101 Ways To Get Love And Respect In Life

This article is not about getting financially richer, it’s all about getting emotionally richer in life. Love and respect cannot be gained overnight. These feelings are something you cannot impose or force on anyone too. It can only be given freely to you.

Love and Respect

The love and respect we aim to earn is not just from our spouse or partner either. This will be from family members, friends, office mates, as well as people we casually meet on the street.

101 Ways to get love and respect in your life

These are tips that I have been following and will follow till I am alive. it feels good to be loved and respected, it gives you energy, it gives zeal to proceed forward. Love and respect is equally important in your life as water and Oxygen. Let’s try to follow few tips at a time. At this blog we grow one cent at a time.

  1. Do something special for someone who least expects it.
  2. Be pleasant and kind even if people do not feel the same way.
  3. Ask for help. Don’t be a know-it-all.
  4. Do not be needy or someone who constantly demands or requires attention, affection, or reassurance.
  5. Act calm, cool, and collected especially when faced with bad news.
  6. Never throw a tantrum in front of other people. There is no problem with letting your frustrations out but do so in private.
  7. Respect and love yourself but do not feel self-important.
  8. Take good care of your body. Live a healthy lifestyle but don’t be vain.
  9. Never do sloppy work.
  10. Drive yourself to excel in performing tasks without comparing yourself with others.
  11. Do not be critical of other people’s mistakes and shortcomings.
  12. Give honest feedback. Highlight the positives while showing how to correct the negative.
  13. Do not be arrogant. Putting people down won’t lift you up in other people’s eyes.
  14. Be humble without putting yourself down too much.
  15. Be generous with your compliments but make it real.
  16. Do not be a bully.
  17. Be a team player and always recognize other people’s efforts.
  18. Show genuine support in any way you can to people who are in need.
  19. Show people they are important by listening to what they say.
  20. Respect people’s opinions even if you do not agree with it or even if you know they are totally wrong.
  21. Talk in a pleasant tone.
  22. In a relationship, do not be too easy or too difficult.
  23. When at work, do not be a pushover nor be a thorn in your officemate’s side.
  24. Work diligently and independently.
  25. You have to give yourself value but you must learn to cooperate too.
  26. Exude quiet confidence. If you have it you really do not need to flaunt it.
  27. Practice the law of attraction. If you want to attract love and respect you need to be generous with this too.
  28. Talk about the positive things you see around you.
  29. Do not say something is impossible without trying every possible solution.
  30. Do not talk bad of someone to anyone. Be it your friend or foe.
  31. Position yourself positively in other people’s minds. Be honest, hardworking, determined, cooperative, or someone who acts rather than talks so that when people hear of these attitudes they think of you.
  32. Be more merciful and forgiving especially in the face of injustice.
  33. Uphold your values. Never do things that are against your belief just so you can be a part of a group.
  34. Be your own person and do not let the system swallow you.
  35. Always be clean. You don’t have to wear designer clothes to look respectable.
  36. Always keep your promise. This is also the reason why you should be careful when giving out promises.
  37. Do not escape from a responsibility.
  38. Always make eye contact when talking to someone.
  39.  Do not ignore your problems. You may be consciously not thinking about it but unresolved conflict will create havoc in your subconscious. This will ultimately manifest through negative attitudes like being sarcastic, having a short fuse, or just a general feeling of unhappiness and misplaced anger.
  40. Smile!
  41. Don’t give yourself excuses for lying. A lie is a lie no matter what.
  42. Be humorous. Learn some anecdotes or funny and clean jokes.
  43. Avoid foul language at all cost. Even close friends and family get turned off if you do not watch your mouth.
  44. Learn positive posture and body language. This will help you project yourself well to others and at the same time know what is going on in other people’s mind.
  45. Be interested in people.
  46. Be open to new ideas but get the complete picture first before jumping in on the bandwagon.
  47. Always remember people’s name. You love it when people remember your name it’s just fair to extend the same courtesy.
  48. Be courteous but not stiff nor overly familiar.
  49. Be clear and understandable with how you impart your thoughts even in ordinary conversations.
  50. Speak clearly without being loud.
  51. Organize your ideas and reason logically.
  52. Show respect to your parents, to the elderly, and to those who are weak and in need.
  53. Set aside time for your parents.
  54. Do things at home for your parents without being asked.
  55. Treat your siblings the way you treat your good friends.
  56. Share your life to others but do not be too open either. Keep a little reserve.
  57. Learn to mingle with other people. Do not be too exclusive especially at work.
  58. Share food, if possible, with others.
  59. Do not borrow money from co-workers.
  60. Spend money wisely and live within your means.
  61. Practice good hygiene.
  62. Meet deadlines all the time.
  63. Finish what you have started.
  64. Never procrastinate.
  65. Always say sorry if you are at fault. Do not make excuses.
  66. Be willing to get down and get your hands dirty along with other workers no matter how high up the ladder you have climbed.
  67. Always observe good manners and proper behavior without being stiff or all-puffed up.
  68. Do not be pompous or self-important especially when you have achieved something.
  69. Learn to accept compliment generously.
  70. Always say thank you, you’re welcome, and please.
  71. After you ask “How are you?” listen to the person’s response.
  72. Work hard but know when to have fun.
  73. Always set aside time for your kids just as you would want them to set aside time for you when they are all grown up.
  74. Be generous with your affection especially to your family.
  75. Allow people to grow. Be their mentor or coach.
  76. Do not expect your kids or subordinates or anyone else to be like you.
  77. Do not be afraid to ask questions.
  78. Strive to learn and know more than what you already know.
  79. Be straightforward but respectful.
  80. Stand up against injustice.
  81. Do not allow other people to put you down yet be civilized when you assert yourself.
  82. Do not let friendship and work mingle.
  83. Have faith in yourself.
  84. Believe in love in all its form.
  85. Respect and keep your marriage vows.
  86. Always be affectionate with your partner.
  87. Do not hold a grudge, against any one.
  88. know your spouse’s dislikes and avoid committing them.
  89. Make slow, romantic love with your spouse.
  90. Be generous to your family. It does not have to be money either.
  91. Prepare a home cooked meal whenever you can.
  92. Always eat at least one meal in a day as a family.
  93. Teach your kids what is right or wrong while they are still young.
  94. Do not embarrass your children if they are not doing well as expected.
  95. Do not vent your frustration on others.
  96. Do not take advantage on those who are weak and helpless.
  97. Do things that make you happy without abandoning your responsibilities.
  98. Have a grateful attitude.
  99. Avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.
  100. Live by what is moral and what is right without becoming a bigot.
  101. Last but, not the least, be skillful, knowledgeable and humble.

To be honest with you, I have not followed all till now but, I am also learning. I am with you I need information and resources to rely on. This article was another attempt towards that goal.

This are randomly selected 101 tips I could think of. There are many other great ways to earn love and respect. Readers if you can share your valuable tips with us, this resource can be more rich.

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  1. says

    SB, I love the 101 article series. Some points always strike a chord. Just want to add, although gaining love and respect is a very long term project some careless actions can result in one loosing it very quickly.

  2. Eric J. Nisall - DollarVersity says

    Unfortunately nothing you can do will ensure love or respect from others. The only thing you can do is live life the best way you are able to and accept what does and doesn’t come your way. Trying to convince people or trying too hard in general simply comes off as sad and desperate.

    • says

      Thanks for pointing that out, yes unless you love and respect yourself first you can’t expect that from others. Be truthful and believe in what you think are correct are the best ways to increase self respect that I know of.

    • says

      Thanks Richard! No its not humanly possible to follow all of them. I personally start following a handful and gradually planning to take on all.

  3. Carole says

    I think it’s interesting that it is neccesary to tell people to keep clean and maintain good hygiene. It seems like that would be obvious, but probably there are some who don’t think that it is mandatory.

  4. [email protected] says

    I just read through some of the 101 series and thought they were interesting. It would be hard to follow most of these but anyone can do a couple…nice list. I especially liked #92 because that is something that my family needs to do more of.

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