Losing Weight Saves Money, The How and Why Guide

A few months ago, during my one of the internet trips, I stumbled upon a site called, The National Weight Control Registry, it contains stories from people who have lost thirty or more pounds and have kept it off for at least a year.

Lose weight save money

These successful weight-losers report four common behaviors

  • They eat a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet
  • They monitor themselves by weighing in frequently and
  • They are physically active
  • They exercise for about an hour or more a day

Read the success stories from National Weight Control Registry. Find out what made them do it, and how. Get inspired!

Start by making small changes that will lead to the best change of all, a healthier and fitter you!

As for me, I am struggling to keep my BMI (calculate your BMI) in healthy zone, to see if your BMI is in healthy zone, click here.

BMI is a quick way to know, simply put, how fat are we or how much over weight we are. BMI is one of the important items in medical checkup routine. Higher BMI increases risk of various diseases like cancer, diabetes and stroke.

In my abnormal 9 to 8 work life, I hardly get time to re-read and review my own blog posts, where is the time to exercise? Even getting a 10 minutes time exclusively for exercise is tough on most of the days. I figured out that I have to do simple things in a different way to substitute for exercises. Below is my free weight loss program.

  • I bought a pedometer, and counting my steps every day, my goal is to take at least 4000 steps a day. I walk around my work area during calls (I use headset). I try to schedule calls in the furthest conference room possible. Instead of calling my coworkers, I now move over to their desks and cubes. Off work, while I am working on an idea to write about I walk across the room, thinking about it.
  • I filled up my laptop bag with two heavy books, along with the laptop itself; it now weighs more than 10 lbs, a poor man’s alternative to lifting exercise.
  • At work, I do stretching every hour for couple of minutes, this did cause some raised eyebrows, but they are now used to it.
  • I stopped eating junk food and reduced a lot on spicy and oily food, we eat a lot of greens. Burger King was my favorite, now my way is Subway!
  • I go on walking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday evenings with my wife we walk 2 miles at least on each day.
  • I eat an apple everyday in the evening and a banana in breakfast. I increased my water intake to 48 oz a day, while cutting on soft drinks drastically (it’s very hard to cut on soft drinks, it hurts :( ).

Well, wait that’s not all, I am saving money as well by reducing my BMI.

  1. During our weekly fast food hunt we used to spend $12 in burger king, now I am paying only $6 in Subway, as we take a foot-long and share with my wife. 6″ is sufficient for us.
  2. In last 10 years my waist went from 28″ to 32″, resulting in a lot of cloths donation at Goodwill, now I can wear my dresses rill they develop holes in it.
  3. Since I take a lot of water and eat an apple in the afternoon, my almost daily trip to the vending machine is stopped, that’s a saving of $1 a day. Almost $15 a month (considering 15 days I made that trip in a month)
  4. Since I am doing all the frugal exercises, I don’t have to pay for gym membership, which costs at minimum $15 a month.

While writing this, I did a Google search with “save money by losing weight”, and the results are eye-popping.

How more weight leads to more spent

Increased health care cost for Dr. visit as you are more prone to diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, stroke etc. Many insurance provider do have your weight information on their records, resulting in more premium towards health insurance. Lastly, increased cost towards medication and prescription drugs

Bigger the body is, more food it requires, which will lead to definite increase in food cost.

Sometimes airlines do charge for two seats if they think one seat in aircraft is not sufficient for you. (though unconfirmed)

Accept it or not, heavier cars consume more fuel than lighter car, although very little but still you can save on gas by losing your weight

Unless exceptionally brilliant, an ugly shape will perhaps never get that deserved promotion. Your weight does affect your career (hopefully not always).

Heavier you are, the lazier you are. To accomplish specific type of tasks, like playing with your kids or doing home maintenance, you need to be fitter. You are missing on some fun stuff, if you can’t move your body easily. Sure you are!

That is me towards getting fitter. Readers, what you are doing towards keeping your health in check? What routine you are following? Do share it here with others.

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  1. says

    I’m glad you posted this today. I came to the realization yesterday that I have let my weight get a little out of control. I am very active, bicycling almost every day, but I just eat too much. Big change must happen now. Inspired

  2. Super Frugalette says

    My refrigerator broke and I had to resort to buying pizza for the kids and myself and we went out to eat this weekend so I was totally off my diet. However the frig is fixed and now I am back to checking my food intake off my spreadsheet.

  3. says

    I am not a huge fan of the BMI since it doesn’t accurately reflect those individuals with a good amount of muscle.

    I say go by looks! You know what is healthy and unhealthy looking

    • says

      Evan thanks for pointing that out, but how many of us have muscles? BMI is accepted mathematical formula to judge if you are over weight.

    • says

      I guess you feel better because you lost some weight, isn’t it? If you can lose weight you can lose debt, a famous quote of personal finance

  4. says

    Since losing weight I have felt a TON better (no pun intended ^_^) People ask me if I’m losing weight so I can “fit” in with the OC beach life but really I’m not doing it for that. I’m doing it for a better and healthy life. However I’ve become a work out maniac and I know alot will say that they don’t have time but really in all honesty if you want it bad enough you’ll make time. Everything you’re doing now sounds great keep up the good work hopefully you’ll be able to find some time in for a little workout. Trust me it will def change your life!

    • says

      you are so right, each time I exercise it gives me energy, its amazing that you lose energy to feel energize. All the best for your weight loss too, keep it up :)

  5. Financial Success for Young Adults says

    I would not consider myself overweight but I eat like I am! I really love food :) But I do take the time to eat the healthier foods like a plate full of watermelon or grapefruit slices. I haven’t binged on junk food in a long time.

    • says

      Good that you are having only healthy diet. who doesn’t love food? It same as “who doesn’t like the cook new things?”. To achieve something we have to sacrifice something

  6. says

    Health and money have more connections than most people think. I find that doing simple things like parking farther away and avoiding elevators has helped keep my weight in check.

    • says

      very true, unfortunately ours is a small office building (though its a big company) so we dont have elevator and also smaller parking lot, so had to device alternate ways, thanks for comment

  7. says

    I am training for my first marathon, so I am pretty focused. My eating still isn’t the best, but getting there. Have 15 mile run this weekend and longer than that each coming weekend, so it really doesn’t matter what I eat…it will be ran off.

    Having fun, but over half way there until the marathon Oct. 15. Should be fun and I know I can get it done!

  8. says

    The more fit one is the more likely they will be less injured in an auto accident. I can’t imagine too much weight is good for knees, bones etc either. If being overweight increases the chance of medical conditions the likely hood of being disabled is higher = very costly.

  9. World of Finance says

    I bring lunch to work everyday is that home cooked and not processed food like you get from fast food places. Also, my snacks usally consist of fruit such as pears, apples, etc. I have also started walking which I find to be relaxing, a great way to exercise and reduce stress just enjoying the scenary :) Congrats on all your progress! Great life changes… they say it taks about 21 days to form a new habit, positive in this case :)

    • says

      You know what, I too bring my home cooked lunch to work. Its good for your pocket and stomach. Every little progress makes a great stride in the long run. Wish you success in your progress

  10. says

    I have free drinks at work, so it has been really hard to just not have one around 3. But we have been keeping our calories and exercise in check. I have a VERY long way to go when it comes to weight loss. We don’t use BMI, we use fat %, muscle %, waist and weight. Anything to measure the progress is good though.

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