How to Make Money with Online Jobs?

That who says “You can’t earn money just by sitting in front of your computer” doesn’t have any experience on how to make money online. There are lots of ways to earn with some writing skills and some betting clicks when you truly put yourself into it. If you’re more into thinking and writing/blogging, you can try to apply for an online job.

Online Jobs

Even with so many scams in internet job market, there are legitimate job opportunities available. These jobs require a computer with a Internet connection, probably a telephone (optional) and some skills. In this article we will talk about some online jobs to pursue.  In the negative side, the potential might not be that bright in the beginning but, as you go things should become brighter. The benefits of online job is the flexible work schedule-and a job that might offer you  great monetary reward.

How To Trade In Penny Stocks For Profits – a Reality

Penny stocks are shares of companies trading below $5. They have market caps of under $200 M and compared to typical stock, come with their higher share of risk. But that is not to say that they don’t have an allure. Penny stocks promise a big return for a small amount of investment. That’s why experienced traders and investors have penny stock trading in their portfolio.

Stock Trading

Penny stocks, like any other business venture, demands the know-how. To make your penny stocks venture a profitable one, you need the wisdom of the trade. It will crucify you if you don’t. Here’s a good guide to picking and trading a potential penny stock.

This is How you Should Payoff Student Loan Debt after Graduation

I come from a  country where education is highly subsidized. True there is no social security which is a big disadvantage and doesn’t outweigh subsidized education. But, I graduated with almost $0 in tuition cost. My only expense was the living cost while I was in a dorm. Even the dorm had a very nominal rental fee. After living in USA for last 10 years and after watching 100’s of close friends graduating from college with enormous student loan, I wonder if the new graduates are really happy with their first job or are they worried to repay their debt.

Student Loan

Let’s start with some statistics. Almost 40 million Americans have student loan debt. The aggregate amount of loan is $1.2 Trillion, 84% increase from 2008.  Now this enormous debt started putting pressure on US economy. While it’s arguable whether govt. should come for helping the students and extend tax breaks, loan forgiveness or other sops that they generally extend for businesses, let’s try to find a solution for your debt problem when you’ve just graduated.

Hard Cash from Soft Copy: PROs and CONs of Working at Home

Not a long back, I posted on wonders of working at home. In this guest post, Apple talks about pros and cons of working at home. While working at home is not an option for me, I can still take a few days a month to work from home. I almost never worked from home in real sense. Honestly, it was good first few hours then, I felt bored. The hustle and bustle of an office I started missing soon. I guess I am not really a work-at-home person. But that’s me! Enjoy this guest post from Apple

Working at Home

Getting tired of sitting all day long in front of your computer? Scrolling through your social media sites and benefit with nothing? Why not use that patience and scrolling ability of yours to earn yourself some hard cash?

When Money Is Everything: How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

One of our friends is going through divorce proceeding. The incident triggers some thoughts on financial implication of a divorce. In this post I’ll go over the financial matters that every couple going through a divorce should be familiar with.


Divorce is emotionally exhausting experience, and a financially draining one as well. Suddenly, years of jointly earned income now needs to be split, and although it’s unlikely to deter couples who have decided to divorce, the financial implications can affect the rest of your lives. Here are some of bigger financial aspects of divorce to keep in mind.