14 Apps You can Use Right Now to Save Money Effortlessly

If you try to save money and keep a budget, there is a good chance that you found it hard at some points. When trying to get your finances on the right track, you almost always face some challenges. Your car breaks down and you have to pay $600, your phone falls out of your pocket, which leaves you with a $200 bill, you get an unexpected invoice…

Money Svaing Phone Apps

Fortunately you are not alone that why we need to save money elsewhere to provide for the expected expenses. Last year we listed 25 money saving apps , here are 14 more that really works! We’ve sifted through the clutter and identified 14 excellent money-saving apps so you can save effortlessly for a rainy day.

Saving Money On Supermarket Shopping

These days, it seems there’s no end to what’s available to buy in supermarkets. A wide range of household provisions has always been available, but in recent years, the range has been increased dramatically to include services too, such as life insurance, auto insurance, car breakdown services, Internet access and many other services. This greater freedom of choice brings with it more temptations to spend money, so it’s important to be cost-conscious. There are great savings to be made in supermarkets; you just need to be aware of them.

Shopping Add to it the McDonald, Subways and Pizza huts right beside the supermarket entrance. If you give it a pass while entering, you may not pass it on your way out. So it’s not only the products you buy but also the products and services you are made to pay for, goes to your super market shopping list.

I have a quick and simple way to determine if you are over spending at your grocer.

How to Save Money on Expensive Prescription Drugs

Cost of healthcare is a rising worry for Americans. Seems like everyday cost of medication is going upwards. For people with lower earning it’s becoming more and more out of reach to provide for better care for patients. Health insurance premium is rising and out-of-pocket expenses are also rising.  The big question is, how can we reduce cost of prescription medication?

Save on Prespriction Medication

Even with more affordable health care provisions individuals can still end up having relatively high out-of-pocket expenses, a good deal of which are due to prescription costs.  The US is a popular market for new and expensive drugs due to its size and the relative ease of getting drugs into the marketplace once they have been FDA approved.

8 Ways To Save Money At The Gym

I have written about spending money on self improvements, I also spoke about Gym membership and how useless they are. I have seen people who don’t go to gym but always keep fit. I also know people who go to gym regularly but still obese. Also, there are fit and muscular friends I have who go to the gym regularly. If gym happens to work in your case, then this guest post is for you. Enjoy the post and save some money!

Gym Membership

We all know that joining the gym can be an eye-wateringly (and sweatingly) expensive exercise (no pun intended!) but if you know what you’re doing there are a number of ways to save money on your gym membership.

Electric Cookers: How to Lower your Electricity Bill

There’s no getting around it, electric kitchen appliances can be costly. But what can you do? It’s not likely you’ll want to go back to living without a refrigerator, freezer or cooker. Not to worry – there are many ways you can save on these food-related apparatuses

Electric cooker

Electric cookers in particular can run up your electricity bill but making some simple changes in the way you cook can lower it significantly. Since we started using rice cooker, our electricity bill surely has come down by a bit.