Sunday Round Up And A Few Source Of Inspiration

As promised in my last weekly roundup, starting this week my roundup is an open stage for any one to enter, not just Yakezie challengers. Throughout the week I visit a lot of  other blogs for inspiration and knowledge. This week, I will present some of those articles which made me think and which I found a little different from regular ‘save money on this’ and ‘save money on that’ articles.

I do write ‘save money’ articles often but, frankly speaking almost all possible ways of saving money by a common man have been discovered already and Google is quiet efficient in getting those articles to you if you need. I agree that basic stuffs need to be refreshed regularly hence, I will continue to write many ‘save money’ articles in future.

A typical blogger is a good reader, unless you read you can’t write. Shakespeare and Dickens read almost all classics of their time and then surpassed all of them with their creation. We read many blog posts each day. We need to keep writing and for that we need to fuel our cells continuously, this fuel comes from  continuous reading, its like two wheels of a bike, if one moves the other has to move and when one stops the other stops.

I follow and read almost 60 blogs, majority of them are finance blogs. But my main source of inspiration comes from a blog, which is the simplest blog you could ever find on web. Ladies and gentleman, I am talking about the Most inspiring blog I found on internet till date, Zen Habits.

For last few years one blog inspired me whenever I visited their site. Consistently instilling a financial wisdom to its near million daily readers, including me, is Get Rich Slowly, Time magazine’s top 30 blogs you can’t live without. Sometimes I don’t agree with them (you can never agree with some one all the time) when I protested their community came back at me. Such is JD’s clout on his readers.

I understood money fundamentals at a very early stage of my life, but those  were practical knowledge my dad imparted with less words and more actions. For last two years The Simple Dollar is putting the same knowledge in words. I admit I found TSD as too frugal to my taste and the writer has a slight ego. He doesn’t always approve comments criticizing him. It happened to me more than couple of times. But overall I found TSD as the most well written blog on personal finance.

I write about money as well as productivity and leadership related topics, and I have so far been a successful leader at work. I get my inspiration to do better from Michael Hyatt and Penelope Trunk. These blogs are easy to read and make very good practical points.

Lately I have become a fan of the simplistic Frugal Dad and the simple manner Jason puts the content with. FrugalDad is an eye opener for me as they seldom produce more than two blog posts per week yet, he has many readers following him.

This week I got inspiration from reading the below articles

How to create Sinking fund, I didn’t know the concept of sinking fund, and glad that Jason made it simple while explaining the need of it.

How to write a blog post in 70 minutes or less, I admit I take around 2 – 3 hours per log post. Michael put a few clues previously unknown to me.

Fuck you Bank Of America, this is an epic post about a CR mess up by the banking giant, we, the bloggers are with Sandy. I personally am unhappy with that bank any way.

My Editor wants a raise, was a refreshing article of the kind which soothes you. We watch sitcoms to laugh at some one else’s personal household matters, you will get same exact fun by reading this article.

Want to read about a real life story of a world traveler who left her job and traveled almost 1/3rd of the world. Don’t know about you but, I always like to do something of this nature. This article inspired me to act!

Change is a thing only leaders can bring about, whether in businesses or at home, you need leadership qualities to convince others accept a change. Read this post and rally your family around you when you think about changing family habits. Extreme lengthy post warning!

Don’t you fight resistance within your self all the time, know this enemy better and get a tip to tackle the monster.

6 ways to tackle boring tasks, now how exciting is that! Very useful for your stinky job.

Bring on your frugal self with re purposing household items to fit your daily need. This encyclopedia is extremely well researched, actually Suba is a master of research related articles.

Insight Into Blogger’s Life

One thing for sure, bloggers work real hard on establishing his/her blog and most of them have a day job to take care off; after putting all energy in to the day job we write for you with a very little residual energy. Some times we don’t bring out our best but on average one post in every three we produce, comes out to be a good one.

We have our ego, a blogger’s ego, like every other creators we do have take pride fin our articles. Although we try to contain that and try to be calm and composed all the times, occasional spills happen. While commenting on other blogs or while replying to readers’ comments we let it go sometimes. It’s not a good habit but, after all, we are human beings.

Next time you criticize a blog or a writer, do consider these aspects, none of us knows all the tricks of the business, we make mistakes and learn from it. We are grateful that you spend your valuable time to gain some knowledge and as writers we are obliged to cater to your demand and, we always try to write our best stuff.

Last week, OCAAT was included in four carnivals, and as you know carnivals are always fun. Head over there and read great articles from my fellow bloggers. Festival Of Frugality, Totally Money Blog Carnival, Carnival Of Personal Finance and Yakezie Carnival (my favorite)

My main aim behind writing on this blog is to gain my knowledge (the reading thing I explained already). I do try to keep it with a feel good atmosphere. If you have felt good, can’t you subscribe to my RSS feed and get my new posts in your mail box or reader without visiting my blog? 

Readers, do check out the recommendation above and get enriched in life, isn’t it the reason you read blogs or write blogs?

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  1. Marshall says

    I never thought a round up could be so inspiring. I say you have it in you to rank along the blogs you netioned. All the bes for Plutus

    • says

      Thank you sir for the nice gesture! I try to be as good as them but I can only be up to the best I am capable of. Keep commenting and keep inspiring.

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