OCAAT Weekly Roundup and Gratitude, Yakezie Membership Edition

Last week, Monday, brought me a sweet surprise.  I was formally inducted in Yakezie Network, if you have missed my introduction, I would request you to head over and read my member post, none of my posts ever saw comments go above 100 before this post.

I am thankful to all Yakezie member and challengers, you make blogging easy!

Stealthily I am building a new site, personal finance related. Finance Product Reviews, which brings on my product reviews on various personal finance products. I have planned on to separate out product reviews from this blog and move them over to FPR.

FPR is very nascent baby, which needs feeding frequently. If you are a blogger and want to exchange blogroll with FPR, contact me soon before limited spaces are taken away. its a mutual benefit.

Roundup of great articles

As usually there were plenty of good reads last week. Bringing in a few of the choicest ones.

Finance Related

You Can Afford Anything, But Not Everything – Afford Anything

Major Blog Acquisition – Would You Buy a Blog for 50K? – The Financial Blogger, This is interesting to know the interest of buying out established and moderately successful blogs from the original bloggers. He calculated the return on investment is 15% per year on blogs.

Read review of Bank of America Add It Up cash back program at Finance Product Reviews, the second largest program in the industry by participating merchant count. You can enroll with your Bank of America debit card as well. This can eliminate the need of using credit card to a great extent.

Money Beagle shares his wisdom about preventing hackers from gaining access to your computer data. His wisdom comes from being hacked himself in recent past.

How to spot and prevent medical identity theft at Money Q And A. Medical id theft, huh?

Why I don’t want a million dollar at Money Infant

Is Money the Only Measure of Success? at Barbara Friedberg PF

ADT, the home security system, is it a good deal? Find out more at So Over Debt

Govt. is stealing your savingDon’t Quit your Day Job

Non Finance

In line with my Friday’s post, here’s another great read on personal development. You may now want to miss it. 42 ways to make life simpler at Positivity blog

Productivity, Success, and Happiness: What The Hell?  –  The Millionaire Nurse Blog

The class warfare, which side are you on? at The Smirking Chimp. The rich vs. poor warfare he is talking about.

My Broken Coin posted a question, A Feminist or a Bitch, what is that woman who stand up for her defense? Aloysa, you are neither. If a man can self-defend, a woman sure can do.


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