Are you More Frugal than Us? A Trivia

I have written most of my posts on saving money. Largest being a compilation of 101 ways to save money. But that was a list of too many things. Here I’d tell you about some of the strategies that we follow. Off course the biggest of all is to extend no-spend days for weeks. But, that’s not always possible. We have one big advantage of growing in a developing country, many things that seem natural to a native American are luxury to us and we don’t usually spend money on them. Having lunch outside is one of those.

Saving money

SMB, my wife, and I are fairly frugal. I am a bit more and she is less. We take the developing world approach to spending where we try and classify our needs and wishes. That’s why a Correl dinnerware set took 7 years to finally arrive at our home. It was our saving-first nature that allowed us to use one car, that too a pre-owned 2002 Hyundai Elantra.

5 Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Back in my country, weddings are not as costly as what it is in US. Generally we attended weddings within our own city but occasionally we had to travel long distance by trains. I know those trips and all the associated costs were too much for my father. This guest post from Alice talks about some of the ways to reduce cost of attending a weeding.

Wedding Guest

If you are in your 20s or 30s, chances are you have a few weddings coming up in the next few months. Once the season kicks off in the spring, there seems to be a wedding every few weekends all the way into the fall.

Being Frugal & Handling Social Taboo at Home or Outside

We do not have cell phone text messaging plan. We try to limit sending text messages. This is not looked down upon greatly by our friends. Over the weekend we were travelling along with another couple in our car. We switched off the cell phone GPS system while on highway. When we told them the reason being we were very close to our monthly data plan limit, they made faces. I could see through rare-view mirror.

This might be happening on this blog too. I know there have been readers who came, read a few posts and then left. I may have been too frugal in their eyes. Even at the time of recession, frugality is considered to be poor man’s choice. If some one makes points like below.

Living Well on Less Than $10,000 a Year: Habits of Skilled Visa Workers

This topic has not been covered as widely as it should have been. Let’s gain some insight into the high skill visa workers’ life and see how well they live on less than $10,000 a year while saving a fortune. Most of us would be amazed to learn about living such a life here in United States!

Living Under $10,000 a Year - Life of Indian Techies

Every year, thousands of high-skilled and executive class temporary visa holders (H and L classes) travel to this country. Some of them stay back, apply for residency and eventually citizenship but, the majority go back to the home country with the money saved during their stay here in US.