How The Media Makes You A Bad Investor

I have a subscription to motley fool news letter, not the paid ones but, the free ones where they send a daily teaser A headline like “This company is going to get the Walmart’s business away!”. Once you open the mail the only first few lines you’ll get to see are the great things this company is set out to do. To get more and to know the exact company you need to subscribe to the paid news letter. I know my friends who regularly make investment decisions based on those top stories about the next best stocks. When I last checked I was earning higher return on my investment than those friends. Enjoy this Guest post from Jon!

Return on Investment

The media, including the news, is bad for your health. Many think that they need to watch the news or read magazines to stay on top of world events. But in reality, the media is costing you money. They do this by making you a bad investor. How do they do this and how can you fight back? Follow a proven strategy below and you will become a great investor.

Tips for a Frugal, Fun and Enjoying Road Trip

We took a road trip in 2010 fall, almost 5 years ago. We flew to Boston, then took a rental car and visited 14 states in 21 days. it was exciting at first, fun after one week and tiring in the last week. We learned our lessons and will keep our next road trip duration smaller, certainly not more than 14 days. We spent a lot of money but expenses could have shot u had we not saved money in various ways, like gas, food and hotel stays.


Do you need a break or want to spend some time with family, take a road trip? Don’t let money hold you. Remember, a successful road trip is possible even without a full wallet. But for this, you have to shun expensive places, shopping, extravagant activities and much more. Just select a place that isn’t very costly and yet entertains you to the fullest. Here are some ideas to help you make your frugal road trip a success.

Talking About Finance to Your Teenage Girl

I received very early lessons on managing finances and investment from my father. Read more on my about page. I feel teaching your children about money is an essential part of their education. Unfortunately it’s not taught in schools, so it’s your job as a parent to make them financially aware which should help them become a better at managing their finances. I had written about early financial lessons to your children and financial advice for young adults. This is a guest post from Patrick he runs the blog Daytodayfinance. Enjoy the post!

Finance for teenager

Are you parent of a teenage girl? If yes then you already know that your little girl is all set to take her own decisions and plan her future. All she needs is your guidance and advice. If you think that she is too young to manage finance then you are wrong. Teenage is the perfect time to explore all the fields of life and learn financial lessons.

Saving Money On Supermarket Shopping

These days, it seems there’s no end to what’s available to buy in supermarkets. A wide range of household provisions has always been available, but in recent years, the range has been increased dramatically to include services too, such as life insurance, auto insurance, car breakdown services, Internet access and many other services. This greater freedom of choice brings with it more temptations to spend money, so it’s important to be cost-conscious. There are great savings to be made in supermarkets; you just need to be aware of them.

Shopping Add to it the McDonald, Subways and Pizza huts right beside the supermarket entrance. If you give it a pass while entering, you may not pass it on your way out. So it’s not only the products you buy but also the products and services you are made to pay for, goes to your super market shopping list.

I have a quick and simple way to determine if you are over spending at your grocer.