The Best of Money Carnival #134, The Christmas Songs Edition

Welcome readers to the 133rd edition of Best of Money Carnival, a collection of top 10 personal finance articles of the week.

Regular readers, if you are not yet familiar with the carnival concept, a carnival is a tool for showcasing the work of fellow personal finance bloggers. Please keep in mind these posts are the best posts published last week. If you like a post, do become a loyal fan of that blogger. Believe me, each of them is a master writer.

If you are a PF blogger and your submission has not been selected, let me assure you I liked all the submissions but, I had to pick the top 10 to my taste. If you are one of the 10 celebrities today, I expect you to bless the carnival with all sorts of social and link love.

One Cent Sunday Round Up and Blog Insights

Its Sunday and its time to unplug and get into a different blogging mode, when I become too personal, and, give insight into blogs and the bloggers.

I received a mail asking why OCAAT doesn’t display any advertising banner.

Well, thank you for your mail, I am honored that you went beyond just commenting and asked this question via email. One Cent At A Time doesn’t display ad, for the lack of better words, advertisers don’t yet consider us worth of investment.

3rd Yakezie Challenger Round Up

The round-up is in its 3rd week now, and already it has become one of the biggest Yakezie round ups, excluding the carnivals.

BTW, if you want to know all about carnivals, there is a full-page of wealth awaiting for your mouse (PC) or finger (smart phone) click, :)  Broke professional has that page.  Many thanks to her for the tedious job she did to bring this page up.

This week the number of blogs participating in this round-up is 25, an awesome increase from first week’s 7 blogs. With new bloggers signing up every day, we will see further increase in coming weeks. If this continues, one fine day I can claim this round-up as the web’s biggest weekly blog round-up :)

2nd Weekly Yakezie Challenger Round Up

It has been 7 days since I started publishing Yakezie round ups. Last week 7 blogs appeared in the round-up. So much have been changed since then and the round-up was so much publicized that this week there are 20 blogs being covered here.

Many thanks to the authors for the show of hands or I noticing their hands in the crowd, here is your best creation over the last week that I read from your RSS feed in Google reader. Order is random, as it appear on my reader.

The blogging machine Crystal, with her latest challenger site How I make money Blogging (Alexa 925K) is day by becoming a money machine too. She explains how she ended up as a staff writer for other blogs.

The Much Awaited 1st Weekly Yakezie Challenger Round Up

I have touted this on Yakezie forum too much lately, it was about starting a weekly Yakezie round-up with posts from challenger blogs, excluding existing Yakezie member blogs.

I waited for challengers to sign up, but except a few, no one seemed interested. Without wasting much time, and without waiting for challengers to sign up (well except for a few, who did sign up),  I went to various blogs and gathered the information. And this work is a result of that effort.

On July 24th, I am going to host Yakezie Carnival on my blog, this can very well be my dress rehearsal, before venturing in to that big stage. Wish me luck readers..