3 Money Saving Tips from One of History’s Biggest Shipping Magnates

Shipping and the port trade has long been big business and for centuries many people have been making their relative fortunes owing to the bounty of the coast. In recent times however one such shipping magnate stands out more than most, especially in terms of wealth, success and a fulfilled life full of adventure and challenge.

Shipping Lines

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller is that man. One of the 20th centuries most successful business men, Moller was responsible for moving unfathomable amounts of containers around marine towns and cities, accruing great wealth along the way.

101 Personal Finance Tips I Wish I Could Tell Entire Universe

Readers, this is another one from my “101 ways” series. Look for others on the side bar. Perhaps it took most time to compile this one. Literally I listed 200 odd tips and eliminated 99 of ‘em. Hope I produced some value added cheat sheet for you. For all the personal finance enthusiasts, here’s the basic list of 101 financial tips.

101 Personal Finance Tips

I am sure this list would help every one that come across this article. I wish I’d be delivering this article to everyone’s mail boxes. Every individual in every country. If people follow basic personal finance principles, would would be a better place to live in. crime would be lesser, there would be no poverty. If you think through, you may establish the connection.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

If you want to start your own business, it’s very important to know what you are getting into, the responsibilities you will have, and the demands that you will face. Business ownership can be lucrative, but success does not come without hard work and the investment of time and money.

How To Start a Business


4 Essential Tips for Consistently Keeping Your Budget

While I am not even close to being in the top one percent that we all hear of, I’ve made good financial decisions and am happy with the nest egg my wife and I have been able to build. We are both responsible with our budget and are well on our way to meeting our financial goals.


But for me, it wasn’t always that way. I started my professional life a financial basket case. I worked hard and saved money but just could not seem to keep a budget or hold on to my money for more than a year. Being a financial reporting analyst for a large insurance firm, my lack of financial stability was a big embarrassment and I did everything I could to hide the shame.

The Advantages of Binary Option Trading

Like most people, you may be skeptical when you hear about the supposed benefits of binary option trading. Every form of trading has its proponents and the ones who prefer binary options tend to be very loud and passionate, which means many people are quick to think that it’s a bunch of hype. Make no mistake: binary option trading is nothing to rush into. However, for those who take their time learning how this method works, it can offer the following advantages.

High Returns

We’ll talk more about this in a minute, but trading options definitely comes with its fair share of risks. Fortunately, it’s also very generous with its rewards. Pulling in a winning option can net you up to 90% of your investment. Even something like Forex typically doesn’t get higher than 10%. It’s hard not to get excited about this kind of potential.

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