Weekly Chit-Chat Gratitude and Links

This was an un-eventful week, kind of boring. Still the ticket for Summer Yellowstone trip is not booked. Another plan SMB is brewing with friends, to go out on a beach rental over the memorial day week-end.

On the blog front, my income, which stagnated has return after a month gap. The worrying factor is the dwindling stock of pending articles. Once I had 8 articles in waiting, now I have only 3. Right after I finish with this, I am going to write a couple for OCAAT and at least one for Finance Product Review, my other blog.

This Week’s Good Reads

I will stick to mostly finance related articles this week.

58 Habits to increase wealth is a list of one-liner action items. Some of these one-liners are easier-said-than-done. But, many of the points are very important for managing your finances and accumulating wealth.

Recently one of my blogger friend asked me a question saying first that he was sorry for being nosy, yes he was. I gave him the answer. He got what he wanted to know, although I wasn’t comfortable in sharing that info. Paula is saying the same thing, be nosy to get success, at the end to know how to replicate a success you need to be nosy.

My friend and neighbor Eric is done with the tax mad dash, I expect to see him an engaged blogger again. To prove me right he’s conducting a $100 giveaway. Feel free to enter the contest.

To be productive do you need a to do list? If not let’s prepare a no-to-do list to become super productive, as being explained at Wealth Informatics.

I jealously looked at Financial Samurai’s Passive income report. A lot to learn from there.

Khaleef is an experienced blogging buddy, when he shares his lessons for newbie bloggers, things becomes useful and interesting. Head over and read.

Daisy from Add-vodka (nice name for a blog by the way) freaked out, went mad at, got panic attack, etc. when she came to know about her boy friend paying only credit card minimum due every month. She did raise a good question, are you willing to break the deal for your partner’s bad financial habits?

Street Smart Finance Talk about three simple ways to rekindle fire in you.

Step Away from the mall has a very unique investment idea, betting about marriage outcome. It’s a not a sustainable investment at an individual marriage level but can be a value proposition if we bet for/against divorce rates in a country or region. Still, it’s a very good read. Marriage hedge fund, any takers?

If you want to know how exactly you’ll chose which credit card to apply for, read this Money Cone article “In pursuit of most rewarding card“. Had I been the host of a carnival this week, this would obviously be my first editor’s pick. The article is very practical, readers can immediately get benefit out of it. This is not a psychological thriller post which has become a norm on many blogs now a days, I find them rarely benefit others, they are good reads at the most and I forget the learning within one hours of reading those, honestly.

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