Money Saving Tips from Legendary Coach John Wooden

I have always admired legendary basketball coach John Wooden. However, the older I get, the more I look up to Wooden for his contributions off the basketball court. He was an amazing person: hardworking, charitable, gracious, wise.

Money Saving Tips from Legendary Coach John Wooden

He was also frugal, living simply in the same modest Encino condo until his death in 2010. He has inspired me to find joy in the simple things in life that don’t cost much money: a beautiful sunrise, a hot mug of tea, a good book, the happy thump of my dog’s tail against the carpet.

Why It’s Worth Renting Power Tools To Save Money

Since buying our home last year the stuff inside our garage is ever-growing. still we have not more than 20% of the stuff our neighbors (on both sides) have. Though I am trying hard to catch up. Every time I visit Home Depot or Lowes, I come out with a new tool. When I look at the garages of our neighbors, I wonder how often they use some of the tools they have.  I think some of them were needed only once. Is it prudent to buy tools even if you need to use it once in your life time? Antoine is a tools enthusiast, who makes a case for renting out some of the tools today. Enjoy this guest post from Antoine.

Rent Power Tools to Save Money

You might find it surprising, but according to some research studies, it seems that an average tool (including power tools) are used for about 30 to 60 minutes in their lifetime. Sure, you can use a tool for a whole day or perhaps a whole week, but this study was based on the continual usage. Using these things is only a matter of seconds that keep adding up. What happens during the rest of their lifetime? Nothing spectacular. In fact, tools spend more time stored than used, whether they make it to some random toolboxes, garages or workshops.

3 Ways to Cut Administrative Costs for Your Business

Running a business involves many hidden costs such as overheads and administrative costs. While many businesses just accept these expenses as part of running a business, you don’t have to. By investing time and creative thinking, you can change up traditional models and save your business significant amounts of money in the long run. Read on for three methods to implement in your business today that will reduce administrative costs.

1. Go green

Every second advice article harps on about the benefits of going green, but there is a good reason it’s such a popular trend in business: going green is a financially sound option as well as being better for the environment. How much do you spend on supplies such as printer paper, ink, time spent printing, photocopying and compiling physical documents, professional printing services, electricity wasted by unused appliances…the list is never-ending. Develop environmentally friendly policies, and you may start to reap the benefits almost overnight. Even if you feel like your staff will struggle to fully embrace the change, some well-placed incentives may help.

2. Outsource

These days, just about anything can be outsourced. Do you know what positions absolutely must be filled in-house? If you don’t, do your calculations and then start working toward outsourcing other jobs. You can fill everything from reception work to specialised tasks externally. When you do your research, check out what companies like GlobalX Legal Solutions offer to help your business save on administrative costs: they provide comprehensive software and online solutions that aids the work of specialist practitioners in a range of industry-specific jobs, including ASIC checks, PPSR searching and conveyancing and legal support services. Head here to find out more. Another area to address is individual tasks: do you spend hours working through invoices each day? The time you spend on these unbillable hours is time you could be spending more productively, and there are professionals who can probably complete the work in half the time you can. Outsourcing can be the key to optimising your day!

9 TipsTo Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Father’s day is round the corner. Some of you must be sopping for, either your father or the father of your child. One of the fastest growing online retailers, cloud 9 has some unique gifts for fathers, including race car driving, trekking and golfing, etc. I wish my father was here. But they don’t have gifts to send to India, where my father lives. Anyway, today’s topic is rather, saving money, and not spending! Our perpetual guest poster Bill has sent another nice and practical article on saving money while attending a wedding. I am sure this summer you have quiet a lot of invitation waiting. Hope you find some inspiration here. Enjoy the post!

Wedding Guest

“Our wedding was held years ago, yet the celebration continues to this very day.” – Gene Perret

Six Categories Where Saving Can be Maximized

Opportunities for Saving money is everywhere. Whenever you pay for a good or service, thee is an opportunity to save. Using coupons, discounts, bargaining, deferring buying decision, etc. can be used almost every time you pay. But saving money when there’s little or no possibility can be sometimes taxing for people around you.They may not like the idea of you bargaining everywhere you go out for shopping or asking for discounts. also saving money works best when you do budget for some fun.

Saving Categories to Maximize Saving

While having fun while you save, it’s perhaps wise to think about putting your best effort towards the spending category that can result in maximum saves. Trying to save money on your coffee may not bring the best result as saving money on gas. Analyze your spending history. I always recommend people to use Personal Capital tool to analyze spending, it is a free tool and it makes your personal finance easy to manage. Once you know where you spend your money most on, it’s easier to target that area.