Why Are You Still Concerned About Your Credit Score

Previously I wrote multiple articles on credit score, including How to improve credit score. This guest post from Joshua may force you to think about credit scores from a different perspective. Enjoy the post!

Credit Score

Hey everyone, I’m Joshua Rodriguez…you may remember me from my debut post a month or so ago. Today, is my 3rd post here and going strong!!! I love the comments you all leave so, please keep them up.

5 Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Back in my country, weddings are not as costly as what it is in US. Generally we attended weddings within our own city but occasionally we had to travel long distance by trains. I know those trips and all the associated costs were too much for my father. This guest post from Alice talks about some of the ways to reduce cost of attending a weeding.

Wedding Guest

If you are in your 20s or 30s, chances are you have a few weddings coming up in the next few months. Once the season kicks off in the spring, there seems to be a wedding every few weekends all the way into the fall.

5 Things to Take Care to Stay Rich and Wealthy

I am no way rich or wealthy. But since childhood I learned how to protect wealth. By seeing people clinging to to their every belonging and calculating every way of saving money or protecting money from draining out. I chalked my plan to save every bit and protect my wealth, whatever I have.

 Protecting Wealth

I will try to formulate my strategy in this article. This is not all you should do. But, I am sure if you take cue from the points below you would do a ton of good to your wealth and money. You must have read plenty of rags-to-riches stories. Let me tell you there are enough riches-to-rags stories as well.

Making Money Online in Few Unusual Ways

Previously I wrote about 15 creative ways to earn money online. This post is in similar line and talks about three unusual ways of making money online. There are some other unusual ways as well. Like using particular search engine or answering surveys, etc. These three have generally higher payout than other ways you can earn money through internet.

Online Money Making

One of the most anticipated recent trends is that we are entering a new age of ‘sellsumers’.  This term can come around as the result of the global economic recession and the necessary resultant rise in entrepreneurial spirit and drive.