How I Felt Joining Yakezie

On Saturday I joined Yakezie blog network. after reading and re reading Problogger’s pitch I gave in. Various other blogs I listed on side bar, are members of Yakezie, and seemingly Yakezie is now the only thriving network for PF bloggers.

The main reason behind joining this network is to get a driving force so that I can continue to write consistently. At the same time I will be motivated when fellow bloggers over there take time to read and comment. I hardly got any negative comment about my posts, which I am eagerly waiting. Sustainable PF commented on one of my posts about the benefits of joining Yakezie, I did my research got enough convinced.

To the readers who do not know Yakezie, They are blog networks with many successful and young blogs as members. Though my name is still not there, I guess on Monday I could be seeing my name appearing in the list, well hopefully, I will now post in their forum and ask about it. In their forum, they discuss the things we always like to talk about, that is all things about blogging success. People are very supportive to each other and always ready to help. Even I can have other bloggers writing guest post for me, to maintain consistency, when I am on a vacation and can’t write my post, how cool that is? Joining the network and going through a lot of forum topics gave me a very different perspective of blogging, where people don’t talk about failures. Here are the rules I now need to follow to become a member.

One of the first benefits I received is, my article on staycation has been selected in this week’s Yakezie carnival, which gives me great feeling! I hope to get a few more clicks today and in coming weeks.

Another benefit, a chance to compete for free business card from My Personal Finance. Jacob designed this contest in a very nice way, he reminds me of a shrewd business man who ensures that he gets value for every cents he spends. It gave me a brand new perspective, till my blog gets enough viewers and organizations approach me for free giveaways to my readers, I can part ways from some of the gifts I don’t have any use and just lying unused. Like 2012 year planner with hard cover,

Today I also submitted this blog for a place in Wise Bread’s list of top financial blogs. Eagerly waiting for the rank I will get. As per calculation I should get a place within first 400. My Klout Score is 41, Alexa Rank improving everyday and now standing at 2.6M. I have 580+ Twitter followers and around 1000 external links. Let’s see what surprise is at store.

Also learned that I need to save all my custom changes to styles.css and function.php files before applying for word press or theme update. It took me 2 hours to re invent wheel and making the site back to what it looked like till yesterday. Even I lost my favicon, luckily .ico file was kept on my laptop hard drive. Which in turn prompted me to download contents of ‘www’ folder on my laptop and eventually to the external hard drive for safe keeping. Not yet sure, what I gained by updating WordPress version and my theme, but, surely I lost quality time at home :( apparently now my site has become less vulnerable to hacks, hackers seem interested in my site!! If they hack my site I will call a press conference and announce that 1000’s of readers personal data has been stolen, If i make a headline like that, Alexa rank will jump to anything.

Yakezie members, coming on for first time, you might want to read two of my favorite posts. Shepherd and Sheep herder, a Story About Your Money and Let your Kid learn money on Garage sale, my most read article is ‘Have A Second Checking Account‘.

Readers, as you can see, I started displaying my awful record as blogger on the side-bar which shamelessly showing 3 feed subscribers with Alexa rank of 2.6M. If you want this blog to survive further, do subscribe to my feed and refer your Twitter and Facebook friends to this site.

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  1. says

    If you want to grow your blog and develop relationships with other bloggers, Yakezie is amazing! Welcome, you have made a wise decision. See you around the network.

  2. says

    Barb is DEAD ON. For smaller sites like ours this a GREAT network. You’ll get link love, more commentators, more freely and openly (selfishly) given advice. Plus get to know a TON of bloggers! Can’t go wrong.

    As I said on the forum – drop me an email, any time, if you have questions. More than happy to answer any and all questions you might have!

    Welcome aboard!

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