Weekend Chit Chat and Good Reads

Friends, welcome to another edition of chit-chat. I wish I could have done more chit chats. I’ll try to talk more with you in the coming days. First of all, happy mothers day to all mothers out there. I wrote a tribute to my mom last year, if you want you can read it hear.

Empty Movie Theatre

Watched a movie in an empty theater

Last few weeks were almost event less. At work gearing up once again for the end of the year slog. This time I am responsible for three critical project deliverable and am already tensed because we are losing a few critical resources.

Monetarily this week was draining. Had to spend on lot of upgrade and replacements. But, happy that none of them were impulse purchases. SMB successfully passed one of the teaching certification courses. She has a couple of more to pass before getting the license to teach Chemistry in schools.

Our garden is flourishing and becoming greener every day. Square foot garden is only half full so I am still waiting to complete the post on square foot gardening.

My mother is doing better now and her normal movements returned. Making me less worried about one thing.

On the blog, three of my top ranked posts suddenly lost the rank and falling behind other competitor articles. There were frequent server issues at Hostgator, where this blog is hosted on. Some of you might have noticed slowness. I was in frequent touch with folks at Hostgator. Since Friday, OCAAT is again normal and loading fast like it was before. I have a very high hope to get bank my ranks soon. Folks at HostGator are awesome, I must say.

I am also consulting with an expert on possibility of moving to a dedicated server, right now OCAAT is hosted on a shared server where many other sites and blogs are co existing.

Here’s some of the good posts I could find in personal finance blogs this week.

Good Reads I want to Share

Bloggers do make money with the blog, so do I. Here are two posts which talks about how bloggers make money through blogging. Can you still make money through blogging? and I make money online. If you’re giving blogging a thought, do remember there will be hardly any money you can earn in first 12 months. Most bloggers quit within that first year.

My friend Ray posted an inspiring conversation between his daughter and him. You can read proud to see financial wisdom.

Dollar stretcher wrote an invaluable post on preventing summer crime. Few excellent tips are there, such as putting up of a “beware of Dogs” sign and not disclosing your travel plans on Social media, etc.

Wise bread posted a typical post as you are used to see it here in OCAAT, a list post – 53 ideas for under $10 night outs. That post gave me a lot of new post ideas for coming months.

I want to quit and desperately looking for ways. Here’s a piece of inspiration to help you quit if you smoke. Marie tells us how she successfully quit smoking.

I was unaware that YouTube is contemplating on a charged service to watch premium content. Here’s post on Money Minute.

Roger, from The Amateur Financier noted 7 things he would rather make and not buy from market. Interestingly he included beauty products as well. Whihc I may not particularly like. But there are others who can easily make organic home based perfumes, etc. not my cup of tea.

This one from London Business School publication lists interesting facts about mobile phones, Did you know that the first mobile phone was the size of a briefcase and costed £2,000?

My favorite publication, Harvard Business review posted The ripple effects you create as manager. This one was of particular interest to me as my manager really creates many ripple effects!

Carnival Gratitude

In the past week OCAAT was included in the following carnivals. You can head over to these carnivals to find out interesting personal finance articles.

Carnival of Personal Finance, Yakezie Carnival, Carnival of Money pros, Carnival of Retirement, Carnival of Financial Independence, Finance Carnival for Young Adults and Carnival of Money Pros

If I missed to link a carnival hosted by you, do let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

With that coming to an end of this chit-chat. We will come with another post tomorrow. Till then, have a nice rest of the day!

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