Make your Kid a Better Gift Giver – Infographic

While we buy gifts for each other, we often forget to teach our children on gift buying. The following infographic will talk about 10 pointers that can teach your children all about an ideal gift giving. This inforgraphic was offered to me via mail, in a sense this is not unique to my blog. you may find a same infographic at some other site as well.

The subject and the lessons presented here are very touching and these were the main reasons I had accepted to post this on my blog.

For grand parents, the best gift has to be “presence of grand kids”, we should instill the important lesson of avoiding sales pitches to our children right from the young age. We need to tell them not to buy gifts on credit. Gifts should fit in to the pocket, that is, the budget. There is no better alternative to home-made gifts. Your packaging and finishing may not be good but the value of the gift would be many fold compared to a store brought similar item.

Enjoy the infographic and leave your comments about it!

better gift givers

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    Even better than being a good gift giver is being a great gift receiver, even when, or especially when, it’s not that exciting of a gift/

    The key point that most people forget is to comment about how you enjoy something specific about the gift, and then how you’re going to use it: “Oh what a great pen! And it has green ink so I’ll be able to see it clearly. I’ll use this when I’m signing all my Christmas cards this year”

    May sound silly, but it makes all the difference.


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