10 Reasons You should Start Budgeting Today

Do you budget? If yes then I’d like to ask – do you really love to budget? I don’t think many people would answer in a ‘yes’. Let’s admit we don’t really want to budget. Some of us do but that’s because of extreme financial difficulties. But there are solid benefits that make budgeting essential for all. Even for the billionaires. We just need a trigger to start with it. for some it’s being in debt, for others it may be due to a financial goal. For me the trigger was buying our first home. When you combine mortgage, property taxes, home owners insurance and compare them with rent you used to pay, you sense fire – you start budgeting. That’s what had happened with us.

Why to Budget

My sincere advice to fellow readers – do not wait till the fire built up on your back. Start budgeting from this month. For rest of the post I’ll go on putting points after points to convince you. By end of the post if I can’t convince you, then just think of a country or a corporation that doesn’t budget. You’ll not find any. The reason is very simple – budget controls spending and distribute spending evenly across various needs.

5 Online Calculators for Installment Loans

While I am away visiting my home country, India. Here some options for installment loans. In case you are looking for personal loans, here’s my list of best personal loans providers.

Installment loans

As a consumer, you may be interested in either taking a new installment loan or paying one off. The below five online calculators for installment loans are easy to configure and provide you with the needed info quickly.  More information about installment loans can be found via this blog here.

Ten Things you should do Before Applying for a Mortgage

A home is a very important part of every human being’s life. It is a source of great comfort and stability. This is the reason as to why choosing to purchase a home is normally the biggest financial transaction a person will ever make in his or her entire life. It is thus then very important that this decision is reached at with a lot of caution.

applying for mortgage

It is vital that the right amount of research is conducted before the decision is made and that all required preparations are made in time. It is granted that every home buying transaction is unique in its own way. However there are ten very common things that apply to every home buying transaction.

5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash for the Holiday Season

Christmas holidays are just around the corner and we all know what it means to us, and more importantly, to our wallets and purses. Lots of things to remember, arranging gifts, the office Christmas party, last minute dinner invitations and/or festive shenanigans. With all this in mind, some extra cash to spend would be useful. There are quite a few ways to make extra money.

Here are a few suggestions for you, to ease any festive financial stress.

1. Get paid for searching the web

Did you know that you can earn money by searching online? With Swagbucks and InboxDollars your googling habits become really handy. Here you get rewarded for simply searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Should You Marry Someone with Excessive Debt?

When Doug’s agent contacted me for a guest blog article, I thought of a hard topic for someone who writes for Huffington post. What better financial topic can be about marriage than this one? Enjoy this informative post! Happy Thanks Giving and enjoy your holidays


You’ve finally met Mr. or Miss Right, and the conversation has turned toward marriage — but there’s a problem. Your hesitation has nothing to do with your partner’s personality or their family. Your concern is that your potential spouse is deep in debt.