Need Finance Now? Choose an Online Personal Loan

In the days before the Internet, applying for a loan was a long, involved and not to mention an expensive process. It was difficult to compare loan rates, hard to find information about your proposed lender and the application process could run to many pages, with one mistake meaning you had to restart the whole thing!

Personal loans

Nowadays, you can easily compare rates from hundreds of organisations, use a personal loan calculator to see how much the monthly payments are going to be and if you are in need of quick finance, get a decision within minutes! You can even apply 24/7 as websites are never closed.

How to Do Corporate Branding Right

Trade and business expos are the place to meet face-to-face with your potential clients. It’s all about interaction and engagement. But, before any of this can happen you have to get your potential customers to stop and notice you in the first place. The design and quality of your branded products set the atmosphere for your booth or pitch. Your corporate exhibit needs to be positive, attractive and interesting, while representing your brand and letting people know what you do. This is a guest post geared towards businesses.

Corporate Branding

This was a guest post geared towards businesses. Selecting the right products for the right situation, whether it’s a vibrantly printed Pull Up Banner for an indoor expo or a durable Branded Marquee for an outdoor event, is crucial to making sure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Secure Financial Future After Graduation

Welcome to the world of young adult finances, readers! After yesterday’s post on the need of retirement planning in early 20’s , this is an excellent followup post. Here I’ll do less talking and let the infographic speak about what I wanted to say.

Early 20’s or late 20’s whenever you join in to work force is the best time to start financial planning. The other day I was talking to an intern in our office. He’s just out of college. To him the life’s all about spending money, partying, seeing places. I tried convincing him and he seemed interested to know more. I didn’t tell him about my blog but we planed to meet again for next round of talk.

Perhaps I got my first mentee whom I can teach about best practices of personal finance. He’s one of the typical generation X population. Years ahead of them before retirement, they don’t care. perhaps we were like the same when we were in our 20’s.

How Young Adults Can Start Planning for Retirement

When I started saving for retirement, I was not exactly young adult. I was about to enter in to my 30’s. Partly because I immigrated to this country late and initially thought of returning back home. Things didn’t turn as per that plan. Now I am resident and will stay here for a long long time. I am now playing a catch up game, a catch up to have my retirement saving on track and overcome the late start. In this post I’ll give one of the most important financial advice for young adults, about planning for retirement.

Young Adults

Especially if you’re in your early to mid 20’s this post is really for you to help get your retirement saving started and get going. You’d like to retire rich, right? Of course you would, and while retirement seems like a long way off for those of you in your twenties, if you haven’t given it at least a little thought you could be missing out on a massive wealth creation opportunity.

PPI Claims Compensation Bill Hits £25bn

This guest post is for our UK readers, on Payment Protection Insurance claims situation in UK. If you want to know more about PPI, you can check Wikipedia PPI link.


It’s been almost three and a half years since the Payment Protection Insurance court case that kicked off the PPI claims industry. Back then the banks chose not to appeal the High Court decision, thinking that refunds would cost them a few hundred million tops.