Live Like in Early 19th Century to Become Debt Free

In my about page, I mentioned I can’t write about how you come out of debt, as I never have been in debt. I am rather, much comfortable in sharing ideas of avoiding debt trap and remaining debt free.

Well, for this article I am going against that stated direction because, when I saw my neighbor fishing at a nearby lake few days back, an idea stuck my mind – What if people in debt start making their own food? The way our great grandparents did in early 19th century, and, adopt their life-style? Will it accelerate debt recovery?

This morning I was reading various debt related blog posts.  All views were about concept of cost cutting and increasing income with variation in pitches.

Living Well on Less Than $10,000 a Year: Habits of Skilled Visa Workers

This topic has not been covered as widely as it should have been. Let’s gain some insight into the high skill visa workers’ life and see how well they live on less than $10,000 a year while saving a fortune. Most of us would be amazed to learn about living such a life here in United States!

Living Under $10,000 a Year - Life of Indian Techies

Every year, thousands of high-skilled and executive class temporary visa holders (H and L classes) travel to this country. Some of them stay back, apply for residency and eventually citizenship but, the majority go back to the home country with the money saved during their stay here in US.