51 Ways to Get Physically Fitter Than Yesterday

Getting physically fit and healthy is a challenge for most people. However, this should not be too tough at all so long as you are motivated.


Being physically fitter can be achieved by everyone with discipline and a lot of hard work. It does not happen overnight but there are 51 sure-fire ways to make it happen and these are the following:

Diet and Eating Habits

  1. Consume a balanced diet
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Fiber in the diet does not only aid your digestive system but also keeps you feeling full avoiding overeating.
  4. Water washes away toxins and aid in the body’s metabolism
  5. Consume your daily recommended amounts of protein in order to promote healthy muscle building.
  6. It is a great alternative to three heavy meals. It will keep your metabolism more active which increases fat burning capabilities.
  7. Skipping meals especially breakfast can make you eat more; later in the day.
  8. A cup of green tea per day can help you lose body fat very fast.
  9. Peanuts are good sources of proteins and are also healthy snacks compared to fatty foods.
  10. Avoid fattening and unhealthy food products like chips, ice cream, sweets, sodas and much more.
  11. As much as possible, avoid fast food restaurants and prepare healthy and less fattening food at home.
  12. Make an effort to identify foods that can help you burn fats and the other way around.
  13. Avoid bad carbs like white rice, break and pasta. Instead go for brown rice, whole grain breads as well as oats.
  14. You should make an effort to eat balanced meals with the right amount of calories each day.
  15. Burgers, pizza, and all the fattening foods can be enjoyed. They are only fattening if abused.
  16. Yogurt is ideal to help you lose weight and protect muscles which can make you become physically fitter.
  17. Creams can be wonderful for soups and sauces but they are sinful. Great alternatives are skimmed milk and non-fat dairy.
  18. Fats are essential to the diet but only consume the good ones.
  19. Limit alcohol and caffeine
  20. Chew your food well

Workouts and Exercises

Workouts along with proper diet are the best way to lose excess body fat and shape your body. So turn fats into muscles with the best workouts and exercises along with additional workout tips.

  1. Aerobic workouts
  2. Yoga sessions calm the mind, improve flexibility, and tone muscles.
  3. Taebo / boxing workouts
  4. Bicycling, swimming and other sports activities can be a good way to get fitter while doing the things that you enjoy
  5. Belly Dancing
  6. Pole Dancing
  7. Exercises that make use of kettle bells is a modern and effective way to develop body muscles and strength.
  8. Capoeira
  9. Tai Chi
  10. Pilates

Exercises for Beginners

  1. Chest exercises – Incline bench press, dumbbell bench press
  2. Triceps exercise – Lying triceps extension, triceps dip
  3. Biceps exercises – Barbell curl in standing position
  4. Back exercises – Seated row, one arm dumbbell, pull up grip
  5. Legs Exercises – Leg curl, leg extension, leg press (45 degrees)


  1. Treadmill – Can be performed in a specific minutes along with other exercises
  2. Kettlebell exercises – Kettlebell swings, goblet squats are the popular exercises to try
  3. Push up – This can be difficult if you are just starting out so you can perform a modified version by having your knees bent.
  4. Burpees – Can be done while in a squat position with hands on the ground. Kick feet to a push up position and return to the original position.

Abdominal Exercises

  1. Crunches – A classic which can be done by lying on the floor, fingertips behind ears, knees up and feet on the floor.
  2. Supinated Bicycle – While lying, have your elbows touch your knee. Can be done in 20 repetitions or more.
  3. Leg Pull – While lying and arms tuck underneath the lower back, pull your knee up to your chest and ensure your knees do not touch the ground.
  4. Abs Pull – An abdominal exercise which requires weights and can be performed according to your fitness level.
  5. Abdominal wheel – An abs exercise that makes use of abdominal wheel. Most fitness center has these so get that flat abs with these wheels.

The Best Exercises

45. Bench Press

46.  Squats

47. Pull ups

48. Dead Lift

49. Dips

50. Clean and Press

51. Bent over Row

You may be wondering why the last set of exercises is considered the best. Well, these exercises are specially designed to increase muscle bulk making your body more physically fit. They are compound exercises which mean that they involve multiple muscles to perform the exercises effectively. They are very different from isolated exercises that only make use of a single or one group of muscle.

With these workouts and diet tips, you will surely find it easy and motivating to get that perfect figure that you are longing for.


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  1. says

    Great list. I do a combination of many of these. I eat a whole foods vegan diet and I eat multiple times a day. I also always eat breakfast and drink green tea. For workouts I do a combination of pilates, circuit training, and cardio which seems to give me all around fitness.

  2. Richard says

    Everyone knows that to remain fir, one needs to exercise regularly. The only thing is that we all are so busy in our daily lives that we give hardly any importance to such activities.

  3. says

    I say just don’t do things the lazy way and you will be fine for the most part. Take the stairs and don’t always try to find the closest parking spot. The little things count and don’t eat until you are stuff. You body only needs but so much food.

  4. says

    This is not going to be easy with a family vacation and Thanksgiving next week. However, I want to ask, how can you be fit and inexpensively? I find being fit costs a lot more. The food is more expensive. The classes or memberships cost money too. I’m frugal, but I want to be fit.

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