10 Lunch Menu that Only Cost Less than $5

Couple of weeks back I got a mail from one of my readers. She mentioned herself as a regular reader. she wanted to see menu planning and frugal food related posts here. I asked her to give a few of her favorite low-cost recipes. Here’s what she came up with in 3 different emails. I can see the menu serves all tastes and food habit.

Lunch Menu

I always take the left over food for my lunch. In our cafeteria I see most of my co-workers buying food. Although subsidized, their per lunch cost must be more than what I pay for my boxed lunch. This compilation is made up of ingredients that are readily available, good for almost every taste and most importantly, they cost little less money than your regular lunch. About the time these preparations take, they don’t take more than an hour!

Ten Money-Wasting Blunders to Avoid when Buying a Car

Buyer’s remorse is unfortunately one of those sinking feelings that most of us have had at one time or another. The worst case I’ve experienced was when I purchased a Chinese water dragon from a pet shop at the age of 13 on a whim. It was when I got home that I came to the realization that I was not only expected to feed it live crickets and mice, but that it would someday grow to be three feet long. That was some serious buyer’s remorse!

Car Buying

This doesn’t hold a candle to the types of mistakes we can make as adults, however, particularly with big-ticket items like properties and cars. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ll want to avoid the following common mistakes which could lead to you driving away with a bum deal.

How a Structured Settlement is the Best Outcome?

Well, it might be possible that the only exposure you have with structured settlement is the TV ad hawking immediate access to your money. There may be many instances where you will be repeatedly told that it is your money, and that you should have quick access to it. You will be told to cash in your structured settlement and get all the money immediately.

Structured Settlement


Remember all Bad Financial Decisions for Taxes

I often mention about my biggest financial mistake till date, it was buying shares of a falling company while knowing it was too big to fail. When the company went in to bankruptcy, I lost a huge sum of money. That was the bad part. A not-so-bad part was the tax write-offs I claimed for next few years on that loss. This article is to remind you making note of all financial losses in 2013 and use them to lower tax burden.

Tax Tips

If you haven’t done so, now is the time to file our annual tax return. There are two very important aspects you should understand before submitting your return this year.

Need for an Insurance Agent

Most people find it necessary to look for an insurance agency for a number of reasons, whether it be moving to a new area, the accumulation of points on a driver’s license or a life event such as divorce or death in the family. Most financial advisers recommend a yearly audit of insurance policies to make sure all necessary coverage is offered.

Insurance need

If you are looking for a new insurance agent, there are a number of steps to take. Steps are explained in this article.