The Importance of Giving this Holiday

Today I’ll talk about very important aspect of being rich and wealthy, the giving part of it. we live in a country that knows the importance of giving, holiday giving. Holidays are not only for getting and celebrating, it’s also about giving happiness to others.

Holiday Giving

Giving happiness to your near and loved ones and also giving happiness to persons or families you don’t know off and will probably never know off. Holidays are for every one, god has been kind enough to grant you good amount of wisdom, health, you were born in to a first world. You were given right education by your parents and you, by your given wisdom, fared well to get a job and earn your living.

The Good Care giving and the Tax Breaks Thereof

Readers of this blog have different occupation. When certain people contacted me to write about care givers, I thought about it for a while and decided to go for it. Care giving is something we all do but, we never spend time to think about the other advantages like tax deductions. This post is all about how to be a better care giver and then benefiting from it as well, apart from helping people in need, the primary objective of care giving.

In my life I have seen good amount of care givers, there is one helping my parents back home. I have seen care givers who go above and beyond to perform their duty. This is a tough and demanding task to be a good care giver. If you aspire to be one, make sure not to commit these mistakes and follow the good practices.

Taking Care of Your Potted Plants in Winter

While we spend much of winter keeping warm indoors, plants growing in pots in your patio/balcony can have a tough time coping with the cold weather. In this post I’ll talk about few of the methods you can try to safeguard your plants. Thus helping you to avid the cost of replanting, re seeding or buying a brand new plant.

Potted Plants

We live in an apartment, we have two patios to place our pots. At any point of time we have more than  10 pots with flowering or fruiting plants. Even during winter as winter in south Florida is like fall months in rest of the country. For us container gardening is a year round pleasure.

New Age Impulse Buying – Buying Things Online

Bloggers are always fed constantly with various survey reports and studies. being a personal finance bloggers, I do get daily dose of emails containing press releases and market trends. Last week I received an email from a well known market research firm, about the latest trend in consumer buying experience. It reported declining over the counter sell and increasing online sells over the Black Friday weekend.

Shopping Mall

Spending at physical stores declined by 2.9 percent compared to the same four-day period last year beginning with Thanksgiving day. Whereas Cyber Monday sales soared 21 percent over last year. Also, this year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping event to date.

Great DIY Gift for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and if you are strapped for cash this Christmas, but still want to give several presents to your friends and family, consider making some gifts yourself. Do-it-yourself gift ideas are extremely popular and often cherished by the receiver of the gift.

DIY Gifts

After all, instead of just going out and purchasing something, you spend the time making a gift instead. Do not worry if you think that you do not have any special skills needed to make holiday gifts because there are plenty of gift ideas that do not require experience. Here is a list of some great DIY gifts you can give away this holiday season.