The Advantages of Coupons You Never Knew

Most of us use coupons. Coupons help us spend less. We previously posted How to Effectively use Vouchers and Coupons here. Sometimes use of coupons do increase spending. Basically manufacturers and distributors use coupon to lure customers in to shopping. I wrote about this in the article How Online Coupons Increased our Spending. This post covers the same subject with a different perspective.

Discount Coupons and Vouchers

The little dollars you see in discount coupons may not be something much to talk about; it might seem so on a cursory look. Truth is otherwise. Once a coupon is exhausted shoppers tend to forget about it altogether. To understand how your family has benefitted from using coupons, you need to keep track of the savings. You should take time off and get your numbers right.

Have you come across Groupon? They are famous for group discount deals that are negotiated low rates they offer for their subscribers in return of a spike in sells volume. Now they also have a specialized section called Groupon Coupons, where you don’t have to pay upfront to avail the discount. You have the free coupon that’s the ticket to your future buy at a discounted rate.

This may seem very similar to other coupons site. But at Groupon I find almost all my favorite stores. They have over 55,000 totally free coupons from more than 8,000 stores, including my favorites, Sears and Home Depot, etc.We wanted to frame a art work we received at anniversary party. We got a 50% off coupon at Groupon. This wasn’t available at any other coupon sites.

3 Questions about Coupons

The first few questions you may want to ask is, why keep track of the savings? The answer is simple – to plan and save even more. When you learn that coupons are actually saving money for you, it can encourage you to use more of it.

Reports say that typical American families can save upward of $1,000 annually if they used coupons wisely. And that remember is a conservative estimate.

You may ask if coupons can save a lot of money, then why is it that few shoppers actually use it? The simplest of answers is shoppers are either lazy or don’t care to find coupons. Reports even suggest that 50% or more coupons are never redeemed for their value.

The couple of dollars they save may seem trivial. If ever they sit down to add up all the savings they made, they will want to change their mind.

If everyone used coupons for shopping, what is the exclusive benefit to you? The fact is that manufacturers and stores cannot give coupons to every shopper, because coupons add to the cost of selling products and services.

Some coupons give so much of discount they drive down prices even below the cost of production and distribution which businesses cannot sustain.

The Way Coupons Work

Coupons are issued to cover less than 10-20% of total production, and the loss incurred on this account is added to the 80% that is not covered. In short it means that those who shop without coupons subsidize those who do with coupons.

Manufacturers and stores know that coupons are strain on their business, but keep to using this strategy for retaining their product leadership and for driving sales upward. This the consumers should see as an opportunity for saving money.

If you are convinced that coupons are legitimate means for saving money, you should invest time to locate them. The first temptation may be the coupons brought to you in newspapers. Undeniably they do help you, but seldom will you find the coupons you want urgently.

There is simply no way you can wait for the coupons to show in the newspapers, mailbox or in your emails.

A better way is to reach out for the coupons. The coupons you get in your mailbox, those gifted to you, received in email or those given to you in stores can be swapped if don’t find use for them.

Advantages of Going Online for Coupons

Smart moms today use the internet to find the coupons they need; mostly grocery and clothing. Online coupons are not absolutely free like the ones you come across in newspapers, emails or mailboxes.

You will have to pay a small amount of money to get them. There are many websites that specialize in selling coupons this way.

The advantages are –

  • You get the coupons you want
  • You can compare pre-discount prices
  • Get free standard shipping if included in the coupon
  • Compare best coupon prices across coupon websites
  • Choose the right store to order your needs
  • You can get them in the nick of time

With so many advantages to coupons bought from online websites, you shouldn’t mind the small payment you make to them. There is almost no product or service for which they don’t sell coupons.

Though groceries, dresses, jewelry and dress accessories are the most frequently traded coupons, don’t lose sight of the fact that there are more products covered by them. Even law firms sell coupons these days.

When you use online coupons, you are saved from the trouble of keeping them organized and carrying them around with you. Most shoppers who don’t use coupons consider carrying them around a nuisance.

Online coupons can be stored in your cell phone after you have bought them. You can even buy coupons when you are inside a store. They can be printed and freely redeemed any time you have the need for them.

Make a Beginning Today Itself

With so many advantages to online coupons, why not start using coupons today itself. Perhaps you may want to order photography lessons for your teenage college bound son.

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  1. Laurentiu Mihai says

    Nice article. I am a person who uses coupons and I think I made ​​a pretty significant cost reduction.

  2. says

    I totally agree with you that most people don’t use coupons or even want to hear the word “coupon.” They automatically think that it is way too much work. I started using coupons a little over a year ago and was able to get out of debt totally and actually have money to purchase a house. I set a goal for myself to save at least $500 a week and hit that goal week after week. I feel sad when I see families in the grocery stores asking their children to put items back because they do not have enough money knowing that I am about to get paid for my purchase :( Thanks so much for your post :)

  3. says

    If they take too much of your time, then it’s not for me. I’m not into extreme couponing. But I use coupons when I see one that is useful. I like the 20% – 50% off something. I use coupon codes more than printable coupons. They’re really good in giving you discounts with things that you need to purchase.

  4. says

    Coupons can help us save some money, but some people take it to extreme and use it to buy things they don’t really need. it’s good to connect with people who are also into couponing and exchange coupons you don’t needs with the ones you find necessary for you.

  5. says

    We need to use the online coupons more. We know they exist but don’t grab them before hitting the store as much as we should. We are pretty good about cutting out the ones we want from the weekly saver.

  6. says

    I’m not a huge coupon user, but I do hunt down online coupons for more expensive, everyday items – like pet stuff. Saving $2 – $3 bucks on cat litter makes me giddy and let’s me keep buying the higher quality pet items.

  7. says

    How much do these online coupons actually cost? To me the thought of paying to save is a little backwards. We could just tailor our grocery lists a little to fit what coupons we do have at the time, instead of paying for the convenience of having a coupon for something we want. What did you mean about swapping coupons?

  8. says

    Many consumers are not familiar or interested with coupons or vouchers. These are beneficial particularly in the online shopping process. By pointing out these benefits, you help a lot of people save money.

  9. says

    Its a great article, SB. There are many advantages of using coupons, out of which I would like to mention a few of them:
    1) You gets discount and good savings of your valuable money.
    2) You learn about the Brand/store
    3) You refers it to someone else and gets referral earning by some stores.
    4) It saves your time when you do shopping by order online using these “Coupon codes”.

    The #Couponing #Trend has gone Viral in the last few years and people are searching for more & more coupons than before.

  10. says

    Most effective of all, you will get No cost Printable coupon codes as part of your mailbox regularly, so decide and pick out the want that you will need. Discovering hold from the most looked for not long after Gain Coupons or Any Grocery Coupon codes won’t whenever be discouraging any more.

  11. SHWETA says

    Coupons for online shopping are what the shoppers are mostly looking for.
    Online coupons can save you numerous money.

    • says

      But remember search for coupons for the items you have to buy. Do not buy things just because you have a coupon, this defeats the purpose.

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