How to Avoid Working in Old Age and Meet your Retirement Goal

This is not an astrological prediction, but, a possibility for most of us. 20% of workers aged 50+ are in the workforce; 75% of workers aged 50+ are expected to have retirement jobs in the future. So most of us will still be working job to meet our basic needs for food and shelter. This is a scary situation. Retirement is a time to cherish the hard work of yester year. Retirement is to enjoy things we postpone during our working life.

Enjoying Retirement

The best thing you could do now is to realize that you are falling behind and try to correct your situation. Unless you really enjoy your work and enjoy being in a company of colleagues, you must look out for a safe and comfortable future, where your money could bring in the returns that let you enjoy the same or a better lifestyle than what you have today.

Importance of Personal Finance Lessons for Teenagers

Earlier this year, I came across an article from the Los Angeles Times.  It’s about how millennials won’t be able to get mortgages on their own and will rely on their parents to co-sign on loans and mortgages in the future.  More recently, I came across this article on CNN Money – it’s also about how the student loan debt is making home ownership out-of-reach for millennials.


While home ownership is not a goal for everyone, I strongly believe that financial independence should be a goal for everyone.  Unfortunately, millennials are not there yet for a number of reasons, including: no financial literacy skills, dangerous amounts of student loan debt, and not establishing credit early enough. I think starting the conversation about financial literacy early is the best way to prepare young people for financial freedom, just as  about educating teenage girls about the importance of personal finance.

7 Ways to Market Your Small Business at a Low Cost

So how many of my readers are actually small business owners? If you are are self-employed I guess you are one. Even bloggers who quit their day job, the blog is a small business. This post will cater to them, the small business owners. Spending money on advertising, marketing and spreading the word out takes a lot of time, energy and money. So what about getting some tips on none-to-zero-cost marketing? Which is as effective as spending thousands of dollars! read on.

Small Business 1

When it comes to marketing, the small business owner has a tough job. Not only are resources tight when it comes to paying for airtime with radio and television, but oftentimes, the marketing department is small or non-existent, which forces employees and owners to comes up with ideas and ad campaigns, regardless of whether or not that type of expertise is in their wheelhouse.

Precautions before You Trade in Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks is considered a risky business for many and there are reasons why this is true and reasons why it is still a good option for making money. Experts define penny stocks as company shares below $5 each. Even though beginners start trading with these cheap stocks, they experience the volatility and risk immediately. However, before you start investing, take heed of these common precautions to start trading in a prudent and reasonable way.

Penny Stocks

Trading in itself is a risky proposition, trading in penny stocks is more so. Low liquidity, dependence on momentum and manipulative nature makes penny stock trading a riskier option than normal stock trading on stock exchanges through your broker.

Real Estate Investment in its Many Forms

The real estate crash is still fresh in our mind. This year we cautiously bought our first home amidst a booming real estate market, we are a bit afraid. Although, this real estate boom is not wide spread and property prices are appreciating at slower pace. In a place like south Florida where we crossed the bottom two years back and on our way to the level last seen in 2006-2007, we are skeptical and keeping our eyes and ears open. We shouldn’t have another crash now. Let’s hear a story from Steve who was in UK before and now lives in Turkey which is all about risks and rewards of real-estate investment. Sometimes it’s nice to know stories from people in other countries. Enjoy this guest post!

Real estate investment

Real Estate has always been a solid medium to long term investment. The problems have come for those that are after a quick buck and buy just before there is a hiccup in the market. That was certainly the case back a few years ago. Financial institutions were falling over themselves to lend money to the most dubious of applicants. Obviously their logic was that because prices were rising strongly their loans would be more than covered by growth in the event of defaults.