Weekend Chit Chat – Journey Towards Million Page Views

Welcome readers to this weekend’s chit-chat. The biggest news to share with you is of OCAAT reaching a million page view milestone. It was a journey of all success for OCAAT in last 28 months. When I started on March 1, 2011 I never set a goal, I never thought about people reading my articles a million times!

Thanks a Million

For almost 5 years, I have only been reading other blogs. I was a regular reader to personal finance blogs like The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly and Consumerism commentary. I thought, hey, if they can do it, I can do it. Enough of reading was done, I thought now it’s time to have my own blog to write on.

Now it’s one of the top 100 finance blogs in all blog listings, including Wisebread, Money Crasher and Technorati, etc. This success is a result of your assistance and interest with OCAAT.

Thank you for making the blog a place where everyone who cares about improving finances, securing retirement, making smart investment choices and saving more money every day.

Thank you for agreeing and disagreeing. Thank you for tolerating my many glitches especially my poor English (it is my third language).

Thank you for pointing out grammatical and spelling errors that are many times caused by auto-correct or my haste, apart from being a non native English speaker.

Thank you for adding your comments to articles and sharing your opinions.Thank you for showing interest in my opinion.

In these 28 months, I posted 485 articles. OCAAT received more than 7000 comments. The highest traffic day was January, 28 2013 with 4,226 page views.

Highest traffic month was April, 2013 when more than 102,000 page views were recorded.

I am not drumming about my success here, there are superstar bloggers who reached million mark within first 12 months of blogging. I am just happy to have reached the million mark and sharing my happiness with you.

I thank SMB, my wife, for allowing me to put so much time in to blogging. For her OCAAT is my second and dearer wife.

Another secret to reveal, except a hand-picked few, no one from my friend circle knows about the existence of this blog or myself being a blogger. Although I do continuously check site stats, read and reply blog related mails and comments. I tweet posts and read twitter streams all the time. No one ever noticed why I check on my iPhone round the clock.

I wonder if I do reveal about the blog what would be reaction of people I care about and people I go with.

OCAAT has been financially very helpful to us so far, that’s one of the biggest motivation to continue blogging.

You need to do some easy stuff to qualify for the raffle draw, like commenting in an article, subscribing to email feed or liking Facebook page. You can gain an entry if you subscribe to OCAAT email feed as well.

Thanks once again, enjoy rest of your day. Be with your family and be happy!

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  1. says

    Congrats on such a huge milestone. I think it’s pretty neat that your friends don’t know about your “secret” blogging life. Little do they know you’re “kind of a big deal”. Looking forward to continuing to read and seeing your 2 million page view post!

    • says

      Thanks KK for the kind words. I am not a big deal by any means. Just a personal finance enthusiast who can sacrifice some personal life to write things for others. Little successes do matter. I am eagerly waiting for the 2 Million views. I don’t think it’ll take another 27 months though.

  2. Anton Ivanov says

    Congratulations! This is definitely an awesome accomplishment and you should be proud. Regardless whether others reached it sooner or later, this is your project and your achievement.

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