Choosing the Best Travel Money – How you want to Pay for Foreign Expenses?

We are from India and we do regularly visit our friends and family there. I have a bank account in India where I remit money to before going there. This money usually covers all expenses in incur during our India trips. But it may require us to travel to another company for work. We may even plan a Europe trip in coming years. One of the questions that I’d need answer on is how to pay for expenses overseas?

Travel Money

When going abroad, whether for business or pleasure, one thing you need to consider is exchanging currency and how you are going to carry your money whilst overseas. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You could end up getting a lot less for your cash if you do not assess your options. After all, let’s say you leave exchanging your money until you get to the airport.

10 Tax Code Changes for the Common Man in 2015 That We Should Keep in Mind

As you are probably gearing up and readying your papers for 2015 tax filing, I thought of listing out some 2015 tax code changes that you should keep in mind while filing your tax returns in 2016. All of these changes affect common man, people like you and I.

Tax codes changes in 2015

The tax brackets and rates have all changed as we already know, but there are some minor, hidden and not-so-well-known facts that we often fail to identify and point out to our tax consultants. Hope this can help many among us.

Credit cards For those who don’t have credit Score – How to Get one

Having a credit card helped me establishing my credit when I first landed in US in 2005. I started from no credit to 800+ FICO score in 7 years. Having 4 credit cards (starting with a secured credit card from BofA) and one car loan helped me reach there, along with on-time full balance payment throughout. So, credit cards help in increasing credit score.

How to get a Credit Card

In this article point the how you can secure a credit card to better your score. While reading this, do keep in mind that credit cards are fool’s poison. A wrong use can ruin your life. Especially if you have had problems paying credit card dues, I’d advise you not to use credit cards again. Else, continue with the article and I’d help you securing a credit card even if you now have a bad credit.

11 Quick Fire Financial Advise For Young Ones Starting Their Independent Life

Imagine a 20 something just starting their work life after finishing college education. He/she would have loads of student loan to repay, a successful career to start, tons of financial decisions to make and lots of dreams to live for. Well, everything would become smooth and easy if they follow the below guidelines.

Financial success for young

Remember how you achieved the academic success? I am sure it’ was due to your intellectualism and hard work. Guess what? Financial success can be achieved by exactly those two qualities you possess. Having success is a mind game, a game you play against yourself.

Why New Year’s Financial Resolutions are hard to Keep

How often you find your financial plans difficult to adhere to? Few of us make a resolution when we start the year but very few can keep up to the plans. Same as our budgets, financial plans are also very hard to keep up with. I admit I failed miserably every time I set up a financial plan. The only way that works for me is to have automatic payments routed to retirement and other targeted accounts before money comes to my checking account. Dr. Pete Sulack is an expert in this field, I am glad to present a guest post from him today. Enjoy the post!

Financial Resolution

There is no question that your finances can be a source of stress no matter how much or little of it you have. Each year, you sit down and make your New Year’s resolutions – vows to save more money, give more to charity, or finally start to get serious about planning for retirement. By February, it’s dark and cold outside and they are running commercials for that island vacation or new sports car, and the reality sets in about how hard it might be to keep tabs on your personal finances after all. When we know what needs to be done but don’t have discipline, we often think less of ourselves and find it hard to establish a goal-nurturing environment.