Electric Cookers: How to Lower your Electricity Bill

There’s no getting around it, electric kitchen appliances can be costly. But what can you do? It’s not likely you’ll want to go back to living without a refrigerator, freezer or cooker. Not to worry – there are many ways you can save on these food-related apparatuses

Electric cooker

Electric cookers in particular can run up your electricity bill but making some simple changes in the way you cook can lower it significantly. Since we started using rice cooker, our electricity bill surely has come down by a bit.

21 Do It yourself Pet Toy Ideas on a Budget

Although we don’t  have any pet, we do have a lot of friends who does. All the time I see them buying pet toys while grocery shopping. They can be cheaper at some stores like dollar stores or can be very expensive at stores in the malls. In this post we will talk about a few DIY ideas for pet toys which you can be made by things that are available at your home.

DIY Pet Toys

In this post, we will group the ideas in to the type of pets they are for. Enjoy the post and I’ll be happy if you give your valuable feedback. I will be happier if you implement some of the ideas and tell us about it!

Tips on Finding Cheap and Affordable Moving Company

I have a reader from San Francisco, who wanted to let fellow citizens to know the ways to score cheap moving deals. With more than 10% of Americans moving every year, the tips are not only applicable for San Francisco but also are equally efficient in any city. Enjoy the post!

Moving Cheap Deals

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world. It is known for its Victorian architecture, hilly terrain, great cultural and ethnic diversity and liberal community. Local residents and visitors are fond of this city. Life here seems ideal, until you need to move your home or office.

Think Deeper, Fly Cheaper

How often do we find ourselves in a situation that flight ticket is way out of our budget? We cancel our trips or postpone them, some of us compromise of hotel quality to accommodate higher ticket price. most recently we had to cancel Las Vegas trip due to the same reason. In this post putting down some of the ways to keep your flight ticket cost in check

FLight Ticket

Traveling by plane may be the most convenient means of transportation, but it’s definitely far from being the cheapest. If you want to see the world without spending enormous amounts of money on plane tickets, keep reading and take notes.

10 Lunch Menu that Only Cost Less than $5

Couple of weeks back I got a mail from one of my readers. She mentioned herself as a regular reader. she wanted to see menu planning and frugal food related posts here. I asked her to give a few of her favorite low-cost recipes. Here’s what she came up with in 3 different emails. I can see the menu serves all tastes and food habit.

Lunch Menu

I always take the left over food for my lunch. In our cafeteria I see most of my co-workers buying food. Although subsidized, their per lunch cost must be more than what I pay for my boxed lunch. This compilation is made up of ingredients that are readily available, good for almost every taste and most importantly, they cost little less money than your regular lunch. About the time these preparations take, they don’t take more than an hour!