Weekly Roundup, Thoughts and Gratitude

Staying within my limit and not revealing company secrets, I can only share a little facts about my job. And let me do that today.

I recently got involved in a project, which has to be delivered within this calendar year, and, with the complexity of the requirements, its near-impossible to achieve that. Hence, we are in a recruitment frenzy through our vendor partners.

This is not an ordinary project, it is one that can make or break your career. As always I am up for this challenge and taking on this biggest-in-life-time project head-on. Over the last couple of years I have built a strong team. A few of the outsourced workers left but, came in stronger ones. I have faith in this team and my boss has faith too since this came our way.

I am not saying I will not be involved in blogging much, I will be, like ever before. One of the benefits of building strong support system is you can delegate a lot of stuff without getting overwhelmed in demanding situation. I think I am now able to balance between the blog and the work. On any given day blogging is much more creative work than the day job for me.

This week we have decided on the summer travel. We are to Yellow Stone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, I will be applying for 5 days off (making it a 9 day vacation including 2 week-ends). I have started Priceline bidding for flight ticket. Starting with a very low bid, I will go on increasing the bid and shuffling the dates till my bid is accepted. Once we have the flight, I can book hotel and Car.

The cheapest return fare from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Salt Lake City, UT is above $450 per person. I am trying to get it on a bid at a much cheaper rate.

We are planning for Memorial day week, but we are flexible. Any suggestion from readers are welcome. Specifically I want to know your choice for near-by attractions and hotels. I hope all roads will be opened up by that time.

Roundup of good reads

Best cash back credit cards from Free Money Finance is a comparative analysis of rewards cards to help make an informed decision before applying for a new credit card.

My Tweet feed captured one interesting comparison between Left-handed people and right-handed people at Scientific American. Although the article finishes abruptly without really completing the discussion.

While we are planning to go on a summer vacation, I came across a Frugal Dad article on ways to save money on summer vacation.

Tweeter feed captured an interesting CNN article on why 20% of Americans do not use internet.

Warren Buffet’s latest investment tip is favoring real estate investment claims Asset Builder. Mr. Buffet never did invest in real-estate in the past, is housing boom returning? The man is usually right…almost always.

Perhaps the best read of the week is “Life is rich and colorful, don’t spend it on phone” at Tom Critchlow, this blog is also the find-of-the-week. The blog reminds me of Zen Habits and its simplicity. Being addicted to my iPhone I can certainly benefit from this article. Although reading alone can’t make me wiser unless I practice the lessons learned from the article.

I was riveted for more than a few minutes towards the Titanic photographs at The Big picture. we have since made a plan to watch titanic in 3D in theater.

USA Today, claims Obama is ahead of Romney in electoral college, what do you think?

What’s happening in your lives, readers?

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  1. says

    the project at work definitely sounds pretty big-time.. hopefully you guys can find the talent you need, and make it happen. it is always a bit scary to have all of your eggs in one basket like that.. but i’m sure that you will continue to build your team and get it done.

    • says

      Thanks Jeff. Yes its a very challenging project. The biggest challenge is the short timeline given to us for its size.

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