5 Sacrifices To Get a Goody For Free

Few years back, when we decided that it is time to buy a camcorder, I was not aware of frugal living. All I knew was that I need to buy a camcorder without affecting my bank balance.

I had the money in my checking account to buy several camcorders, but wanted to have it without spending my bank balance or credit limit. I termed it, in that sense, as ‘Money Discovery’.

We considered many ideas to discover the hidden wealth, I researched about eBay and Craigslist, noted down many tips to become successful seller. We surveyed our belongings and listed sale worthy items. We discussed on how we can cut on some of the ‘not so necessary’ expenses, how we can fish some money before it flushes out.

And, after 4 months of deprivation, we finally treated ourselves with a camcorder

Here are the 5 sacrifices listed

  1. Got rid of some old faithful companions: I sold some of old, unused and unwanted furniture and electronics on eBay and Craigslist. I sacrificed a few favorite items of mine. I made $59 this way
  2. A little side business: I was experimenting with eBay business. For two months I regularly visited garage sales and bought some valuable stuff for cheap garage sale price. In turn I sold them on Craigslist and kept the difference. (I discontinued this practice after 2 months, but honestly this is good business model, but you have to quit your day job to earn significant money out of this business). You can do a little babysitting, writing articles, part-time evening job etc. There are many articles freely available over the internet on how to find part-time income opportunities. I made $150 this way, sales proceeds  came directly to my Paypal account, I took out my investment amount to checking account, and kept only the profit in Paypal. I sacrificed few hours of personal time doing this.
  3. Reduced eating out frequency: Reduced our weekly eating out to bi-weekly, and deposited $20 for each missed dinner for 3 months in my PayPal account. I made $120 this way. I sacrificed some quality time with my wife.
  4. Saved on auto insurance: I shopped furiously to get a cheaper auto insurance, once I got the cheaper insurance, for 4 months, I kept on depositing the difference between old monthly premium and new monthly premium in my PayPal account. I made $87 this way.  I really did not sacrifice anything apart from few hours finding quotes.
  5. I started commuting in colleagues car: I returned this favor to him as soon as my goal was achieved, and became his chauffeur for next 4 months. I kept aside $15 each month while I was getting driven to office.  $15 was the approximate save on monthly gasoline bill for those 4 months. I made $60 this way, transferred this money from checking account to PayPal. I Sacrificed my freedom for few months.

Now at end of 4 months, in my PayPal account I had $476, it was enough for the Sony model we were after.

You might wonder, why am I saying this was ‘free’ ? It is not uncommon that do not get enough bothered as long as our monthly expenditure remains constant or declines as compared to previous month’s.

My financial statements showed that I did not increase my spending in last 4 weeks, I had the anticipated money in my checking account what I was supposed to be having after all regular expenses and investments.

It was a camcorder for free!

I spent 2 days bidding for the camcorder under my PayPal balance, including shipping charges. And, when I finally made the winning bid, my wife and I, both smiled, a smile of satisfaction, of achieving a goal, however small it was.

If you have noticed in my other posts, I am not specifically mentioning what you should do or should not do, rather I concentrate on narrating my way of doing things, my way of investing and my way of living frugal. I sincerely hope my readers will find value in this narration and discover the hidden messages themselves. It can be hidden money, hidden wisdom or a hidden opportunity.

Do leave a comment if you want to share your opinion about my small financial success. Interested readers, if you want to read about other topics of interest, do share with me. I will be happy to research and write for you.

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