Things to Consider Before Refinancing your Mortgage

We are not home owners yet but, we have many home owners friends who recently refinanced their mortgage. We are in our 30′s so most of friends are and refinancing at this age, makes every sense. On a 30 year mortgage even a quarter percentage point gain in interest rate means saving a few thousands of dollars. This article is geared towards home owners who are looking to refinance

Refinancing Home

You may think that refinancing should bring some mortgage payment relief to you as long as you manage to lower interested rate. This sounds great, but in many cases, refinancing can cost more in processing fees than it could actually save you in monthly payments.

How to Get a Life Insurance Cover of One Million Dollars?

Apologies for long absence of posts on my blog. I had to go to India to take care of my father, he had hospitalized with critical condition. Now he’s doing good and I am back in states. This is a guest post from Ruby, she talks about benefits of having an insurance coverage and steps to take to get a million dollar coverage.

Travel Insurance

Insurance cover is the amount of liability or risk that insurance services cover for an entity or individual. An insurer issues it in the event of unwanted or unforeseen occurrences. There are various types of insurance covers like life, auto, and other exotic forms like whole-in-one insurance cover.

Electric Cookers: How to Lower your Electricity Bill

There’s no getting around it, electric kitchen appliances can be costly. But what can you do? It’s not likely you’ll want to go back to living without a refrigerator, freezer or cooker. Not to worry – there are many ways you can save on these food-related apparatuses

Electric cooker

Electric cookers in particular can run up your electricity bill but making some simple changes in the way you cook can lower it significantly. Since we started using rice cooker, our electricity bill surely has come down by a bit.

Are Online Games Waste of Time and Money?

Have you been lately in to Facebook? If you have, you must have received at least one candy crush game request. What’s more funny is that people can easily turn specific game request off, still they talk about crushing the candy crush requests. Actually candy crush is a very addictive game. Today’s topic is online games and are they waste or worth your time and money.

Online Games

People have been interested in video games as far back as the 1940s when Edward U. Condon designed a computer to allow people to play the traditional games of Nim. The attraction of competing against a machine was enticing for many, be it children or adults. These video games range from comical animation games with rather child-like objectives of collecting priceless gems to mind challenging games that used sophisticated algorithms to stump even the brightest kids in class.

Learn Accounting for Free to Run Your Home Based Business

With the growth of Internet and social networking sites, there are more and more home-based businesses that are mushrooming all across the globe. These home-based businesses can range from small-scale to medium-scale, and there are many home-based businesses that have grown to larger proportion.


When you run a home-based business, it’s more often than not a one-man show. You run everything from the ground up. Some people tend to have a natural knack at business and some of them don’t. But with the prolific growth of home-based business, there are many things a home-based business owner can do to make sure that he or she gets the right tools and help in running their business.