Monthly Blog Update, February 2012

Welcome readers to February blog statistics for One Cent at a Time.  The result shows that readership base is ever-increasing at this blog. I am thankful to you for your constant  encouragement and love towards OCAAT.

Traffic update for One Cent at a Time

In Terms of traffic, we grew by only 500 page views in February, as compared to January. The absolute number didn’t increase much because of two reasons.

1. There were no major back links and related traffic generated for OCAAT this month (in January, The Simple Dollar round-up inclusion brought around 2.5K of traffic within the span of two days.

2. February had 29 days in it, two days short of January. Two more days could have seen more than a thousand additional page views.

Traffic Data For February 2012

Total Visits – 13,267
Total Unique Visitor – 10,994
Page Views – 21,135
Pages per visit – 1.59
Average Time on Site – 1:53 minutes
Bounce Rate – 77.15%
New Visits – 79.08%

January top 10 Traffic sources were as follows

1. Free Money Finance – 386 visits
2. Yakezie – 358 visits
3. The Simple Dollar – 262 visits 
4.– 260 visits (this includes, Google plus, Google reader and Gmail)
5. Twitter– 230 visits (Including and Hootsuite)
6. Get Rich Slowly– 152 visits
7. Technorati – 103 visits
8. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff– 97 visits
9. Retire By 40– 79 visits
10. Carnival of Personal Finance – 78 visits

Notable development on the Blog

1. Second Blog: I now own a second blog Finance Product Reviews, where I try to review financial products to the best of my knowledge. The idea originated from consistently observing higher search engine traffic for product reviews here at OCAAT

I am expecting that FPR would surpass current OCAAT figures when it is at 1 year mark.

2. Anniversary: We celebrated one year anniversary of OCAAT last week, on March 01. While there was no cake cutting ceremony, I did treat SMB with an Italian dinner.

When I look back at the first few articles I wrote, I feel ashamed. It’s funny to recall that I offered a guest post to GRS which had only 300 words in it, all within the first week of starting the blog.

Do me a favor, don’t click on archive and read those initial posts, please. Probably I should re-write and re-publish them.

3. Ads: I started experimenting with CPM and CPA ads, the advertisement bars you see on this page are due to that. If any reader feels this is a bad idea and OCAAT should go back to the clean look it had before, please talk to me and I’ll try to answer your questions.

Depending on how successful the ad blocks are to my wallet, I may keep them or remove them altogether.

4. Rank: OCAAT saw an increase in the SEO Moz stats past week. As a result we are now at Moz rank 5.1 and Domain Authority 55. It was expected as we are seeing a healthy growth in search engine traffic month-to month. We now rank in top 10 for a few keywords.

Carnival Inclusion

I am grateful to the following hosts for including my articles

Yakezie Carnival at Not Made of Money
Canadian Finance Carnival at Canadian Finance Blog
Carnival of Retirement at Money Reasons
Carnival of Personal Finance at Well Heeled Blog
Managing Your Personal Finances blog carnival at Household Budget Made Easy
Totally Money Bl0g Carnival at Afford Anything

Honorable editor’s pick and the best post at Best of the Money Blog carnival at Squirrelers. This was my second best of money winner in one year of blogging.

If I was featured in a carnival hosted by you, and you don’t see the link here, please send me an email and I’d rectify that promptly.

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  1. says

    Which CPM ads are you using? I’ve thought about this, but with my traffic now about 1/2 (I’m determined to catch you – haha), I’m not sure it is worth it yet. :)

  2. says

    Nice stats for a one year old blog SB, congrats getting to 20k pageviews 2 months running. I too am curious about the ads you mention because I am not seeing any ads.

    • says

      Thanks Steve! Are yu not seeing ads on the side bar, below facebook fan window? and the other one as the last side bar widget?

          • says

            Maybe it’s a geolocation thing? Perhaps the adserver doesn’t serve ads to IP’s located in Thailand? Or perhaps the Thai ISP’s block them, they do funny firewall things here sometimes. I suppose you could check with your advertiser to see if it is geolocation related if you feel like it. I have a feeling they may only target the US and Canada.

            Oh, I get the same blank spaces in FF, IE and Chrome.

          • says

            Good point. I do see intl ad impressions appearing on my dashboard. Didn’t know they could be blocked in some countries.

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