Saving Money this Holiday Season

Just a few days back I posted 101 frugal Christmas gift ideas. This is another post to touch upon the subject of saving money during a period when your pockets would be stretched the most. Over the years I have learned that keeping little money aside every month works wonder when if comes to year end festivities. For those of you who are still trying to keep expenses under control, this post is for you.

Holiday Gifts

This holiday season you’ll find that your bank account is going to be stretched more than at any other point this year. With the build up to Christmas in particular, there are many things that you are going to need to buy, not least presents for loved ones and beverages for any guests. But, contrary to belief, the holiday season does not have to break your bank. In fact, 2013 could be the cheapest Christmas you have had in a long time.

What Type of Investor I am?

Over the weekend I have been pondering over investment. We haven’t invested in a new account since opening and funding our first peer-to-peer lending account with Prosper. Ever since I bought a certified preowned BMW, three weeks back, I was having it in my mind constantly; What if I invested the money instead? How much money had I lost actually,as it was not only that I had to get away with $25,000 cash, but I lost potential income on the money.

good investor

OK, no more ranting about the car, although it was not a brand new car. Let’s focus on the investment aspect of my finance now. I have taken a few quizzes on the net, to determine the type of investor I am. The purpose was to gauge self progress and to check whether I am the type of investor I wanted to be at this age. Those survey’s all unite to declare me a risk tolerating investor, which I would have told about myself without taking those quizzes anyway.

Prepay a Mortgage or Buy a Home With Cash?

Buying a home is one of the most expensive investments in most peoples’ lives, and therefore selecting the most fitting mortgage type and negotiating a fair purchase price should be paramount decisions. It’s commonly accepted that home buyers can afford mortgages costing up to 30 percent of their monthly incomes, and paying more than that amount may set buyers up for financial hardships.

Buying home with cashBuyers who keep their monthly mortgage costs low are typically able to pay their principals down ahead of schedule, saving them interest costs. Some buyers who’ve recently sold a home or have a great deal of savings may opt to purchase a home outright with cash, avoiding mortgage costs altogether. But which approach is the smartest decision for a home buyer?

There is no widely accepted right or wrong answer. The best answer boils down to home buyers’ circumstances and their ultimate goals. Some buyers simply do not want the burden of debt and would prefer to own their homes, sacrificing available cash. Others prefer to invest elsewhere, save for retirement or vacations, while aggressively paying down a mortgage. Each method of purchasing a home has a list of benefits and drawbacks.

Applying Warren Buffet Quotes in Personal Finance

Are you constantly feeling that a certain target is moving towards you? Doubts won’t take you anywhere. For those who are a bit skeptic, in order to become rich it is necessary to use mental power. When using mental science to walk through wealth creation, you need to be ready for the worst.Thereby, if you’ve been seeking to make money,or,trying to become debt free, but nothing seem to work, it is the right time to stay focused or else you may fail to accomplish your desires.

Warren Buffet

Every moment spent paying attention to doubts and fears, every hour you spent worrying, and every time you leave your soul, you are pretty much putting a barrier that separates you from the stranglehold of power in order to create wealth. All the many promises are for those who believe, and just for them.

How Flexible are Life Insurance Quotes?

I know I wrote about reducing insurance cost earlier, ways to reduce insurance premium. One of the tips was to shop around and get quotes from as many places you can find. Well, have you ever thought why different insurance providers charges different premium to put a price tag on your life? For me I didn’t have to comparison shop for life insurance, my employer has a group life plan covered through our health insurance provider. In case you want to know how premiums differ for the same life, here’s a guest post from a life insurance agent, Frank Mitchel. Enjoy the post!

Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance, like anything else available on the market, is a commodity. Any competent businessman will tell you that with a product available on the market, there’s always leeway to negotiate the price. While this may be true for 99% of the products out there, it doesn’t really work for insurance though. Companies are very strict in their pricing structure and won’t give any quarter to your cheeky little bid for a bargain.