51 Best Side Jobs for College Students With Where to Apply

We live where most of south Florida universities are located. Naturally, in the fast food chains and the restaurants are full with student employees. On one such evening, I was taking out a pizza from Dominos. I asked the lady about her college. She gave a smile and told about her college and major. She will work there for few more semester. Now that you landed on this page. Get riveted and prepare for information overload! If you get benefited, leave a comment below.

That incident generated the idea about writing this article. Previously we posted some unconventional ways of earning money in college. Here’s a comprehensive post about various ways you can earn money while getting your college degree.

When students go schooling, it is advisable that they supplement their income with part-time income from available jobs to lessen their student loan debt burden. The part-time job not only serves as an additional, it also serves to give the students this special experience that they need to employ when they finish their class work and move in to their first job.

As a student, the first thing you need to do is look at work force recruitment program. Talk to concerned authorities in your college and ask them to contact WRP representative. You must open a linked-in account and search for student jobs there. Students may find good seasonal job opportunity at SnagAJob as well.

Next best option for you would be to see projects posted on Thumbtack, then bid to do the job. We used thumbtack for three services lately, house cleaning, TV wall mounting and moving and packing service. We got a bid from a group of students among others. Thumbtack is a quick way to earn occasional money, on need basis.

Jobs for Students


Before we start, want to tell you about a success story, it happened in University of Boston. There was a girl named Vaentina Monte, who had a part-time job at a Pizza place. She was social media addict. She approached her employers to take care of the Pizza businesses’ social media campaign. She brought wonders for the chain. Soon big companies like HBO, P&G, etc hired her to do their social media campaigns.

Now Valentina is working for HBO in their social media team. If you want it bad, you will get it students!

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51 Ways to earn money while in college

i) First, look out for an in-campus opportunity. Campus dining hall, libraries, sports center might have a few opening still left. Have you checked the co-ops or the in-campus food joint. Are they hiring at the campus convenience store? Cafeteria caterers, are they hiring? Landing a job inside campus helps a student enormously when it comes to allocate time for job and studies.

ii) Internet jobs 

Internet is already $200B economy in US alone. Only a handful of people are employed in IT sector, compared to that. You as a student can bridge the low end of the gap. Small businesses, bloggers, online marketers need helping hand in managing their online venture. This is where a college student, with a laptop comes in handy.

  • Signup on Fiverr and sell writing, website design, logo design, Internet researching, or any other task you can do. Here’s my post on excellent gigs on Fiverr
  • Open your profile on Elance and odesk and offer the service you are good at. Upwork is also good for virtual assistant jobs.
  • Sign up for paid to blog jobs and apply to writing jobs. Search for blog jobs
  • Sign up for hiremymom.com and apply for virtual assistant jobs. A virtual assistant job involves mostly manual data editing, document/email management etc. (I do have two VAs working for me, one looks after this website)
  • Go to searchtempst.com and search for writing gigs

Use all of these platforms to apply to 10 small jobs every day and I guarantee you will make between $200-$800 in your first month. Maybe more! Which will increase as you gain experience and start understanding what works and what doesn’t. You should have a PayPal account to accept online payments. You can cash-out PayPal amount to your checking account.

iii) Be an actor or model – There are many local theaters or businesses who look for local actors and models. My sister-in-law registered herself with Back Stage. She landed a few opportunities as she was an attractive Asian Indian many people were looking for and were very scarcely available. If you have an inclination in acting, go for it! You never know what’s in store. Back Stage is the biggest source of such opportunities, including 1000 new leads every day across US.

iv) You could work at a Barista and earn perks of between $7 and $121 a day. A good place to start looking is Starbucks program for college students.

v) Look for a computer store worker and work in most companies computer stores. Good examples of such companies include the Apple stores, Google and Nokia stores.

vi) Use your hobby to generate income – You have a laptop at home, you have a computer in the lab. You love surfing the net. You love playing occasional games. You love to give opinion about products. you’re perfect for doing all these in exchange of money. Sign-up for InboxDollars account and install their toolbar in your browser. You can earn between $10 – $15 a day with normal surfing that you do anyway.

vii) Consider working as a bar tending jobs that are often available for people able to work late till night. The job is good for students and will pay minimal wages and double depending on the bar.

viii) Are you in NYC, NJ area, and, a good organizer, give attention to details? Signup for AgentAnything, where busy people post projects only for students. Projects may include grocery shopping, pet grooming, lawn care, etc.

ix) Pizza delivery man – Flexible work schedule, less hectic work, opportunity of tipped income. The best way to land this job is to visit your local store and ask for opening.

x) Home painting and plumbing is a good part-time job for plumbing students. It will give you the needed exposure and payment above the normal minimum wage.

xi) Are you good at something which can be delivered quickly? has millions of buyers ready to buy from you. If you’re good at writing a poem or song or good at drawing a cartoon, offer it on Fiverr.

xii) One of the ways is to post your resume to specialist job site that only deal with students. barefootstudent.com is one such site. Don’t forget to post your resume here. Snagjobs is another site to consider.

xiii) Consider searching for a part-time project on RentAStudent, you might get a lucky break.

xiv) You know internet advertising is going to touch $50B by 2017. I earn a pie of it through this blog. Some of the links here are affiliate links. If you signup or buy things following the links, I’ll earn commission. I earn on average $4,000 to $6,000 every month from this blog, with only 2 hours per day of devotion (I have a full time job as IT manager). Through affiliate sales and CPC ads from Google. You can also cheap in if you have these three things in you.

  1. Some money to invest
  2. A passion for writing
  3. Have patience to wait more than 3 months before seeing your first income coming in

Here’s how to create your blog in 20 minutes under $20. Start blogging today in your spare time and earn some money on the side

xv) Consider working as an online sales staff. Sites such as eBay, CafePress, and BuyMyTronics among others have options where you buy and sell staff on their site.

xvi) Use price arbitrage – Buy items at discount, use coupons, but things at its cheapest price from internet. Then sell them on eBay/Amazon. Many in our local university dorm run that kind of arbitrage business. Not very lucrative and high-earning, but still, it works for many I know. You need to spend initial time in studying price differences at various places .

xvii) Work as a Free Lancer for different clients who post their work on sites such as elance, freelancers and ezine and even associate content. These sites provide content for companies that want to market their products or even enlighten their consumers. Free lancing is a good way for a busy student to add something to resume without any full time commitment.

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Get Started with e-resume.net today!

Student, you need to first get your resume going, I’d recommend eResume service

xviii) If you know a second or a third language, most common with international students, you can be employed as interpreter on part-time basis. Look out for local job listings regularly.

xix) Students can directly apply for IRS student employment program, by directly applying online.

xx) One of the best opportunities for college students is to work as a freelance writer with thepensters and be paid for every order.

xxi) Most local audit or law firms will seek part-time students to work as temporary help especially for data entry.

xxii) Work as a baby sitter in your nearby home taking for your children as their mothers go to work. The task requires great passion to complete.

xxiii) Online consulting is an appropriate job for students as they assist online clients with differing problems in their areas of specialization.

xxiv) Ushering in sporting events is a good part-time job for students especially in events management and front office operations.

xxv) Book reviews is an online job you can take to assist book writers understand the impact and effectiveness of their work.

xxvi) Sign up with Survey Farms like, Opinion Outpost or Survey Spot. and you will be able to participate in online surveys regarding new products and services. Earn Cash and other rewards for your time. Although you’ll not earn loads of cash, but you may cover your week-end expenditures easily. Here is a list of best survey sites.

xxvii) Take the job of a teacher. Check with your teachers or college employees if they need a private tutor for their children.

xxviii) As a part-time Bank cashier you will handle financial transactions at the counter.

xxix) Work as a field researcher with scientific firms seeking to explore different aspects of their areas. For example, medical researchers.

xxx) Laboratory technician is a perfect part-time job for college students especially in local clinics and high schools.

xxxi) Working as a rescue worker trainer will help you impact your skills to learners of disaster management.

xxxii) Telephone Operator or call center agents. These days companies are either moving the call centers to cheaper countries or moving them back to American homes. Students may get part time job in such companies and work from their dorms/apartments. Here are the skills you need to become a call center agent. Search call center jobs in Beyond.com career network.

xxxiii) Fire fighting part-time worker will give you a chance to prepare the rescuers and plan all aspects of disaster recovery.

xxxiv) If you are taking courses in music, you could work as a part-time guitar or piano trainer in a local academy.

xxxv) Work as a part-time photographer with different companies that report about nature and even events.

xxxvi) As an artist student, you can work as a drawing specialist with a local press such as newspaper or online magazine.

xxxvii) Work in different web design firms as a web designer. Many of them take tasks from clients and you design the sites.

xxxviii) Choose to work as a swim lessons instructor in the local gym club or restaurant.

xxxix) End of day staff is a good part-time job where you collaborate with teachers in maintaining cleanliness and other tasks after class. I know a PhD student who earns a little on the side by teaching a professor’s son.

xl) As a sales part-time associate, you will be required to handle all sales work and perhaps even enter it in the company system.

xli) As a part-time housekeeper, you will be responsible for cleanliness and operations of guest rooms.

xlii) Work as a customer care representative in a local hotel to receive clients and affirming their details.

xliii) As a direct support professional in a hospital, you will assist people with mental disabilities in health facilities.

xliv) Consider working as a moving associate and work for 10-25 hours per week in loading units.

xlv) You could work as a landscape laborer in designing flower beds and lawns in homes and institutions.

xlvi) General warehouse laborer. You will work on tasks like loading trucks and packing different products.

xlvii) Math or English tutor. This position involves training your children and international students’ math or English on part-time basis.

xlviii) Banquet staff. You will work in arranging flowers in hotels, wedding rooms, and other events regions. The jobs are many especially in summer.

xlix) Admission assistant in a local college or school is a perfect task during news students’ entry, events and even out-of-class lessons.

l) Juvenile counselor is a perfect task for psychology students. The tasks are located in correctional facilities.

li) A referee is you are a student in sports and have skills on refereeing; you could work part-time especially when students are having games.

If you’re a student, one of the ideas could fit to your situation. Don’t hesitate, and take up a job. A few hours a day most of the students can spend away from studies.

Now what about a 51st option? That is to create your own start-up!

Wonder how behemoths like, Microsoft, Apple or Facebook were formed? Stop looking for jobs and create something on your own. That bright idea you have… don’t hesitate, act today. Take a risk and jump on. Technology and science evolve around new ideas and entrepreneurship.

It doesn’t have to be tech idea. You may be good at design – you may start your own fashion boutique. You may be a master craftsman or a good writer; Write your first book while still at college, sell it online. Create a bright future for yourself and the society you live in.

In case you landed on this page because you’re looking for a financing option, your immediate first step would be to secure the funding. Not jumping on the job bandwagon. Many of the readers asked me how they’d get the best financing for their education. I always tell them to shop for loans, if grant and scholarships are either not sufficient or not available.

AchieveLending.com - Find The Best Loan

Achieve lending is a student loan comparison site that can fetch the best loan that is available for you. These days we use price comparison sites to save money, on practically everything. So, why not for a loan?

After all, you can think of a side job only after you have secured the money to get an admission, right?

March on students!  

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  1. says

    When I was in college I worked in Dining Services for a semester and pretty much hated it because the people I worked with were mostly high school students thinking they were cool working at a college. I then moved on and worked at an off campus bowling alley and it was awesome. One of the best jobs I ever had!

  2. says

    This is a decent list. I like some of the one’s that would give the student some office experience. I for one chose a less glamorous job and was a stocker/closing manager for a local grocery store. I guess it gave me managing skills. But it definitely was fun.

    • says

      Alan, any job is good. You get to learn about working in a team environment. How to make customers happy and managing time and resources. I wont say your job was less glam.

  3. says

    Interesting post! Students looking for part time work should really check this out. Working while studying does not only give your finances a boost, but your resume as well, especially after you graduated from college. Although, some younger ones are getting more enterprising and have started their own small online business.

  4. jessica N says

    I worked as a waitress for about 6 months and it was the easiest money I ever made. When you are a student you don’t want to bust your butt trying to juggle schedules, but you also don’t want to be totally broke.

    • says

      I find job of waiting a bit hectic though, especially during weekends. They barely get time to stand and take rest. But yes agree to your comment that you need a less worry free job. There are years of worries awaiting you at that time.. :)

  5. Connor Harley says

    I actually worked in the school library when I got into college. I then left and worked in a fast food chain since the allowance given in the school library was too low and my expenses are getting bigger. It was tiring yet fulfilling to be working and supporting my own while on college.

  6. says

    Although its more of a side gig rather than a job, music majors can become street performers. I’ve heard that in more populated areas where people walk by often, you can make up to $40/hr. It’s not set in stone money, but it’s a good side gig where you can make your own hours.

    • says

      That’s a good advice, it helps for practicing and gives valuable experience of live performance in front of large audience.

  7. DKR says

    Hi, Good ideas…………..thanks………….but you might want to let someone proofread your articles before posting them…………

  8. Bill Massis says

    To find part time jobs with no fees, you can search on job boards or stand alone job listing websites. When you find a few companies offering jobs that match what you’re seeking, do some more research on them and apply or turn in your resume if all things check out ok. And, be aware that it may take some time to hear back from an employer. They receive hundreds of applications daily, so it may take some time to get back to you. Apply for as many jobs as you can to increase your chances of getting an interview.

  9. says

    You confused me with your roman numerals!

    My favorite job was soccer referee. Oh boy, did I ever get into the games. It was tough to be partial during an exciting game.

    • says

      You mean not to be partial, right? As the better team wins hearts including referee’s. A referee should always be neutral, isn’t it?

  10. says

    One job you left out is driving for Uber. You can make decent money but the real benefit is the flexibility. Drivers can log on and off whenever they want. Perfect for students with odd schedules. Download the app to your phone, then use code “IM6JQ” for 20 bucks off your first ride! That’s like trying it for free. Then you can see how it all works. Be sure to ask the driver specific questions about what they do.

  11. Rose says

    Very informative, thanks for sharing
    I do a paid for surveys site and I have made close to $3000 using this great Get Paid To Site. The amazing part is I’ve spent only about 6 hours a week on this site and I’ve earned $400 in 1 month!


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