Why a SIPP Might Be the Smartest Way to Save

This is a guest post from one of our UK readers Marjin. He talks about SIPP, which is equivalent to IRA and Roth in US. You get tax advantage to contribute to the pension plan provided you delay the withdrawal. Like IRA’s you’ll get complete freedom in choosing the investment vehicles for your retirement saving. Enjoy the reading!

Enjoying Retirement

Whether you’re thirty-five or fifty-five, it’s essential to spare some time every now and then to think about your retirement plans. If you want to have more than the state pension provides – and this is certainly advised – it’s essential that you start saving for your old age from as early as you possibly can.

30 Ways to Reuse Your Old Clothes

Reuse and re-purpose is an essential way towards frugal living. Giving a different causing to things that ended their utility not only does save money but also it helps environment by reducing waste and landfill. We but clothes every other months, most Americans do. So, naturally we have a constant supply of clothes that becomes outdated and unwearable regularly. All those clothes are eligible to be re-purposed.

Reuse Clothes

In this article we will tell you various uses of your old clothes, don’t worry if you find one not suitable in your case, you’ll find others that you can surely do. I am not asking you to stop throwing out your clothes and re-purpose every one of them. Unless you have a lot of time to do cuts, stitches and coloring not every one of your old clothes can be re used. But you can use some of them that are easy to do and take less time to convert and reuse.

201 Frugal and Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifting is my favorite topic to write about. A few months back we were invited in to a friends birthday party and we had a hard time picking a gift. The idea to create a ready-to-refer list of birthday gifts took shape that day. I want to make this your last stop before making a decision. Each one of the ideas cost $50 or less in most of the places, with some odd exceptions. I do hope you like it the way you liked my list of anniversary gifts.

201 Birthday gift ideas

This list is divided in to categories your gift recipient fits in to. Feel free to skip to appropriate section for quick glance if you’re short of time. Else, read through the entire list. You’ll find a few you want to explore more. It took me more than 3 months to finish this list. Do let me know what you think about it and what other useful birthday gifts you can think of. Best of luck for your hunt.

Financial Planning When You are 20 Something

This is first post in the Financial Planning series, over the weeks we will help plan for finances across different age groups. I am starting with an age which sees maximum changes in your life. From college to job, from being single to be in a relationship, from dorm to your first home, and, from student loan to mortgage.

Young Adults

This is also the most challenging time for your finances. First getting a job for living. Then, you start paying off student loans, while using your credit cards and probably also looking for a new home. This is most challenging more so because you are almost inexperienced at managing your finances. Since personal finances are not taught at schools, most in their 20s simply don’t have a financial plan.

10 Amazingly Unique Gift Ideas Using Fiverr for $5 only

I have been using Fiverr since last 4 years. It started with a logo design for this blog. All you have to do is shell out five lonely bucks an in return you get one of thousands of little services that are very useful and innovative, and you can just browse them all to find what you like. There is a section called “unique Gifts” that’s full of awesome gift ideas for just $5. Here’s I am going to mention some of the gigs that stood out to me.

Amazing Fiverr Gift ideas for $5

Bored of the same old stuff of wine and flowers when it comes to gifts? I have noticed we are getting a lot of gift cards these days, I think people think gift cards are the best way to refrain from picking something which the receiver either don’t need or already have. Lately, have been thinking of using Fiverr to create memorable gifts that can make a mark for us. There are various gigs offered on Fiverr, that I am going to mention now. If you have a good idea to make for a gift but don’t have enough knowledge or skills, guess what?