Introduction of SB

When I was a 6th grader, I collected some money in my piggy bank; while my elder brother spent it up buying toys and sports equipment, I gave the money back to my dad urging him to buy a few company shares.

I developed my passion in the field of investment, finance and money at quiet an early stage of my life.

It is due to strong monetary education at home that I have never been in debt. I haven’t paid even a dime in credit card interest or penalty fee.

I take good care of my money and keep track of every dollar I earn and every dollar I spend. With the money I saved so far I can happily retire now and go back to India to live a happy retired life.

I prepare yearly and monthly budget which let me save around 50% of my income.  I am  frugal but, at the same time I am also an informed spender. I am a frugal guy who can loosen up the wallet string at times when situation demands. I am growing richer One Cent at a Time.

I do wear the latest fashion, I have a collection of ties, watches and sun glasses yet I try to bargain at Neimanmarcus.

I want cool new gadgets because I am a techy and I can afford it, yet I will make sure my Macbook lives its full life before buying another laptop.

I do not open a wine bottle with a string, as few frugal bloggers suggest but at the same time my bottle opener is not made of gold either. I don’t teach you how to come out of debt because I have never been in debt. I will rather teach you how to remain debt free. I may also teach you how to be rich.


I left India when my American employer decided to have me in their head office here in USA, having passed out from one of the premier Indian universities with masters degree in Computer Sciences.

I work in technologies department for a major financial corporation (I hope my readers will not object to my preference for privacy).

My parents live in India and like most Indians living in US, I do support my parents financially by remitting money for their up keeping.

I take pride in being a Hindu, the oldest religion in the world. My religion teaches us to be tolerant and love every living being.

I live in south Florida, the sunshine state, a vacation and cruising destination. So far I have been successful in my life. I am a potential leader in my company and still in mid 30’s. I am hopeful to climb the corporate ladder when the time comes.

As of now I do not plan on to quit day job and take up blogging full-time but, if I improve upon writing skill and continue to produce great articles day after day to attract large number of  visitors then, probably, I may think about quitting.

My Family

My wife SMB is a great home maker, a housewife (not desperate though :)) who is always on top of any household matter. Such is her strength and power that even a lizard can not dare enter our home and a particle of dirt is not allowed to stay for more than few minutes.

She has many natural talents such as music, crafts and cooking. She holds the chair of cultural secretary for Local Indian association in Miami area. She is a great cook of Indian and Italian cuisines; our friends urge her to take part in ‘Next food network star’ competition, seriously, no joking! She taught me and continue to teach me things every day. Sometimes her depth of knowledge amazes me. The amount of reading she does, very soon I may start calling her “walking-encyclopedia”, no pun intended.

SMB has double masters degree in science, one day she likes to teach. She doesn’t want to write for this blog, many of my attempts to persuade her failed. I hope she changes her mind and start writing one day.

She also does have the best English vocabulary among the people I have had known so far including native English speakers. I even tried to persuade her becoming my proof reader, since my English is not-so-great. She has a very personal blog though, which she insisted I didn’t disclose.

Her crafty words and mastery of sentence formation compels me to think she could have been a great writer too, had she persuaded it seriously. Below is just one sample of her writing, she talks about a rainy day as she watches it from the patio.

..I love when it rains…The ripples caused by the falling shower…The drops of rain creating an orchestrated music as it falls on the water, on the branches and the leaves….The pitter- patter on the asbestos roof or the tiles for a while, and then the collected rainwater guzzling out of the pipes ….The raindrops clinging on to the branches like pearls, just about to fall when ready with the perfect surface energy..A sudden zephyr touches my favorite wind chime, making it sing…An occasional bird alighting on the branches just when the sky bellows and the clouds roar ! The ducks swimming about wiggling their backs, taking in the beauty with style….A hot cup of tea and a good book while listening to your favorite music, in sync with the sound of the rain and the calls of the sky…And taking a break now and then to glance outside and admire the stunning beauty of nature….A rainy day is all you sometimes need to refresh and rejuvenate, just like nature does

I am proud of my talented wife, we do have ego clashes often, we do have our personal spaces where the other one is not allowed to enter. But, we love each other.

There is no third addition to the family yet, although we have been hoping and trying for years :) On SMB’s personal finance inclination, she’s not interested at all, she let me handle all investment, taxes and account management stuff.

My Finance Tool

The only Personal Finance tool I use is Personal Capital. I linked all my financial accounts (brokerage, banks, 401(k), etc) and I track all our spending and earnings and net-worth through this tool. Personal Capital helped me save money (budget assistance) and increased return on investment (Investment Checkup and fee analyzer features). Read my full review of the tool here. I stopped using everything else once I started with it.

Personal Capital is free to use. I strongly encourage you to use Personal Capital. There’s a hidden benefit of using the tool, you see your net worth go up every day. It’s really a growth of few cents at a time :)

About This Blog

This blog is my entrepreneurial venture, no doubt, but I have a passion for finance and investing any way, frugality attracts me. Finance, saving, investments are what I live in. I breathe finance. I am the stock adviser for my colleagues. I am the go-to-guy for people with financial questions at my work.

I do believe financial success takes it’s own time, it’s not an overnight phenomenon. That is why I named this blog – One Cent AT A Time.

On financial matters I am very methodical, I meticulously keep a count of each dollar spent and each dollar earned. If finance is my hobby and my most interesting subject, writing was never my forte. Languages were ones I hated most in school, more over English was my 3rd language of choice.

A poor writing skill is what prevented me from starting a blog earlier in 2005/2006, when just about every blog producing regular updates became mega blogs.

The passion for finance, willingness to share my opinion in public, an urge to have a name in public and a wish to become an owner of a successful business, are the main driving factors towards starting this blog.

Why should you read this blog? I do not have a shortcut answer, it is true that the information I give you is not exceptional, except a few. You can certainly find ways to save money in your day-to-day life elsewhere. You can read professionally written investor news letters for your investment needs. There are plenty of material to increase your productivity that are on the internet.

Moreover, I do not disclose my actual income or expenses on this blog, I’ll never reveal my blog earnings either. So, I couldn’t find a compelling reason for you to stick to my blog.

At most what I can say is, there is a little difference in my approach to blogging (so does every one else). Like the way every human being is unique, my approach to personal finance is also equally unique.

I not only talk about money, but also talk about overall improvement in one’s life. I write about improving social life, I talk about spending money on things I cherish. I talk about cleaning inner self and enjoying each moments of our lives. I write about becoming happier and enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

Blogging helps me gain knowledge, I learn new things with each post I publish. I am not a master of the topics I write on this blog, rather, it’s for my own learning as well that I write.

The most celebrated theme we have here is “How to be rich“. I have written quiet a few articles on this. They are not only about monetary richness, they are about richness in every aspects of our lives; such as emotional, spiritual, social and monetary.

Few articles on this theme are, How to be rich by creating value for money, Only you can take care of your financial future, 4 steps in pursuit of being rich, What makes you feel rich and wealthy, Enjoy finer things and feel richer in life, Get rich by saving 1 hr of daily wage and Best way to be rich, find time to be rich.

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Awards We received

One Cent at a Time was finalist for Plutus award as “Best new personal finance blog of the year 2011”.
Plutus Award Finalist

One Cent at a Time won the best personal finance blog, by Indian writer, award in 2013.

This blog won the 2013 Indian Blogger Awards - Personal Finance

Elevator Pitch : One Cent at a Time is a blog from a common man trying to become rich in life. I learn and then jot down the everyday process of becoming rich Financially, Socially, Emotionally and Spiritually. I blog to get ahead and to teach you to get ahead, One Cent at a Time! 

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We hate spam. Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else.