Attempt to Understand IRA Need

How much do you know about IRAs? You probably only heard about it or  you may be a regular IRA investor but, really don’t know much about the role it plays on retirement success. How often do you logon to your online IRA account? How often do you open the mailer containing your IRA account statement? Let’s admit there’s a need to learn more, especially if you’re not an IRA investor yet.

Roth IRA

First let’s talk about the basic things first,  what you most probably already know. Namely, that retirement investing can be confusing. You know that it takes just a few seconds of talking about market cycles, redistribution, indicators, and various other investment speak to have you running for the hammock. And we haven’t even mentioned IRAs, distributions, safe havens, or tax deferred paperwork. (“Honey, seriously, I’m going to take care of it on Sunday.”)

Effective Ways to Protect Your IRA or 401k with Gold

This is yet another guest post from Bill. Bill likes to reach out to my readers again and again and, now I am afraid if you all are going to leave OCAAT for Bill’s blog. Anyway, as usual, this is another great post from Bill, enjoy the post! In case you’re wondering about my absence from blogging, life caught on, I’ll be back soon.

IRA Gold

It’s never too early to prepare for retirement. In fact, the earlier you start, the better off you’ll be once you reach your Golden Years, since you’ll have extra money to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Planning for Retirement: Ideal Asset Allocation for your Age

An estimated 50 per cent of American workers haven’t saved enough money for retirement. A little time spent planning now could mean the difference between a relaxing retirement and working for most of your golden years. Over the course of two years I have written few posts on retirement planning. This guest post talks about the ideal asset allocation in your retirement account as per your age. Enjoy the post from Rose.

Retirement asset allocation

Your age, or more specifically the number of years until you retire, is one of the main factors to consider when deciding how much you need to secure your future. You should also bear in mind that the more money you have in your nest egg at an early age, the quicker you can retire.

Bolster Your IRA in 2013 with Gold

Over the last decade, many investors have experienced significant losses or underwhelming returns in their retirement accounts because of the violent fluctuations in the stock market. Even those investors who allocated capital into cash investments like CDs or savings accounts have failed to realize returns that have maintained pace with inflation.

Retirement IRA Option
However, those astute investors who placed capital into gold over the past decade have realized tremendous returns in their portfolio. As central governments print money to stimulate the sluggish global economy, the price of the commodity continues to rise. Investing in gold through your 401(k) or IRA retirement account is a savvy tactic for you to protect and growth your wealth.

Why gold?

Traditionally, gold is sold as commodity, but it can be purchased as numismatic coins as well. Unlike other commodities such as coffee or copper, gold doesn’t have many practical applications. Many investment professionals consider this an advantage for the precious metal to maintain its value because it doesn’t depend on a singular industry or sector of the economy. In addition, the price of gold traditionally rises as the price of other asset classes fall. (Related – The Better Investment – Gold or Silver)