10 Stock Investing Tips for the New Year

Investing in stocks is as delicate as walking on a tightrope—one small mistake and things could end badly. But what makes this rope walking worth the risk are the attractive, sometimes astounding, rewards you get if done properly. Apart from the obvious monetary gain, you’ll also feel a sense of power and satisfaction by being able to accurately predict stock values and make the most of them.

Trading Stocks

While investing in stocks often involves complex methodology, there are also easy routes – investment hacks, you might say. The 10 tips discussed below can help you kick-start your investment career and turn you into a successful speculator.

10 Essential Elements of a Business Plan

There are many people who wonder if it is really necessary to have a business plan when it comes to seeking an investor that is outside of their own company. However, business plans are quite important to a business whether there are investors involved or not. The business plan alone is the highlight of why your business even exists in the first place. It is the makeup of the communication between you and the rest of the team within the business. If your business is worth making an investment then it will all reflect on how your business is currently succeeding.

Small Business Restaurant

The business plan that you have in mind should show the responsibility, organization skills and how much of an expert you are for running your business, because this all-in-all will determine the overall success of your business. Below are 10 essential elements that you should incorporate into your personal business plan.

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Home

We bought our home last year in August. Till then we were renters. A lot of things in our finances have changed since then. On a positive side we are now better budgeters. We have a growing equity in our home. I can think of itemizing my tax return finally this year. On negative sides; We are hit with big insurance and property tax bills. We pay for more stuff now, to maintain this home we are paying more every month. So, what would you do if you’re thinking of buying your first home?

Should You Buy Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that we will make in our lifetime. With a plethora of factors to consider, the home that you buy will have a lasting impact on your financial future. Making a mistake when buying a home could have considerable consequences. So is renting a better option?

What to Do with the Gas Money you Are Saving

Very interesting topic for today isn’t it? We are happy at the gas station. Until recently, as late as last July/August – we were paying $50 – $55 to fill up my car and SMB (My wife) was spending $40 – $48 on her car which has smaller fuel tank. I looked at credit card statements from 2014 to arrive at the range. Last weekend I spent just $35 to fill my tank.

Gas Price comparison

On average, a govt. agency estimates a $550 that an American household will save on gas this year.  This was based on a December estimate. Oil plunged a lot more since then. We can expect to save more than $550 now. Now, what are you going to do with the money?

Best Software Tools for Startup and Small Businesses

This post is geared towards small business owners who wants maximum efficiency at a tighter budget. The solution, turning to tools and technology. It’s really not personal finance in true sense. But it’s definitely personal business finance. The same way I wrote about marketing your business on a budget, and low cost small business ideas

Small Business accounting tools on a budget

SMEs, start-ups and freelancers are more sensitive to the quality of the management of their budgets and cash flows that most businesses larger entity. Fortunately in our times you can enlist the help of technology to manage accounting of your company and improve the financial health of your business.