Monthly Blog Update – March 2012

Welcome readers to March 2012 blog statistics.  Readership continues to increase. I am thankful to you for your constant  encouragement and love towards OCAAT.

Traffic update for One Cent at a Time

In Terms of traffic, we grew by 10+% in March, as compared to February. In terms of absolute number, traffic increased by over 2000 page views yet, this growth is not anything to brag about. To become one of the A list blogs (my only goal for this blog) I need higher growth rate.

The other notable updates related to traffic are

1. Google search traffic was also highest ever in March. OCAAT ranks on Google first page for 20+ key word/phrases.

2. Alexa rank has now gone below 50k, and staying at that mark for about a month.

Traffic Data For March 2012

Total Visits – 16,034
Total Unique Visitor – 13,515
Page Views – 23,647
Pages per visit – 1.48
Average Time on Site – 1:48 minutes
Bounce Rate – 80.25%
New Visits – 80.62%

March top 10 Traffic sources were as follows

1. Free Money Finance – 554 visits
2.– 352 visits (this includes, Google plus, Google reader and Gmail)
3. Yakezie – 312 visits
4. Twitter– 239 visits (Including and Hootsuite)
5. The Simple Dollar – 174 visits
6. Retire By 40– 129 visits
7.– 127 visits
8. Budgets are Sexy – 125 visits
9. Get Rich Slowly– 84 visits (Drastic change would happen in this number for April, as my guest post at GRS resulted in huge influx of traffic during first week of April) GRS is expected to be the top traffic referrer in April.
10. Facebook – 82 visits

Notable development on the Blog

1. PR fluctuation: In March we saw Google Pagerank reduced for OCAAT. But, the matter is now closed and I got the PR back. It was a costly deal. But I am happy to get the credibility back.

2. Income: Still the blog income is not much. And following PR fiasco I have gone slower in terms of selecting private advertisers. Many of you (especially other bloggers) might think this is silly step.

3. Ads: The experiment I had for CPM ads failed badly. after running CPM ads for a week my income was $2 and changes. They committed to $1+ rate in the beginning but failed to fill slots at that rate. As a result I have removed those blocks altogether.

They may come back again, but probably a couple of years later, when I will have significant traffic here at OCAAT.

4. Guest Posting: I am now targeting a few top blogs for publishing guest posts. A recent guest post at Get Rich Slowly brought unbelievable traffic and subscribers (more than 1000 feed subscribers, can you believe?). I think guest posting is the best way to build traffic and followers for blogs.

I have sent out posts to a couple of top blogs in personal finance and productivity. Hoping to get accepted.

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