Benefits of Shopping at Farmer’s Market

It’s our practice to visit farmer’s market every month, on a Sunday morning. It gives us a different taste than shopping at the local grocer. It gives us a chance to be near the nature. I wish we could make it a weekly feature but circumstances and the distances of the market from our home are the biggest barriers.

Farmers Market

Going to the farmer’s market frequently can be one of the best activities that you can do if you wish to have the best savings from buying farm products. It is the perfect place where you can get hold of fresh local produce which can be used to cook delicious and healthy dishes.

Shopping at the farmers market is not only green but also a wonderful way to introduce vegetables, fruits and other unique products to your family while getting remarkable discounts not available from groceries.

Farmers Market – A Different Appeal

The farmer’s market is gaining more popularity these days as their number is also continually growing. It is no longer a surprise since it offers a different appeal compared to the typical supermarkets. So, if you are so used to the artificial lighting used in supermarkets as well as the fresh foods such as fruits that are picked before ripening, then you should try the farmers market this weekend.

At the farmers market, you will encounter a great blend of shapes, textures, and colors of perfect fruits and vegetables. It is a shopping place where you can get hold of natural lighting and the best fresh food products. Everything is direct from your local farmers so what more could you ask for?

The natural sunlight and the fresh produce are just too comforting. The organization of the market is unique as well as the way you bag and pay for the products you purchase which can be an entirely amazing experience.

Away From Junk Food

Shopping for food at the farmer’s market is also a great way to stay away from junk foods. At the market, you will find seasonal fruits and vegetables such as berries, mangoes, peaches, grapes, apples and a lot more. The freshest and most aromatic herbs and spices can also be found at every corner. Healthy baked goods, nuts as well as artisan cheese and other fresh dairy products.

So, instead of pestering around chips, artificial sweets, you can sample around the delectable and healthy food products at the market. With such environment, it can be ideal to bring your kids around so that they can also try out the farmer’s market fresh products. It is an amazing way to introduce them to healthy eating. Plus, the environment is full of energy as well where they can walk and run around and stay active.

You can also experiment a lot of your dishes since you can choose from the healthiest cuts of chicken, lamb, beef and even goat. There are also fresh seafood like shrimp and clams so everything a healthy kitchen needs can be found on the market.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Your produce arrive at the local grocers after travelling more than thousand miles, sometime, they are flown from a different country. Where as farmers market stuff is produced locally. The need of refrigeration is also not there. Naturally, buying at farmers market result in less carbon footprint.

Helpful  Farmer’s Market Shopping Tips

The farmer’s market is truly a great place to shop for fresh and healthy food products while saving from huge shopping expenditures. But how can you make the most out of your shopping? Here are some tips:

  1. Find the best market – It will be best to search for market choices before you go out and shop. You can do this by asking your neighbors, friends and family members. It will also help to search online and you will be presented with many market choices.
  2. Visit the markets nearby – If you are fortunate enough to reside close to numerous farmers market, it will be best to visit them all in order to identify which one is the best for you. Every market possesses a different ambience and sets of products and vendors.
  3. Shop early – Going to the market early will let you pick out the freshest produce. Make an effort to come just a few minutes after the opening time Buy the ones you see since the stalls may run out stock right away.
  4. Use reusable bags – These markets do not have shopping carts so bring a shopping bag with straps to aid you with the shopping.
  5. Wheeled trolley – If you are planning to buy huge items like pumpkins, pounds of meat and much more, it will be better to bring a wheeled trolley for your convenience.
  6. Bring loose change and small bills – The farmer’s market environment is not the same with the typical supermarket where there is a lot of cashiers and funds to give change to large bills. It will be easier to shop if you will pay with exact amount most particularly when it is still too early.
  7. No debit and credit cards – The market does not accept these cards so it will be best to bring enough money to pay for your purchases.
  8. Enjoy samples – Most vendors will provide samples of their products for shoppers to enjoy. If you are curious about a product, feel free to ask for a sample and they will be more than glad to give you.
  9. Be realistic – The prices of the products at farmer’s market can be more costly than supermarket foods. But that is the price you have to pay for premium quality products.
  10. Be friendly to vendors/farmers – Being friendly with farmers can help you get helpful tips from them and they can also give you discounts or additional items to your to your purchase.

If you follow all these tips, you will definitely get the best benefits out of shopping for goods at the farmer’s market without hurting your pockets.

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  1. says

    I love the farmer’s market but have yet to make it a habit. I need to do a better job on this front, because I absolutely love fresh fruits and veggies. Nice tip on the cash, too. I’m not used to carrying cash and had to have the nice farmer hold my stuff a few weeks ago while I hit up an ATM machine.

  2. Christian L. says

    Have you found that going to the farmers market saves money too? I’m just curious. I struggle to get to my farmers market because it’s only on Saturdays and I’m terrible at waking up early on weekends.

    -Christian L. @ Smart Military Money

  3. razorbacks92 says

    Please keep in mind that not all farmers markets have freshly grown produce. Some of the larger ones have vendors that are selling produce purchased at the same wholesalers the grocery stores use. Make sure you talk to the seller so you know if you are really getting local foods.

    Also, in some areas, farmers markets take food stamp benefits cards, as well as debit. The invention of the “square” allows anyone with a cell phone to accept the cards.

  4. Heather says

    Actually, credit/debit cards are becoming more and more acceptable with those the little card swipe phone attachments. I hope it becomes more affordable and accessible. Some farmers take checks, as well. I find that I can overspend if I buy baked goods or crafts.

  5. says

    We try to get to the farmer’s market in Vancouver at least once a month. They have great local honey and cheese – usually cheaper than the imported stuff at the store. Reusable bags are helpful and if you want to get fresh bread, you definitely need to get there early!

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