9 TipsTo Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Father’s day is round the corner. Some of you must be sopping for, either your father or the father of your child. One of the fastest growing online retailers, cloud 9 has some unique gifts for fathers, including race car driving, trekking and golfing, etc. I wish my father was here. But they don’t have gifts to send to India, where my father lives. Anyway, today’s topic is rather, saving money, and not spending! Our perpetual guest poster Bill has sent another nice and practical article on saving money while attending a wedding. I am sure this summer you have quiet a lot of invitation waiting. Hope you find some inspiration here. Enjoy the post!

Wedding Guest

“Our wedding was held years ago, yet the celebration continues to this very day.” – Gene Perret

Sub-Prime Car Loans, How to Buy a New Car With Bad Credit

I don’t advocate for buying a new car, even for people who has a good credit. In terms of value for money a 1-year-old car is always better than a brand new car from the showroom. The moment you drive it out of the dealership, car value goes down by couple of thousand bucks. But there are people who want to buy a brand new car.

How to buy a new car with Bad Credit

In this post, I’ll assume the reader had a temporary hardship, due to which regular payments on credit cards and other loans suffered. Resulting in the bad credit. Sometimes long term illness or a divorce can put one in to bad credit. But, now the reader recovered and have cash to pay off debts, and, is confident on future cash flow to afford auto loan repayment.

The Ease of Start-Up Funding for Businesses in US

Lately it seems I have taken up the responsibility of convincing people to start their small businesses. I have posted many small business related stories. Here’s another one, which tells you the sources and ease of receiving your start-up fund in US. So, if you have a bright new business idea, like creating a Backbook or Chainedin or Linterest, you have ample options to secure your startup fund in US

Even if you want to open an Indian fast food chain in US, there’s no dearth of options for you here. On that point, opening an Indian fast food chain is my dream…some day, some day.

If you’re interested in funding your start-up, US may be the right places for you to do so. Among the growing list of sources of funds for micro business and small business start-ups are major United States cities. The amounts of funding overall are not as great as the potential needs, but to the ever-increasing numbers of entrepreneurs seeking funds, it is a welcome sign of progress.

Waking Up the Investor in Everybody

You’re an investor whether you know it or not. You just might not have made any big investments yet. Investment is about allocating resources. Many resources in your life are not money. You’ve got your time (the big one!), your health, your emotions, your friendships, and a bunch of other areas of your life that you can either cultivate or neglect.


Some people seem to make consistently good choices. For others, their choices are something of a grab bag. Good choices are the secret of the successful financial investor. If you’ve figured out how to pick out the best situations for yourself in your regular life, you’ll be a natural investor.

Becoming a Responsible Online Shopper

Nowadays, nearly as many people have a credit card as own a mobile phone, and whether we are purchasing online or from a physical store we will probably be paying with a card of some sort. Whilst cards are often a safer alternative than carrying cash, using your card to shop online carries its own risks.

Responsible Online SHopping

If our card or wallet gets stolen we notice immediately and can notify our banks to cancel them and stop further fraudulent activity. However on the internet our information can get into the wrong hands without us even knowing it. As recent cases have shown, this can also happen with reputable websites who have highly secure systems, thus it’s important that everyone checks their credit card statement regularly.