Making your Day More Fulfilling and Filled with Fun

So, do you often feel depressed? Do you feel your life is boring? Do you think there’s lot less fun in your life than others? Well, most of us feel the same way. At least I do. To me it’s all about training your mind. You let your brain think you’re happy, automatically you feel happy. How to do it? Read this post which I wrote over many days and finally was able to give it a shape. I learned while writing this. I experimented with all the items and got positive result.

Happy Soul

Living an almost routine life is certainly a very stressing and exhausting experience. Imagine living a life doing the same things again and again; wake up and do the usual things. Admittedly, when life is like this, your life becomes so monotonous, very predictable and you get bored and feel so helpless as you already know what’s in store for you the next day.

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As the saying goes, when you want a change, you are in control. You control your own life and it’s only you who can change it. For this reason, if you want to experience something new, you have to start all the changes and it is up to you when and where you’re going to start that change.

1) Pray and meditate– It is always a must to start the day right and you can never go wrong when you ask for God’s guidance to help and guide you all throughout the day. When you start your day with a prayer, you will have peace of mind and you will feel brave enough to face a new day.

2) Be inspired– As you wake up in the morning, encourage yourself to live the day to its fullest as if it’s your last. This way, you will be encouraged enough to try doing other things you have never done before. This will give you the strength to do something you are afraid of doing in the past and you can start by listing at least five of the things you wish to do for the day. As days progress, you can freely add some more to your list. Allow yourself to grow and experience the things you haven’t experienced before.

3) Make some changes at home or in your workplace–  If your place and your workspace are so boring, old and appears usual, it is high time to make some changes. Throw out the things that you do not use, make the space more inviting and relaxing. Do some rearrangements and renovate. This will allow you to breathe fresh air once again.

4) Give yourself a chance to handle a challenging situation or task– For you not to spend the day the usual way, allow yourself to be challenged; it may be talking to someone you have secretly admired for a long time, exceeding your quota at work or wearing a sexier outfit you haven’t worn before. Do something different for the day, people around you will surely notice that and eventually they will be inspired to do the same.

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5) Be friendlier– If you’re the quiet type, this time, be more approachable and make it a habit to talk to more people each day even those who you don’t really know. By doing so, you can expand your social network. This will help you realize how fascinating it is to meet people, that it is a good opportunity to mingle with others and learn from them.

6) Complement others– When you complement others, it brightens their day, so when you’re able to make others happy, you will feel good as well. Complementing may sometimes be easy but other times it may also be very daunting.

7) Learn to bet on small things– Most often, little things make us laugh and hold onto our sanity. Do not be serious all the time. Learn to have fun and know when it’s time to get serious again. Balancing is the key. You don’t have to be good all the time, it’s more comfortable to show your funny or crooked side at certain times, be yourself and show your comic side.

8) Do some acts of kindness– Aside from obtaining a very good feeling when you’re able to help someone even in your own little way, this form of action creates a good karma. What comes around goes around. It’s never too late to share even just little what you can and little of what you have. It makes life more worth living.

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9) Do some workouts or physical activities– This will allow you to shed excess pounds and this can positively contribute to your overall health. Instead of idling, it is best to engage yourself with various exercises where you have the chance to stay fit and be healthier. This may be done in a more fun-filled way if it’s executed with friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues. Everyone will probably agree that doing a certain activity will be more fun and exciting when shared with others.

10) Daydream– It is always a good feeling to daydream especially when you already feel so stressed out. Relax and take a deep breath for a while; you deserve to take a mental vacation. Remember it is not a crime to allow your thoughts to wander even just for a short while. This activity can bring you to a different world far different from the world we live in. Here, you can be your own hero or you can be supernatural or be someone you always dream of. This will surely re-energized you.

11) Laugh– It’s a cliché that laughter is the best medicine, but, it’s definitely a very effective one. Make time watching something funny either from YouTube, movies, TV shows and programs or read funny comics, books and magazines. A good laugh has the ability to ease tension, heal depression and you will not just feel good inside but look younger outside.

12) Listen to music– Music has the magical power to shift a bad mood into a good one. It makes you feel uplifted, in love, inspired and makes you want to dance.  It has the natural ability to comfort and heal when you’re most down and alone. Give time listening even just one of your most favorite singer or band in a day.

13) Shop for something that gives you the most joy– More than anybody else, you deserve to be happy. Yourself deserves a good treat and never deprive yourself from something that gives you a different level of happiness and satisfaction. When you want something, buy it. However, shopping doesn’t’ necessarily mean spending all your hard-earned money; it is still advisable to manage your finances well but not to the point that you’re depriving yourself from buying even just the small things that delight you the most. Carefully budget your money and limit unnecessary spending.

14) Go out with your family– a few friends or colleagues. Eating dinner at a good restaurant, sipping coffee or tea in a very comforting coffee or tea shop, watching movie or just strolling around the mall or any place of your choice can make your day a very special one. Nothing can give you a better feeling other than having a good conversation or spending quality time with your most favorite people.

15) Have some makeover– Treat yourself to a spa, get a new hair cut or new hair style, have some manicure and pedicure, have a good massage etc. For sure, any of these will give you a very relaxed and uplifting feeling after. Thinking and doing other ways on how to improve the way you look will greatly help build self-confidence and will keep you more inspired to look good, feel good,  easily loved and appreciated by the people around you.

16) Take a nap– Admit it or not, our daily duties easily make us feel so tired even by just merely thinking about them. For you to recharge and be ready enough to face the rest of the day; take some time to nap or rest. This will give you more strength and you’ll better able to finish the tasks due for the day.

17) Browse some old and new photographs– of yours, photos of nature, photos of people of different walks of life and the like. Photos can give you the chance to see the changes in the past and at present. These will bring you back various memories. This way, you will find yourself laughing, crying, thinking and inspired to make some changes to make your present a better one. Photographs can definitely take you to a different world.

18) Learn something new– There is always a room for improvement so never stay from where you are or what you are. Allow yourself to grow, to learn some more, read, travel and explore. Accept all learning opportunities and you’ll be proud of who you become. Embrace change for often times it is the thing that will lead you to where you can be best at. Don’t be afraid to learn and to change. Both can take you to where your heart truly desires.

19) Be grateful- All things happen for a reason and purpose. Whatever your experience for the day, good or bad, always be thankful. Remind yourself that you are truly blessed. There are so many things you should be grateful for. Be thankful for life and for everything that is in it.

20) Keep a positive attitude- Problems are very much part of life. Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape from it.  The good news is that, to every problem, there is a solution. They are just so depressing at first, but later on, they are actually the ones that teach us to be better and stronger. Later on, we realized how they made us better and it is only this time we discover how strong we can be amidst trials and other adversities.

It is very normal in a person’s life to experience sadness and boredom. However, it is a different case when every day your life seems to be the same and you’re no longer open to changes and developments. Every one of us has the right to grow, to choose and be the kind of person we want to be.

Whatever happens to our lives, it is us who are responsible for it. Our thoughts, choices and actions will affect the way we live life. Whatever we become depends on what we do about it.

The reality is that it is us who make our fate. For this reason, if you want your journey in life to be more fulfilling and fun, always choose to do the right things. Don’t say that you don’t what to do and how to do it, for sure, you know, the problem is, you are so afraid or so lazy to do something about it.

If you want a change, work on it. If you do not want to work, don’t expect something good to happen to you.

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  1. says

    I’ve come to learn when I get bored or my mood is not as chipper as I’d like two things on your list help the most. Getting active doing some sort of physical activity, even if it’s a short walk, or cranking up some good tunes. Prayer or meditation is also highly beneficial. Great list overall!

  2. Carole says

    These are good ideas. I would add that in times of grief or other sorrow one longs for an ordinary day when everything is uneventful.

  3. says

    Being happy doesn’t need to be expensive. My family and I usually spend a fun day by having a little picnic in a nearby beach or just watch a movie while having a good snack.

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