101 Things To Do, When There is Nothing to Do

Last week while coming home from a trip to Yellowstone with 100 other passengers in a 5-hour flight from Denver to Ft. Lauderdale. I was thinking what should I be doing there. The idea for this post came to my mind then and there. I watched people doing all sorts of things on the flight and made mental notes of the things I thought were interesting.

What to Do when nothing to do

Some of the ideas like hand wrestling, playing card games in your tablet computer, knitting sweaters and writing letters, etc were originated in flight. I often find myself in a situation where I have nothing important to do. This article might make your free time pass by faster while you achieve some satisfaction out of it. Aren’t we supposed to make our lives meaningful?

Actually nowadays I look at traffic stats and Facebook updates when I don’t have anything to do. Which are pure time-wasting activities? This article can eliminate such time waste from my life and from your life.

Let me ask you, have you completed all the tasks for the day or are you having a day off?

Does your company allow you a free afternoon every week or are you just having a holiday?

The things you do during this time when there is nothing to do could just bring change to your life, organization or even your family. You need not do anything extravagant or anything that will tire you. Just a simple act that can help others and make you better is something worthwhile.

Believe me, you’ll feel happy if you accomplish any of these things. There can be thousand more activities let this article help you find those on your own.

It is about love, always love. 
Do everything with love. 
Do what you love to do.

101 things to do, when there is nothing to do.

1)   How about  earning money while surfing the internetInbox Dollars pays you money while you surf and read emails. moreover, there’s $5 bonus when you sign-up. On readers’ request, I made it the first point, earlier it was down below.

2)    Jot down some new ideas and even invite a friend to chat on them, ideas can be about your own growth or about any new project you can do at your home

3)    Surf internet and gain knowledge about things. Read online magazines

4)    Play with your kid, child or baby, spend quality time with them. As a parent, this is the best gift you can give to them

5)    Write a thank you note to your friends and child’s teachers

6)   Open YouTube and watch latest hit videos. In my case, I watch Bollywood movie songs on YouTube often.

7)   Get online and check how many people have responded to your blog.

8)   Request your favorite song on the radio

9)   Play your favorite music

10)  Find out how your YouTube videos are doing since you updated them.

11)  Write a poem about your last springs experience and why you want to get the best out of this summer.

12)  Roll out in the lawn and have your child take some photos

13)  Post an interesting event or a joke on your Facebook wall. You can take pictures of plants, people, flowers with your smartphone and post it as well

14)  Visit your financial consultant to inquire on the best way to invest your new company profitability.

15)  Consider taking some time out walking together with a friend your child.

16)  Consider taking an online IQ test in order to gauge your level

17)  Take an online marketing paid survey to increase your income.

18)  Converse with a person dials the wrong number

19)  Imagine people who will have lived and died by 2099

20)  Respond to your facebook friends request and inform them about your new product.  

21)  Check the results of favorite team in the magazine or internet

22)  Write the next chapter of your novel and think of how to make it the best in the market after publishing.

23)  Plant some trees in the backyard and give it your name

24)  Feed birds that come perching in a nearby tree

25)  Build your dogs kennel  using new dimensions

26)  Sprinkle some water into your new flowers

27)  Help your wife wash some dishes and prepare the next meal (in my case she won’t let me cook because I make a mess in the kitchen every time I cook)

28)  Climb up a tree and get some twigs

29)  Trim your lawn and water the plants. Weed out your garden/patio

30)  Pray together with your family, visit church or temple if possible

31)  Clean the driveway extending to the neighbors area

32)  Make as many paper planes and fly them from the balcony

33)  Make a surprise visit to your workers at the factory

34)  Have a chat with your friend/wife on the new methods of improving your communication and time efficiency

35)  Tend to your lawn outside your office or house.

36)  Go through the company financial report again to get more details about the company performance.

37)  Count on a backward trend from 1000 to 100

38)  Compete in mental mathematical calculations, especially multiplication with your partner or child.

39)  Get your child recite and teach you one of the songs they were taught by the teacher

40)  Access the latest from your online newspaper copy.

41)  Get into your competitors website and look at the new products that have been invented.

42)  Compare the performance of your product with those of competitors.

43)  Tell fiction story out of the blues and see how you can create and recite at the same time

44)  Take some coffee with your production manager and listen on his new change management ideology.

45)  Take some time with one or several employees to establish whether the new management motivation is working.

46)  Look and count vehicles through your window

47)  Count the number of people you see from your balcony

48)  Head down to a plunge bath for additional relaxation.

49)  Join a youth group discussion on new investments and future of multinationals

50)  Consider preparing your own tea as opposed to ordering if from the café

51)  Try painting using crayons. Consider competing with your child

52)  Remember and write the names of all your classmates in college

53)  Try to remember the names of managers for all the companies that you know

54)  Take a stroll to wind up after a busy working schedule

55)  Collect food to distribute to the poor

56)  Donate blood to the local health center

57)  Take a shower if it is too hot in order to feel more refreshed

58)  Visit the new museums section and see what new has been presented.

59)  Make your family budget

60)  Consider visiting a dentist to have your teeth checked

61)  Take your pet for check up

62)  Visit an animal orphanage with your children

63)  Reach the credit rating company to find out your personal rating.

64)  Get your bank account statement and look at how it is fairing

65)  Move to the highest point of the tallest building using the elevator and get back to the ground floor

66)  Check your weight

67)   Call your financial advisor and enquire how to open a new business.

68)  Go window shopping to identify the more cost effective shopping mall

69)  Drive to several animal health centers with a view of establishing the one with better facilities and services offered at lower rates

70)  Take your bicycle and ride to the neighborhood

71)  Jog or even mountain climb with a friend

72)  Go sports hunting for the legalized animals such as fish

73)  Learn a foreign language online

74)  Volunteer to assist a local school sports team

75)  Follow progress of a building coming up in your compound

76)  Clean the drain system

77)  Record a song with your family

78)  Go and take photographs in your lawn on sin the nearby bush

79)  Count the number and types of birds you get in the bush

80)  Check the new online courses that one can take while still working

81)  Review the next corporate meeting agenda and time

82)  Play your favorite video

83)  Discuss with your online trainer about the subject you performed poorly in the last class.

84)  Look at the recent merger of your competitor with another company.

85)  Try to learn a new aspect about computers

86)  Check the market trend for the local and international products and services. This could inform you on how to design recommendations about your company products

87)  Look at changes in population trends both locally and internationally in relation to your company products effectiveness

88)  Write a newsletter for the family

89)  Make some home crafts using clay. Compete who makes the best between you and your child

90)  Remove your bedroom items and fumigate the room

91)  Remove the cobwebs from the house outside

92)  Clean the gutter all around the house

93)  Make toys with your child

94)  Go sports fishing with your child

95)  Establish the rate of internet access especially in the emerging markets

96)  Take some interest in the international politics by looking at some reports about Iran and North Korea nuclear reports.

97)  Reflect on the recently passed policies that affect your workplace.

98)  Take some leave and think about the effectiveness of your business in the next five years. This should speculatively factor the change in political leadership.

99)  Look yourself in the mirror and compare the image with your children

100)    Count the cash in your home safe after estimating

101)    Ask your child to write the names of all the classmates 

One Bonus thing to do!

102)  go to OCAAT archive and read the past posts, you’ll not be disappointed

If you think of you can find various other time pass activities. If you want to enjoy every moment of your life or want to leave a mark behind, you’ll never be in a situation where you have nothing to do.

Do share how you liked the post and what is your favorite activity that you do when there is absolutely nothing worth doing.

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  1. says

    When I get free time or vacation and I get into laziness I am never able to finish any task I originally planned. I had last week Friday off and I wanted to finish some of my projects for which I had no time during regular business days and nope, I wasn’t able to kick myself into even thinking about it… Your list is impressive. Sometimes I just write notes and ideas for my next articles or even write them if I have signal or internet connection available. On board of a plane I just write notes or offline text or just watch movies I downloaded before.

  2. [email protected] says

    I would love to be able to do #100 but I don’t have a home safe to put my cash in. I am making it a priority to obtain a safe and put some cash in it so that I can count it when I am bored. I would prefer the Scrooge McDuck money dive but I guess a small home safe will have to do.

  3. Management Training says

    I prefer to do blogging and reading new material in the field of technology and management as I have deep interest in both of them. Gossiping with friends over phone is another activity that I like doing, when I have nothing to do.

  4. Anton Ivanov says

    In my free time I like getting out of the house, exploring the outdoors and going to the gym. Most of the time I’m so busy, I can’t even imagine how some people find themselves with nothing to do!

  5. says

    When there is nothing to do I try to catch up with a round of golf and beat my previous record or play video games with my son. Unlike those parents who get into the daily rut and miss out on the life’s most important things, I feel blessed to be able to see my son grow.

  6. says

    Whenever I have a bit of free time, I always start by reading a book.
    But a very good use of time if you are stranded in a airport/train station or simply being in waiting room is to have some short podcast ready to listen.

  7. says

    This is a fantastic list, I too hate wasting time and there are moments when I feel like I have nothing to do and get the feeling of taking things easy and relaxing. It’s at those moments I think really hard about problems that I might face in the future and plan on how to deal with them, I love thinking about contingencies and avoiding things that might potentially mess up your life. Seriously! this is a great thought provoking article. Thanks for Sharing.

  8. Imran says

    I particularly like number 55, collecting food for the poor. This has always been on my list regardless of whether I was doing well in life or doing badly. I think helping people helps you to help yourself, I’m not sure if that makes sense. This is a really good post about keeping lists of things to do when you’ve done everything else, time is a precious commodity and it’s important not to waste it.. Thanks for sharing, great post.

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