One Cent Weekly Roundup Car Trouble Edition

I reported a few bad news last week. I did found out solution to a few of them. Tomorrow I am going to publish a mammoth post on how this blog affected my at-work performance. I request you to come for that article tomorrow.

Our older car, 2002 Hyundai Elantra, finally gave in. The cheap car with cheap parts has its limitation. With KBB value of $2,800 I am not at all fond of shelling out $2,500 towards fixing my engine, radiator, AC belts and a new battery.

I am eyeing for a Toyota or Honda used car as the replacement. I spoke to a few friends and colleagues. I may get one by March second week. Until that happens, SMB has to wake up early and drop me to office and every evening she has to  pick me up from work.

Naturally I am not as complaining about the car problem as she is doing. Yes, it’s a monetary loss of a $1,500 (after factoring in resell price of $1,000) but, I had that money saved anticipating a break down. I vowed not to own another Hyundai ever.

Roundup of good reads

The exceptional reads from last weeks are listed below. I am listing because I find value in them and believe that you’ll enjoy reading them.

Top 5 asset allocation strategies at Million Dollar journey

A true story of buying a house after sacrificing and downsizing a lot of things in life at get Rich Slowly.

Money Cone cuts into some of the well known financial myths.

Money Mamba introduced me to a site owned by an ultra rich though this post.

And, now the story about how a fellow blogger made multi-million dollars after starting his first job at 13, as a lawn mower. On road to 1%.

I stated previously in my blog that I don’t support occupy movement. The rich became rich by their hard work and superior brains. You can’t and shouldn’t compete with them if your brain says that acquiring too much wealth is wrong and social in justice. Your brain is sending wrong signals as what it should be urging you to build wealth instead.

In non finance reads

I liked a very motivating tale at Marc and Angel, 18 ways to inspire people around you.

Let me share a new found site Makes Me Think with you. This is a to get inspiration from very short life stories. Lasting only a few lines.

Don’t miss this fascinating story of Jews and their lessons of life. What do a bunch of old Jews know about living forever.

Let me introduce you to a site unkno, where you can get a lot of useless knowledge like ‘The’ is the most used word in English or that, during world war II original copy of US constitution was kept at Ft. Knox for safe keeping, etc.

Carnival Inclusions

I am grateful to the hosts of following carnivals for including OCAAT posts.

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  1. says

    I do support some of the occupy movement’s positions. The rich became richer thanks to some laws made by our representatives in congress; not only by hard word and talent.

    FWIW, I have a Hyundai and love it. It’s six years old and has given me little to no problems. Of course, I would never say they are as good as Honda.:)

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