5 Ways to Tackle Student Loan Burden

Education is very expensive and even more when you target schooling at the best institutions. It is at this point that education loans have become very helpful in enabling you advance and reach career objectives.

Student loan

However, the moment you are through with your education, you must get the right method of repaying the education loan. This has become burdensome to many. Here are the five ways to tackle student loan burden.

Malta: Retirement Heaven and Investment Haven

I don’t know if this is a universal phenomenon, but when I was younger my friends and I would scheme on plans for our future. It wasn’t about which colleges we planned to apply to, or where we hoped to work, and more focused on an elaborate plot to pool our future funds to buy an island somewhere.

Beach city Malta

Sounds plausible for a gaggle of ten-year-old boys, right? We’d set up our own rules and our own laws; anyone we didn’t like we’d exile (at the time, probably girls). So far, that hasn’t come to fruition…but I’m not giving up hope (nor am I exiling my wife).

How Your Freezer Can Save You Money

Personal finance bloggers write a lot of stuff on saving money. We share personal practices, secrets and stories to make our readers frugal and wise spender. What if you put every possible money saving way in to work and still you are short of money by the end of the month? We generally come up with innovative options to help you in that situation as well. Here’s one such idea.


I assume all of us have freezers, right? How well do you utilize yours? I mean, do you actually plan what you’re putting in your freezer? Or is it merely a catch all for various items that you’re buying from the grocery store. For example, are you putting bags of peas, ice cream, and waffles in your freezer, or are you really planning what you could put in there that would really save you some money?

10 Differences in Work Habits – Executive and Employees

I am an Ordinary employee with an ambition to become one of the top executives sometime in my career. I may not be on target as of now, but I want to be on course. I have worked at few Fortune 500 corporation, observed their top management. Attended their town-halls and tried to learn from them, as much as I could. This post is a summary of things I learned.

Employee and management

Highly successful persons are apart from others. They are able to rise atop their counterparts in terms of performance and always get tasks done. Oftentimes, these people are the first to obtain recognition when promotions are due, as well as awards and like corporate gratitude expressions. The logic applied here is quite simple, which is that highly top executives are far more effective than regular workers.

High Paying Jobs With no College Degree

This infographic contains list of jobs that doesn’t require formal college education. Little education, mostly till high school, is enough to go in to these profession. These can become your option is college education is beyond your reach.

Please keep in mind that I am no way in favor of leaving education and joining these profession. I am masters degree holder and a strong advocate for continuous learning. College degree may seem very high for most of us. There are alternative available community colleges are one prime example for that.

While you are doing your job there’s nothing that should stop you from getting educated and moving higher up and earning even more. If you are earning $53,000 by being a sales manager, why won’t you try to be store manager and earn $80,000? If you are a teacher in a primary school why can’t yous thrive to be a high school teacher or a college professor?