash.

Investing in peer lending

There are increasingly few investments these days that provide the necessary return for investors to meet their income goals in retirement.

Property Ownership Doesn’t Need To Be Taxing: How To Maximize On Deductions

This is a guest contribution from Tyler Cooper , he has been building and managing a portfolio of buy to let properties for over 7 years now. He enjoys sharing his insights and ideas online through blogging. This post is suited for our UK audiences, who are property owners or going to be one soon. 

House ownership taxes

Owning a property opens up a whole range of sometimes complex tax issues but it is not all bad news and there are several ways of making property investment as tax-efficient as possible.

How to Breathe New Life into Your Resume

When did you last edit your resume? I admit I haven’t done it in last one year. I think that’s the case with many of us. Unless we are actively looking for a job, we don’t spend time on our resumes. If you are one such person, this guest is for you. When this post was offered to me, I took the chance and gave blogging a break. Let me update my resume while you enjoy the post!

New Life in your resume

Most people don’t give their resumes a second thought until a job loss or a career change. While these are the most obvious reasons to get a resume up to speed, there are other situations that apply, even if you aren’t currently looking for a new position.

Should You Use Life Insurance As an Investment?

Have you ever thought about having a life insurance policy as an investment vehicle? I am talking about whole-life insurance policy, not the term insurance. A life insurance policy may be a good investment from diversification perspective. Let’s find out how a life insurance policy can be an important factor in securing your financial future and that of your family.

Life Insurance

I don’t have a whole or a term life insurance. I have employer-provided group life insurance. I am insured for 8 times my gross income per year. I pay $12 per pay check (bi-weekly) as insurance premium, that hardly dents in to our financial health. I know if I stay alive, this money is simply draining out. To provide to your family you go out dining and watch movies, you go on vacation. I consider this insurance premium as another expense towards family’s well-being.

Why a SIPP Might Be the Smartest Way to Save

This is a guest post from one of our UK readers Marjin. He talks about SIPP, which is equivalent to IRA and Roth in US. You get tax advantage to contribute to the pension plan provided you delay the withdrawal. Like IRA’s you’ll get complete freedom in choosing the investment vehicles for your retirement saving. Enjoy the reading!

Enjoying Retirement

Whether you’re thirty-five or fifty-five, it’s essential to spare some time every now and then to think about your retirement plans. If you want to have more than the state pension provides – and this is certainly advised – it’s essential that you start saving for your old age from as early as you possibly can.