Weekend Chit Chat and Little More Insight

Howdy folks, thanks for sticking in with me for another week. This is another chit-chat after a long time. I love doing weekend chit chats. But I can’t do it unless I have some publishable things to share with you. I think this week I have much to talk about. Let’s talk about work first and then a little bit on my personal life.


It was an average week with less hectic work schedule. In-fact last few weeks were like this, days were more or less event-less. At home things are steady. In first week of February, I got my performance appraisal and as expected my performance was rated outstanding. Last year around this time I published my most commented article Does blogging affect your work? It was my confession.

I admitted that my performance suffered due to extra attention to the blog. And was duly rated average performer. In that article I mentioned my plan of action going forward for the year. I was able to stick to my plan and was able to cut down spending non-productive time with the blog. In the process I may have lost some regular readers. But over all my regular readership increased and overall traffic grew by 300% in a year.

But, the most noticeable difference was in my job performance. I was instrumental in rolling out three major projects including one with a very high-profile and visibility. The rewards came all the way to my bank account in terms of bonus.

Overall, I am happy with my at-work and at-blog performance.

Where I am not happy is somewhere else, I would like to ask you two questions. First, If something gives you joy only for a little while and pain most of the time, coupled with rudeness, tricks and games, should you spend your time and mind thinking about it all the time? And, secondly, if you get someone’s 5 mins of time in a day should you give entire day back?

Is it worth it? Should you neglect everything else in life for 5 mins of happiness?

Don’t make wild guesses, these are just generic questions about life’s priorities and making decisions about time to come. I am pondering over this since last couple of weeks. And, want to get out of insanity.

After all last year’s blog and work performance were good because of careful planning of my time and resources. Sometimes its good to forget things and move on, especially if there’s no positive aspect insight. You should live and let live.

You should chase your dreams not your weaknesses, right? You should only spend your time on things that give you strength.

Again, coming back to the blog. I need to be a little more personal on financial matters as well. I was evaluating my last few posts and they were nothing more than the information items, there were very little personal touch. Perhaps I could change that going forward, I can’t promise that to happen from my next post but, I’ll try to improve one step at a time.

It’s also time to put on the travelling gear once again. SMB and I would be spending few days out in March. Hotel is booked and we are ready to roll.

Until next post, love you all!

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