Making Money Online in Few Unusual Ways

Previously I wrote about 15 creative ways to earn money online. This post is in similar line and talks about three unusual ways of making money online. There are some other unusual ways as well. Like using particular search engine or answering surveys, etc. These three have generally higher payout than other ways you can earn money through internet.

Online Money Making

One of the most anticipated recent trends is that we are entering a new age of ‘sellsumers’.  This term can come around as the result of the global economic recession and the necessary resultant rise in entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

More and more people are being required to make some extra money on the side, be it doing odd-jobs for friends, one-off shifts or working online. (Related  – Inbox dollar is a service that pays you for your regular web surfing. Also a $5 instant money when you sign up)

The internet is acting as a catalyst in this process.  There are more and more opportunities now available on the internet if you’re looking for a way to make a buck on the side.

Making this move could be the first step for someone who is ultimately aspiring to become fully self-employed.

There are countless ways to get yourself going on this path, such as testing for or writing for websites, being rewarded for giving your opinion, etc.

Website Testing

If you have ever been browsing the web and landed on a site which has some blatant flaws in its design, then you are already doing a potentially money making activity.  Companies pay for normal consumers to access their sites and give feedback on certain aspects of them.

You might find that the contact information is not easy enough to find or that the colour scheme being used is far from appealing.

Website owners value your thoughts – as an average site visitor – as it allows them to make the necessary improvements to increase their site’s performance and ultimately increase conversions.

Being a Bingo Chat Host

Another easy way of making money is by hosting a bingo chat room.  With the current surge in online bingo, there are sites opening left, right and center, meaning it should not be particularly difficult to find this sort of work.

This type of work is ideal if you are already working at home on something else and want to have an extra income on the side.  However, this might not be your cup of tea if you’re not into online bingo in the first place.

Writing Content for Websites

With every other internet-related trend comes the increased demand for content.  As more opportunities for earning income online become apparent, this consequentially leads to more demand for content.

There are more and more websites being created these days which need to be filled.  Also, the increase in e-commerce has led to an increased number of affiliate sites and blogs, which operate with the sole purpose of earning money through linking to other sites.

Every affiliate, blog and review site needs to be filled with fresh new content to keep visitors coming back and boost its SEO performance.

The money-making opportunities that the internet creates are endless.  This list summarizes just a select few examples.  If you want to quit the day job and start something for yourself, this is undoubtedly a low-cost and achievable way to start.

Readers, what other unusual ways you can suggest to other readers? 

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  1. says

    The Bingo Chat Host sounds very unique! There seem to be a ton of ways to make money online, someone the other day mentioned reviewing television shows and writing up reviews online. For people who love watching TV, this sounds like the ideal online money-making activity.

  2. says

    I’m definitely looking to write for more websites once I make the freelancing switch. I should probably start applying for positions soon!

  3. says

    I have seen a few places looking for website testers and I have been intrigued to jump into that. Since I have design experience, I would love to use my usability side for once.

  4. says

    I wish my content would make me money, so I can write a content for my own website and make some good cash. But not sure how to do it, how to break thru.

  5. says

    Writing content is probably the last thing I would do but I hear their is a lot of good money to be made. Web testing and even the bingo host would be more up my alley. There are a lot of ways to make money online but you have to figure out what works and know how to let me know you offer the services.

  6. says

    It has been proven again and again that writing contents for website is a lucrative way to make money online, it’s just hard if you don’t have that writer’s talent inside you. Good thing is, it can be learned if you really want to do it. Some people are doing it full time and they are making tons of internet money out of it. This might also be a good start for making money online: Making money online for newbie

  7. Pat S says

    I’ve written 4 EBooks. The income varies monthly. But, they’re the first real taste of “passive” income for me. At least, now that they’re published!

  8. Tom Roberts says

    Great post! I have found that making money online isn’t that difficult if you have the know how and the right skill set.

  9. says

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