Monthly Blog Report – April 2013

This is a typical monthly update on blog’s progress and health. This is for the month of April, 2013. I last posted blog update in January. April marked the biggest traffic month for us,  with 102,522 page views and 73,978 unique visitors.  While we gained repeat visitors, couple of our articles remained at their top places on search engine result pages.

Monthly Blog Update

Needless to say, I am very happy with the progress so far. And, as always, I am thankful to you for your constant encouragement towards One Cent at a Time. I publish stats because, keeping track of up-to-date statistics helps me understand the direction this blog is going and also helps me focusing on the future content strategy.

If you have no interest in traffic numbers, here is a list of my favorite posts from April 2012. If you missed any, you can read it now

Others, may continue to follow rest of the post.

Traffic Data For April 2013

  • Total Visits – 80,819
  • Total Unique Visitor – 73,978
  • Page Views – 102,522
  • Pages per visit – 1.27
  • Average Time on Site – 1:39 minutes
  • Bounce Rate – 82.65%
  • New Visits – 89.99%

Top 10 referral traffic sources for April 2013 were as follows

  1. Google sites – 3,591 visits (including Google reader, Gmail and Google plus)
  2. Facebook – 734 visits
  3. Twitter  – 474 visits
  4. Wise Bread – 309 visits
  5. Pinterest – 107 visits
  6. Free Money Finance – 91 visits
  7. Happy Simple Living – 65 visits
  8. FInancial Samurai – 57 visits
  9. Technorati – 55 Visits
  10. Money Crashers – 44 Visits

Total Search Engine traffic in the month of April was 57,268 (number of page views originated from a search engine query). Google sent in 84% of all search traffic, followed by Yahoo and Bing respectively. There were 22, 262 direct visitors

As for the demographics, these are the top 5 countries where readers came from.

Rank Country No. of Visitors
1. United States 54,969
2. Canada 4,203
3. India 3,999
4. UK 3,755
5. Australia 2,501

Weirdest Search Terms

This is going to be a new section going forward in my monthly updates. These are some funny search terms I found out, from Google Analytics, which were used to arrive at a OCAAT blog page.

  • could i make money by two cash pages (sure you can, just tell us more about cash pages. I can surely help you)
  • cupcake that cost 1 cent each (Tell where!! Tell me where!! I love cupcakes)
  • how much do you take care of a wife (love the use of ‘a’ here. Umm… not much! Actually she takes care of me)
  • how to destroy right botton of hp laptop (Dude, did you mean a button or bottom? Very simple, ask a toddler! they can break pretty much everything in a laptop)
  • how to make your wife forget ( what exactly? but whatever it is, they usually don’t forget, caution!)
  • i asked him for the increment (and then…?)


That’s all to share with you today, I am very happy that we are growing. Thanks for being with us! We hope to keep on bringing more information, guidance and enjoyment, stick with us.

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  1. says

    Congratulations on your best month ever! Do you have a page that lists all the stats over time? I am interested in how you have grown since you started. Best wishes for continued success!

    • says

      You brought a very good point. Let me upload a screen print of Google Analytics and point to the image from this article. As of now I don’t have any such. Thanks a lot!

  2. Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin says

    Wow! Those are some awesome stats, 100k+ visitors in one month. Keep up the great work.

  3. jeff @ Money and says

    Those are some great stats. Will you be including some financial data in future monthly updates? I am just starting out on a new blog and wonder how much money 73k unique visitors could translate into… Thank you for your time

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