How to Effectively use Vouchers and Coupons

I use coupons and vouchers, but not insanely. Even though I believe that using coupons won’t make us rich, I use Priceline for our hotel and airfare often. I do try to look for coupons for every big ticket purchase. Once we were obsessive, especially right  after coming to this country, actually online coupons increased our spending. We realized coupons are to be used intelligently.

Discount Coupons and Vouchers

Vouchers and discount coupons are great things when you are looking to save bug time on the things that you purchase on a regular basis and also for some special offers that you are bound to come across from time to time. If you are looking to make the most of vouchers, But do not go overboard with it. We do not look for coupons in everything we buy, our time is much better spent in acquiring new knowledge, spending time with friends and enjoying the world we live in.

We look for coupons only after making a shopping list, also, only on items that’s going to cost us more. There are exceptions, if we happen to know about some discount code and coupons on items, otherwise it’s foolish to not use them.

Here are my learning, hope these tips may produce long time benefits.

Identify the best retailers

If you are going to reap rich benefits from coupons then there is an acute need for identifying the retailers that have stocks of products that you need. You see, the benefit is not in one or two coupons but when you are having many targeted at one or two retailers.

There is great strength in numbers and when you have decided on just a few places for making use of coupons, you are sure to pile up a formidable number within a short span of time resulting in great benefits. Whether it’s coupons for Amazon, Target or Walmart, or, for that matter any other online retailers pick up the one you regularly shop with.

You can even get discounts on insurance products.  My friends in UK use use online codes for Direct Line and they pretty much get discounts on all their big ticket financial purchases. You can even get discounts on insurance products and there’s hardly anything that beats getting discounts on home Insurance

Location based search will be helpful in this regard. Identify all the online and offline voucher sources pertaining to a few identified retailers that are opt for. Stock coupons for one area and you will be surprised with the massive gains.

Go for products that you will make use

The one demoralizing thing that many people experience in shopping via discount coupons and vouchers is that the product has just been bought for the sake of low price and in actuality there is no real use for the product. Avoid such a situation at all costs as this is why most people are not able to experience the benefits that are there to be taken. Make sure that the products you are going for will have some use for the family in the short or long run.

It is better to invest some time in formulating a list of all the regular items that you will be happy to have through discounts and other special offers. Focus on your list when pursuing further and you will find a new surge in motivation and added incentive will develop within no time.

The power of social media

Once you have identified the best products for which you and your family will be happy to receive discounts, check out social media pages concerned with that company. For example, you can initiate a mini “like” campaign on the Facebook and involve your close circle in it. You provide recognition to the company and in turn there are long term benefits that will come. The best coupons and vouchers are first presented to dedicated online followers. Don’t miss out on the excellent network that comes along via various social media channels.

Internet is not the only place for getting the best coupons

If you are missing on the offline channels that provide discount coupons and vouchers then there are potential benefits going down the drain. There are many people in your close circle that pay no attention to coupons coming via newspapers on weekends. Similarly there are magazines which have great vouchers embedded. Don’t let all these go waste. Make sure that you collect the discount cards from all the offline sources.

At times we are heavily reliant on the power of internet but forget to cash on offline channels pertaining to local media. When you are open to the offers coming from other sources it will be easy to identify those newspapers, magazines and other areas that regularly provide offers for the products that you have identified for your need.

Keeping an eye on time frames

Not all coupons will have the same expiry dates. Make sure that you have a fair idea regarding the time limits that have been provided for all those coupons and vouchers that you have diligently collected. No use letting the time limit cross when you have worked so hard in getting coupons from a number of sources.

It is fine if one or two have crossed the line but a bulk should remain in the buying time zone so that you are able to reap the dividends from coupon hunting efforts. You can even arrange the coupons as per their validity. The ones expiring sooner can be kept on top.

No need to do the hard work at all times

If you are stuck about the best places to get most of the coupons regarding your buying requirements, check out other websites that provide a detailed list of company based coupon sources and about the where and how of sourcing them in bulk quantities. You can also find some great reviews regarding the best offers available online and make sure that you cash in on them.

No matter what technique you are applying there may be someone doing it better than you. Find out more about real coupon users in and around your location. You will not find such contacts advertised anywhere, but then there are online forums and dedicated discussion boards for shoppers where you can begin your contact search.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn how others are reaping in the benefits within your neighborhood and experiment on your own.

Last but not the least, do look for discount coupon booklets that retailers carry. Once you step in to departmental store or grocery store, look out for such a booklet. You can save a few bucks that way on your every trip. Readers, how do you use coupons and vouchers? 

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    I typically just use coupons for grocery items. Things I know I will eventually eat. Occasionally if I get a coupon in the mail like to Bed Bath and Beyond, we keep it until it expires just in case we may need something from there. The one thing that you said about how coupons actually made you spend more money I think is true. I think sticking to your points above should help keep people from falling into the same trap. Good post.

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