25 Everyday Techniques to Save Environment

No, I’ll not be asking you to plant trees around your town. And I will not ask you to go back to the stone-age and stop sing all modern amenities that take toll on our environment. I am going to talk about 25 pretty easy-to-follow ways to help mother earth by saving the environment around you.

Saving Environment

Charity begins at home, you start today, your neighbor starts tomorrow and the whole city starts doing this sooner than you realize, how about that? No, I can’t be that optimistic; but what’s the harm in throwing the idea around? Are you with me?

A little baby step from all of us can make a sea change in our environment. Let our leaders sign environmental protection treaties, let them reduce carbon emission from factories. You, you don’t keep quiet, do something today, whatever you can and let’s make this place a better one for our children.

Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find. ~Quoted in Time

Various ways you can help save our environment

We all pollute the environment we live in, I do, and your dog does too. It’s very much in our control to reduce this pollution.

1. Go paperless, save environment. Sure you can’t stop advertisement leaflets coming in to your mail box (shouldn’t there be an environmental law to ban this practice, or at least, be made it mandatory to use recycled paper?) but, you can control the statements, updates and notices which you get from your financial institutions.

Select paperless as the mode of communication. Mostly all of them support this. It’s high time that all govt. agencies implement this too.

2. Stop using bottled water. This may be very hard for many, I understand. If it’s not that hard for you, start using re-usable materials and fill it up every time.

3. Stop smoking. Smoking creates pollution inside of your body and for the people around you. Even after hours of smoking, your kids can be recipients of harmful effects of your nicotine consumption.

The pollution caused by cigarettes does not stop in our bodies or the air around us; it also affects the land we live on and the water that we drink. Millions of cigarette butts are discarded on to the ground every day“.

4. Use less electricity. There are various options to save on electricity, I can write an entire post about this. The easiest of the ways is to use fan instead of an AC, if you can. Air drying clothes, letting sunlight come in the winter and blocking it in the summer are other easy options to try out at your home.

5. Use less gas. Bike to work, car pooling are the easier options you can try. There are various other effective ways to save on gas.

6. Recycle. Don’t just throw your old electronics and batteries to trash. Make use of local free recycling facilities. Dispose your plastic containers as well by separating them out from normal trash.

7. Use reusable shopping bags. It was my wife’s idea to start using reusable bags. They are made of cloth and need cleaning once a week. We eliminated a lot of plastics from our life this way. You can do the same.

8. Buy fresh local produce. Whenever you have option to buy from farmer’s market or local grocers, give it a preference. Processed goods take a lot of energy, first for processing part and then, the fuel consumption in transportation.

9. Save water. Sweet water is a scarce resource and it’s being depleted at a greater pace than earth is replenishing it. There are various ways to save water in everyday use from fixing leaky outlets to adjusting the timers on sprinklers.

10. Use emails and eGreetings. Unless you are already using it, what’s preventing you from going ‘e’ route? Apart from being environment friendly, it also reduces effort required to pass your message across.

11. Use ceramic cups. Instead of plastic, paper or Styrofoam, the ceramic cups can be used over and over.  This reduces the impact on the environment and on your budget.

12. Print less. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to print, refrain from doing so.  When you do have to print, consider printing on both sides of the paper.

13. Buy items with recycled materials. For an example, you can get two types of coffee cups. One with fresh paper and one with recycled paper. You can identify by reading the label on the pack.

14. Reuse and re purpose. whenever possible, re-use the containers, cartons and envelops. Oh, your tooth-brush as well! For cleaning my sports shoes, I use old tooth brushes, it goes in to the grooves perfectly. Here’s 30 ways to reuse bottles and containers.

15. Use energy-efficient items. In the long run they save a lot of money and energy. Bulbs, use LED bulbs, even fluorescent light bulbs consume 1/3rd (or lesser) of the energy of incandescent light bulbs. For other equipments like, AC, refrigerator, washer, etc buy Energy Star appliances.

16. Use clothes more than paper. Reduce paper usage by using cloths to wipe your hands or the things you normally wipe with paper towels. My home is paper towel free and I use old dresses to make wipe cloths. Do you know something called handkerchief?

17. Use microwave.  I am not sure if you can bake cakes in a microwave. Last time I checked, my wife also didn’t know. But, she could tell me 100′s of other dishes that can be cooked in microwave. Use microwave more often to reduce your carbon footprints.

18. Leak proof your home. Ensure you are not losing warmth or cool through leakages, by having your home properly insulated and window and door seals checked.  By doing so, you are saving energy and money.

19. Replace air filters. AC air filters for your home and car, if replaced regularly, can save a lot of energy which in turn can save you money.

20. Consume less. This is for your financial good as well. Live simply, use your furnitures and clothes until they can’t be used any more. If possible, check out used items on Craigslist or garage sales.

Steps to absorb pollution

21. Plant trees. Your garden/patio or balcony, do you have space anywhere? Grow plants, grow flowers, and attract honey bees wherever you find a place for a pot. If you have a garden, you can go on a green mission by planting as many trees as your yard or garden permits. A good-looking home and better place to live, for sure!

22. Donate to organizations that help planting more trees and work towards a better planet. I am a member of Fairchild Botanical Garden, here in Miami, FL. My membership dues go to green causes.

23. Pickup and deposit pollutants. Whether at home, at work, at local super market or while running or jogging, if you find a pollutant like plastic or Styrofoam on your way, pick it up and put in a nearby trash bin.

24. Volunteer in anti-pollution drives. Many cities here in south Florida organize periodic beach cleaning events. Thousands of volunteers donate their time towards these large-scale environmental cleaning events. Check in your local area for opportunities like this.

25. Have indoor plants. Indoor plants and aquatic plants (in aquariums) are very efficient in cleaning the inside air pollution of our homes.  Think about it, by spending a little money to green up our homes we are improving our health as well. In the long run, these efforts should pay off in terms of better health.

Below points are added later on

26. Drive a clean car If vehicle emission check is not mandatory in your state, you may still go for one. If there’s a problem it can be fixed. Another way to contribute in similar way is to report smoke emitting vehicles. On searching your local DMV or city website, you may locate to report a violation.

27. Make better use of your recycle garbage bin. If possible have two different trash cans at your home. Sometimes not all recyclable materials are pout in to recycle bin. Even if you can save one piece of paper from being dumped without getting recycled, you have contributed to the environmental protection.

28. Buy local items. Specifically local food items require less transportation. Thus consuming food grown locally actually reduces gas usage.

I hope you enjoyed this article and you’ll start practicing a technique or two in your daily routine. If not majority of the steps, you can easily follow a few. If you are willing to follow all 25, you deserve a good hug from me!

I know, only a few of us practicing green living won’t change the environment around us. Still, I would like to wake up to a tomorrow where earth is cleaner and environment is safer to live. I dream on…


The biggest area where you can go paperless are your bills and receipts from in-store shopping. We need to keep all such documents for year-end tax filing purpose. If you itemize your return you should have those receipts ready for IRS audit, should it happen. Many merchants offer electronic receipts, you may opt for it and receive in your mail box, instead of on a small piece of paper.

For the paper slips, the ink that is used to pint such receipts, usually disappears within few months, then it becomes hard to read it. To the rescue, there is an online service called Shoeboxed. They charge $10 per month for individual account (with 30 day trial, no risk period) to store those receipts online. You can send up to 50 receipts per month by mail and within a week they will upload those to you account.

In my case I take images of them every time I have a new receipt with my cell phone, and upload on my Shoeboxed account. Not only for tax purpose, I use them for my budgeting purpose as well. At the same time a Shoeboxed account help you de-clutter! You can first try it out at no cost in free trial period, you can cancel within first 30 days,if you don’t like and not pay any money.

Since posting this article, I wrote another related post 101 ways to save environment, if you implement at least one of the techniques mentioned in these two articles, let us know by commenting below. Let’s make this page a good resource to help raise the awareness

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  1. says

    What an awesome list. When I look at it, my hubby and I are doing awesome. The only thing we don’t do is number 13- refusing recipts. We often need these in case we need to return the item or if we want to apply for warranty coverage. All in all though it seems we are doing our part.

    • says

      Good catch jeremy, many of these things do save me good money, especially on my monthly utility bill. In the long run green surrounding also will pay me back in terms of better health.

  2. says

    We always forget to bring our reusable bags to the supermarket with us. I just put them in the car now before commenting. No excuses!

    Great quote, by the way.

  3. says

    Great list indeed. I am using a lot of public transportation lately. Okay, I admit I am doing it out of a selfish reason – trying to save – but hey, it also helps environment.

  4. says

    Very good list with practical things we can all do. I really try to not print things and find it’s not really necessary in most cases. Take a look at what you are throwing away and try to think of ways to either recycle it or not bring it into your house in the first place.

    • says

      I so miss that backyard cricket. yes a tree can be a wonderful substitute for cricket. Good catch. I should be buying a property with few trees already in it and then I’d grow some more.

  5. Marc says

    Another one to add is shopping in stores or on sites that sell refurbished items instead of buying new. Refurbished items are generally re-manufactured and have new parts and work as good as new. By buying refurbished items you support an industry that keeps used products out of landfills, or prevents them from being sold and shipped overseas where they end up being thrown away in unregulated fashion. You can learn more here: http://www.3gorillas.com/blog/eco-friendly/

    • says

      I’ll also throw in that people should try to buy items made or produced locally in sustainable fashion. Try to buy stuff made in your own community instead of from abroad. This has the added benefit of supporting your neighbors and keeping money local.

  6. says

    I just found your blog today, but will start following regularly as I have read several great posts.

    You have some great ideas in this post-but could expand much further. There are so may things tn be done on a regular basis that could save money while helping the environment. Needless to say this is a passion for me(Save Green Going Green)

    Keep up the great work.

    • says

      I agree to fullest, there are tons of other ideas to help your pocket saving trees. If we all indulge, this world could be a better place to live.

  7. says

    Bake cakes in the microwave? Probably not. However, you can make a single-serving cake in a mug in the microwave, which not only uses less electricity, but also makes sure that you only have a single serving, which is a bit of a challenge for me!

  8. Amy says

    Nice tips, however, I just can’t agree with the one about the microwave.

    Whether it’s better for the environment I don’t know, however it’s certainly worse for your health. See here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/05/18/microwave-hazards.aspx not nice stuff at all!

    If you’re after any more tips to ‘save the environment from home’, I’d recommend looking at this article: http://www.stormclad.co.uk/blog/15-ways-to-save-the-world-from-home/
    the not pre-heating a fan oven bit sounds like a good solution to the microwave dilemma.

    • says


      Sorry, but this Mercola article has been debunked and he is a bit of a fraud. Check out the quackwatch.com for more information about him.

      DId you know what cell phones use the same radio waves as a microwaves; they are just a different wavelength.

  9. Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin says

    We are leak proofing our home at the moment and it’s definitely something I would recommend.

  10. Lukasas75 says

    There are great tips for green life, but I just want to mention, that if these tips are used only by few person, it will not help, I have a great example of mine, when city where I live started changing and started preventing everything they make, and the resut- pollution was reduced twice during only few years.

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