New Age Impulse Buying – Buying Things Online

Bloggers are always fed constantly with various survey reports and studies. being a personal finance bloggers, I do get daily dose of emails containing press releases and market trends. Last week I received an email from a well known market research firm, about the latest trend in consumer buying experience. It reported declining over the counter sell and increasing online sells over the Black Friday weekend.

Shopping Mall

Spending at physical stores declined by 2.9 percent compared to the same four-day period last year beginning with Thanksgiving day. Whereas Cyber Monday sales soared 21 percent over last year. Also, this year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping event to date.

Great DIY Gift for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and if you are strapped for cash this Christmas, but still want to give several presents to your friends and family, consider making some gifts yourself. Do-it-yourself gift ideas are extremely popular and often cherished by the receiver of the gift.

DIY Gifts

After all, instead of just going out and purchasing something, you spend the time making a gift instead. Do not worry if you think that you do not have any special skills needed to make holiday gifts because there are plenty of gift ideas that do not require experience. Here is a list of some great DIY gifts you can give away this holiday season.

Understanding Quantitative Easing and Tapering

If you hold any kind of investments, the movements of the financial markets are relevant to you. Even if you don’t have investments which you manage yourself, the chances are that you have a retirement fund of some kind which will be affected by financial market, economy and monetary policy.

Monetary Policy

Since the 2008 financial crisis, governments worldwide have taken steps to try to boost the economy. But have these steps worked? The financial press is full of talk of tapering, but what does it mean? And what exactly is quantitative easing (QE) and what does it mean for you?

Some Ways to Maximize Coupon Benefits

Not a long back posted how online coupons increased our spending. Since then we have learnt to use coupon in correct way. One example, every Friday night we go out for dinner, sometimes just two of us, sometimes with our friends. We like to try different cuisines and restaurants. Today we combined saving money and experimentation by having an account with, where we search for great deals on great restaurants, every Friday.

Coupons benefits

Also, recently I had to go for car servicing, regular price in our area for that model was $40+. Upon searching in our mail box I found a 10% off coupon which reduced my servicing expense.

Retirement in 21st Century

Retirement, as i have come to know from my childhood, consisted leisure and fun activities. The first picture I can remember of a happy retiree is that of a couple sipping on drinks sitting on a beach chair and looking at the sea. I always wanted to do social and community work in my retirement part from fulfilling my hobbies of travelling, photography, etc.

Retirement preparedness

Working during retirement to earn a living never came across my mind. I even thought about early retirement option. But, today as I see it around me, in this country, growing number of workers continue to work in their retirement. And as per various study and trend analyses done,  this phenomenon will only increase over time.