Save Money by Saving Energy

The image below shows our monthly energy bill. We do not have a separate gas connection for heating needs. Our bills are abnormally high during the summer months. We finally nailed it to the old air conditioning system. Our landlord will soon replace the AC system, before the summer really kicks in here in Florida. So far, we have been saving summer energy bills by few simple methods. We consume 40% less energy than the national household average of $2024 per year, a little solace! Still we feel we can save more.

Electricity Billing

One of the best ways to save money and build your savings account is to work hard at reducing your electric bill. Think about it: the lower your power bill (and other utility bills), the more money you have in your pocket that you can either save or use for other things you need. Here are some practical and important ways to save power while substantially increasing your savings.

15 Ways to Reduce summer Energy Consumption

With the heat of the summer months, you want to reduce as much heat as possible and save energy at the same time. It is natural that you will spend less energy over the summer months than the winter months; since you need less energy to keep heat in. however, you should be careful that you are not using too much energy to reduce the heat in your home over the summer.
Specially in hotter states, our energy bill in summer cost us more than that in the winter.  Energy conservation help us in maintaining cleaner environment.
Some of the practices that will reduce summer energy spending are as follows:
  1. Use fans with your air conditioner, at is helps to circulate the cool air from your air conditioner.
  2. Use ceiling fans to improve the air circulation in your home, so that you can feel some breeze in the heat of the summer months. You can opt for the use of a house fan so that your whole home is ventilated in the heat of the summer. This fan can be mounted in the attic and will be perfect when the windows to the home are open.
  3. If you can, get an oscillating fan as they will turn from side to side as opposed to blowing in one direction.  For the maintenance  of  the fan, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for  the care and maintenance of the fan to ensure that the operating costs are controlled
  4. Use a washer which allows you to control the level of the water needed to wash the clothes. For this, you can save a lot of water and energy when you need to wash some few clothes. Also, it will be a good idea if you just wash clothes when you are sure you will be having a full load. For example, wash the clothes once a week rather than once every three days. Then you will be washing when you have a full load.
  5. Do not use hot water unless you really need it, most clothes can be washed by the dryer with warm water rather than hot water.
  6. Rinse in cold water; unlike what you may think this has no effect on the quality of your clothes. If you are using hot water, your water heater should be close to the washer to reduce the distance it will travel to reach the washer. This will prevent it from losing heat.
  7. You can save a lot of energy in the summer by drying your clothes in the sun rather htan using the dryer. Most clothes can be hanged on the line without any negative effect on them. You can also dry others like acrylic sweaters on the ground.
  8. Ensure that they are not over-dried-whether you are drying them outside or you are dying them using the dryer-this will cause you to use more water on them every time you wash them and this will mean more energy.
  9. Use energy efficient water heaters that will save you energy over the summer. With the heat of the summer, you can reduce your hot water needs; for example you can have hot water showers only in the evening or in the night.
  10. When you want to purchase one, consider how many times you will be heating the water and how large your family is. If you use hot water most of the time and you are many, you may want to buy a large one. If the reverse is true then you can opt for the smaller one. When the heater is too large, you will use too much energy heating it and when it is too small you will find yourself without water most of the time.
  11. Use air conditioners that are energy-efficient; those that will spend less energy in the long run. Get one that has a timer, or get it installed in the one that you already have. This timer will control its operations especially if you are not always at home and you tend to forget to shut it down when you leave.
  12. Opening your windows will help to reduce the heat of the summer, which will go a long way in helping you spend less energy in the long run as you will not use much energy with your air conditioner. Still, if you have a lot of humidity in the area, you may want to close your windows when using your air conditioner. This will prevent the humid air from getting into your home when you are cooling it. it will save you a lot of energy at the same time.
  13. Your air conditioner should have varying fan speeds to allow lower or faster cooling whenever you need.
  14. Install the air conditioner in a place that is central so that it does not use a lot of energy cooling the whole house.
  15. Set the thermostat of the air conditioner at normal or slightly higher but not high as this will save energy. Setting it at high in the beginning will not help to cool the room any faster.


As a special tribute to our readers, Gridpar has provided OCAAT readers with a custom solar calculator to estimate approximate energy saving you can achieve by adopting Solar. Estimate how much you can save money and contribute to environment by using the calculator below today!

Readers, can you share some other methods you are following or have followed all along? Let’s make this article an useful resource for all future readers.

30 Ways To Reuse Bottles And Containers

Every day we purchase many things which come in either bottles or containers. Many of us throw away these containers or bottles after using them only once. We see these used bottles and containers as a waste. But if you think practically they are not.

Photo Courtesy


A Few Unconventional Ways to Reduce Gas Consumption

Summer is the time of the year when fuel price go crazy. This year even the winter saw very cost of gasoline. With China and Indian economy expanding there’s more than ever demand for gas. The price can only go up, may be with little ease at times due to other economical factors. But, in the long term it will only go up and thus we need to adjust fuel need and usage to keep gas cost low.

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Besides comparison shopping, driving less, carpooling or availing public transportation, there are various other little tweaks that can help keep the fuel consumption low.

Going Green, When to Go, When Not to

Hi, everyone! Another day, another post. This time I’m going to talk about going green, organic, environment friendly, eco-friendly, or anything else you’d like to call it. I want to discuss about feasibility of going green today.

To me, going green means working towards saving environment, as well as going paperless among various other things. I got a different perspective a few days ago, I had lunch with a friend who appeared to be quite forlorn.

It turned out his wife bought a lot of shampoos, soaps, and other health care products off a website. Let’s just say she spent a considerable amount of money for those stuffs. I asked him, “What’s with all these products that your wife had to spend that much money?” He replied that she was just trying to be healthy by going green. The he asked, “Why should going green be this expensive?”.

25 Everyday Techniques to Save Environment

No, I’ll not be asking you to plant trees around your town. And I will not ask you to go back to the stone-age and stop sing all modern amenities that take toll on our environment. I am going to talk about 25 pretty easy-to-follow ways to help mother earth by saving the environment around you.

Saving Environment

Charity begins at home, you start today, your neighbor starts tomorrow and the whole city starts doing this sooner than you realize, how about that? No, I can’t be that optimistic; but what’s the harm in throwing the idea around? Are you with me?

How Use of Alternate Energy Can Save Money

Once in a while, I think about adopting the different forms of alternative energy right here in our home. Though I understand that the cost is quite expensive; solar panels are not cheap at all but, the long-term benefits are far greater. So far, I have only ensured home insulation and bought a few energy star appliances towards my contribution to the green cause.

This saga of going green is of one of my colleagues, Cindy, who lives in a single family home. They are slowly transforming their suburban home into a sustainable one:

Cindy’s husband is a businessman and owner of a couple of restaurants. They have money to live life they wish for. One of her wishes was to help the environment. They studied, researched and installed solar power modules at their home. Now they are planning even planning for mini wind mill installation.

Is Your Energy Save Leaking Through The Window?

This post is part of the Yakezie blog swap and was written by Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to visit his blog and subscribe by RSS, join the conversation, like him on Facebook or follow him on twitter for the latest from sustainable life blog. 

Energy leak

A lot of times when I’m reading about going green to save money, people suggest things like increasing the temperature of your house in the winter or decreasing the temperature in the summer.

Go Paperless, Save Environment, Save Money

A week back I received a letter from T Rowe Price in my mail box telling me about a fee increase which is to be in effect starting September.  T Rowe will assess an annual fee of $20 for mutual fund accounts having balance less than $10,000. I have four mutual fund accounts with them, with none having that kind of balance, so starting from September 1, I would have required to pay $80 per year towards fees (Account service fee, fancy name). Good for me that the ways to avoid the account service fee was also mentioned in the letter.

Paperless EnvironmentOnly one way I could have had avoided the fee was to go paperless on statements, trade confirmations, prospectus and shareholder reports (other way was to make combined balance worth more than $100,000, oops.. so close). This is true with almost any financial institution these days. All of them offers paperless features. Not only they save you money, but also they are environment friendly.(Read – 101 ways to save energy and environment).

Other areas where you can go paperless are your bills and receipts from in-store shopping. We need to keep all such documents for year-end tax filing purpose. If you itemize your return you should have those receipts ready for IRS audit, should it happen.

Three Largest Energy Guzzling Appliances And How to Cut Cost On Them

My Mrs. is a Masters in ecology, she has many subscription to green energy, clean energy magazines. She always reminds me to innovate ways to cut costs on our daily energy usage. Recently I came across a few tips on saving energy on household appliances supplied in mailer from our utility company FPL.

I had already written three articles related to energy usage How To Save Money by saving water, How I save some money on Earth day and How to save on Gas prices. This is my another green attempt to remind all our readers on the relative ease with which you can control energy usage to generate maximum save.

I will only talk about 3 most energy-consuming appliances in your home if you concentrate on controlling energy usage on these three things, you can save up to 40% of your energy bill. This is what I called efficient and most productive way to derive maximum result.