Readers, Need Some Ideas

I recently had influx of Facebook fans and feed subscribers, both stands more than 500. I have more than 1500 Twitter followers and the number is increasing at a healthy rate. Overall, I am gaining more and more readers over time. The increase is at 50% month over month rate. Which is good performance by a blog that is only 7 months old.

Are you one of these readers, followers or subscribers who come back and read my posts regularly?

I am not boasting about my numbers here rather, I need of help.

This post is for you, I am seeking help from my hitherto unknown and unannounced readers. I want to know about your choice. What should I cover in my future posts? Send me topic suggestion.

So far I have only written about topics I have an interest in. Now I want to know about your choices, as from here onward I want you to direct this blog. You set the mood and tone, you show me the direction.

Personal finance is a not a rocket science, its simple and straight forward process where you earn more and spend less to take care of the days you won’t be earning. What differs is personal choices and approaches. Unless you tell me about your choices or show me how you want your finance to be handled, I am only limited to discuss my ideology.

If I continue this way, no matter what I write, things will soon become boring for me and for you. We don’t want that, do we?

I am also planning to start series on readers’ questions. I have only one problem in starting that, I don’t get your questions!

I promise you will not be disappointed by my answers. Give me a chance to bring better articles and better coverage of the topics of your interest.

As always, thank you for reading. Each of your visits or each of your comments makes my day. Please leave your suggestions in comments section or mail me directly at onecentatatime (at) gmail (dot) com, replace (at) with ‘@’ and (dot) with ‘.’, eliminate spaces.

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  1. says

    I think it’s great to reach out to readers and find out what interests them. Sometimes it’s tough to come up fresh content on a regular basis, and like anyone, we’re not mind readers so going directly to the source is always a big help. That being said, as a reader, I’d like to see more list posts since you never seem to do any of those. 😉

    • says

      It becomes hard when when you struggle for time. First you don’t get topics, second you don’t get time to write. Off course we write for people and need to know what they want. biggest of the companies do customer survey regularly.

      I realized that I need to write more list posts. Bingo my next post is a lit post and so is next few. Thanks for this valuable advice Eric!

  2. says

    Where do you see most of your FB fans come from? I’ve noticed that as well and I want to congratulate you on your success! I like the topics that you’ve posted on so far. I like the relationship ones but I think it would be good to stay on topic. Maybe talk about how you manage your finances on one income?

    • says

      I will let you know if I come to know. few of them are my co workers and their friends. Some I don’t know. What about relationship ones? Did you mean about personal life and sharing the stories?

      Yes we are living on one income and not doing bad. I shall share more of that, definitely. Thanks Latisha.

  3. says

    Great job on your success so far and wish you the best. I guess my recommendation would be to read more about your personal experiences and how we as the readers can learn from your experience.

    • says

      I hope so. I am now in the process of finding my past mistakes. So far I have only written about my good choices and practices. Good thought!

  4. Jana @ Daily Money Shot says

    While I think it’s great that you’re in tune with your readers, remember that it might be difficult to write about some topics that are of interest to them without putting your own personal slant on the topic. Stay true to who you are–it’s why we keep reading.

    • says

      Jana welcome, after a long time..blogging is not only about sharing personal stories, its about sharing personal thoughts too. I probably can write about what I should have done in a particular reader’s situation. I believe that will still remain a personal thing, isn’t it?

  5. says

    You have great numbers so why not to boast about it? :) We all sometimes run out of topics. I like your idea about questions from readers. So here is mine: what was your biggest financial mistake that you were ashamed to admit to (well… until Aloysa asked you to!) :)

    • says

      Actually there is one which did cost me a lot of money. I am not ashamed but, saved it for guest posting at a major blog. It is related to stock investing. I will mail you as soon as it is published

  6. Diego says

    SB I believe you write fantastic. Just keep writing I like your style. Very practical advise keep those coming. I agree to bloggers above, write personal stories. I know you do.

    • says

      Diego first of all thank you for your participation. I was infact waiting for your comment. You are very kind. I promise I’ll write more personal stories. Would you mind sharing your stories, send me mail.

  7. Begum says

    its true there are other blogs around. I like get rich slowly because of their extremely well coverage. I like yours because I see our country in eye of an immigrant. I am amazed how well you grasped American way of finance. We all have so much to learn from you. keep sharing your own stories. we love your writing.

    • says

      Hi there! hanks a lot. Personal finance is not that difficult as I said in the post. The terms and processes are little bit different but more or less every country is same in terms of finance.

  8. says

    I have been following your blog for the last couple of months (Google Reader, and I read at least 4 out of 5 of your posts), and enjoy learning from it. This post coincides with my thoughts about a similar post on my blog, which I have not been able to put together to my satisfaction. I have had a five-fold increase in traffic since I started studying ways to make my blog more attractive, and I am very curious who all these people are, and what I can do to add greater value to their lives. I feel like asking, who are you, why are you visiting my blog, what do you want, what should I write. However, all my attempts sounded just as rude as the previous sentence. Thanks for putting it out in a nice way, I will apply what I learned here to create that post.
    What would I like to see more of here – more of saving techniques, frugal living tips, and debt management. From a subjective perspective, I tend to pay less attention to your posts on investing, but I guess if I had a lot of money to invest, those would be of interest too.

    • says

      Subhorup, by your name I am 100% certain that we not only share the birth country, we share same religion and same mother tongue.
      I do visit your blog sometimes. These days its very difficult for me to keep on commenting schedule because of year end work pressure. Thanks you for sharing the topics of your interest. I should write about frugality and debt management in coming days.

      You have very interesting insight about life which shows on your blog. Keep writing and I will keep reading, after all, reading is the fuel we bloggers require. Thank you very much for your comment. I know this is the second time you commented on my blog, keep coming back.

      • says

        SB, You are 100% right on all counts, even if your answers are different from mine. Mother nature did not create countries, we did. All sentient (and perhaps non-sentient ones too, is taking me a while to see it) beings belong to the same religion, that of truth and compassion. We are all born with the same mother tongue, the need to love and to be loved.

        Very honored that you like what you read on my blog, that probably makes you one of seventeen and a half people. Did you finally get to watch Ra.One, and did you like it?

        • says

          haha :) where did that half come from? I hope you’re not counting me as the half. Ra.One is a mix of Matrix, Ironman, Spider man and terminator. With some Bollywood humor added.

          Entertaining movie I must say but won’t leave a lasting impression.

  9. says

    I don’t have a lot to contribute as I have problems coming up with right topics too. But personal stories always seem popular.

    One thing you could do is to build upon your popular posts. For example I see the quitting post is quite popular, you could solicit from stories specifically from the reader on how they handled (+ve/-ve experiences, lessons learned…) their job changes. General questions never seem to get any answers. If you ask one specific question to your readers you might get reader stories. Same concept with the young adult advice. All of us would have made some mistakes, so that could be another area to expand with reader contribution. Just my 2c.

    Also (if you have a lot of blogger audience) you could also include some occasional how-to increase subscribers/facebook fans/twitter type posts. Those are uber popular. Congrats on those numbers! What is the secret to your increase in subscribers?

    • says

      Very cool advice. I wonder how do you know about those two posts being popular…just by re twits or likes? I am not aware of any other means to gauze the success. As far as subscribers are concerned let it be secret for now till some other day.

      I was perhaps sure about not getting enough response to my generic questions above, still wanted to try. I did get couple of non yakezie responses, loved that. Wonder how JD, Trent or Ramit established themselves…yeah they are better writers…but not necessarily better at money management.

  10. Mauro says

    Big fan of the website, a considerable number of your articles or blog posts have seriously helped me out. Looking towards more blog posts! I like to read frugal stories and ways to save money.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Mauro. I promise to write frugal stuff, quiet a few of them in future. My life is quiet frugal that way, may be I can hare some of the stories.

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