3 Ways Investing in a Card Reader Enhances Business

This is a guest post geared toward the small business owners. I don’t know a small business which doesn’t accept credit cards, except the sellers at farmer’s market but, if you are a small business owner and don’t accept credit cards, I am sure you want to read this piece. Enjoy the post!

Credit Cards, Debit Cards

Credit Card Readers are among the most interesting new inventions that have come about to aid the retail industry. Previous to this, the only alternative that a consumer had who wanted to buy something was by paying by check or cash. However, this required a certain amount of trust between the customer and the businessman and since the system was too hard to enforce a viable level of security in, the check as a means of payment for retail goods petered out.

How to Save Money While Providing Everything your Child Needs

Having a child is a wonderful thing. At the same time, parenting is expensive! Whether it’s your first kid or your fourth, you always want to give the world to them. However, the costs can rise up, and too often parents find themselves stretched too thin. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Although we are not parents we know exactly how costly it is to raise a child. So I thought of writing a ways to save money while raising your kid in an ideal way. Hope you’ll like it.

Saving Money while raising child

First and foremost, before we list the money-saving ways. No money-saving scheme actually work in longer term unless it’s associated with some form of budgeting. Budgeting may consist of target on each item to having only one target, that is saving a fixed amount per month. Whatever it is that you are comfortable with, simply get it going as soon as possible. Else, you’ll save money on food but end up spending more on child care, just as an example. A budget can keep all your spending in control.

How to Avoid Working in Old Age and Meet your Retirement Goal

This is not an astrological prediction, but, a possibility for most of us. 20% of workers aged 50+ are in the workforce; 75% of workers aged 50+ are expected to have retirement jobs in the future. So most of us will still be working job to meet our basic needs for food and shelter. This is a scary situation. Retirement is a time to cherish the hard work of yester year. Retirement is to enjoy things we postpone during our working life.

Enjoying Retirement

The best thing you could do now is to realize that you are falling behind and try to correct your situation. Unless you really enjoy your work and enjoy being in a company of colleagues, you must look out for a safe and comfortable future, where your money could bring in the returns that let you enjoy the same or a better lifestyle than what you have today.

Importance of Personal Finance Lessons for Teenagers

Earlier this year, I came across an article from the Los Angeles Times.  It’s about how millennials won’t be able to get mortgages on their own and will rely on their parents to co-sign on loans and mortgages in the future.  More recently, I came across this article on CNN Money – it’s also about how the student loan debt is making home ownership out-of-reach for millennials.


While home ownership is not a goal for everyone, I strongly believe that financial independence should be a goal for everyone.  Unfortunately, millennials are not there yet for a number of reasons, including: no financial literacy skills, dangerous amounts of student loan debt, and not establishing credit early enough. I think starting the conversation about financial literacy early is the best way to prepare young people for financial freedom, just as  about educating teenage girls about the importance of personal finance.