Welcome Frugal Dad Readers!

I am very excited to have one of my guest posts published on the old faithful blog Frugal Dad today about the effective reuse of used clothes whose original purpose is served.

Welcome new visitors! If this is your first visit to One Cent At A Time, I don’t want you to go back before checking a few things out on my blog.

You can start with my about page to know more about me.  I am a first generation immigrant in America with a master in Computer engineering and working for a financial multinational. I write about saving money, investing, personal betterment and productivity, you might want to check why my site is named One Cent At A Time.

Existing readers of OCAAT, today you will have some company from the readers of Frugal Dad, please join me in welcoming them and make them feel at home.

I am nominated as the best ‘new’ personal finance blog of 2011 in the Plutus award, the best recognition in personal finance blogosphere. I encourage you to cast your vote if you haven’t done already, last day for vote is 09/21/2011. No, I am not asking you to vote for me without checking my competitors out. Let the best blog win!

Now that you are wondering where to click next, why don’t you check some of my most popular articles to date?

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Now let me assure regular readers that I will be back to regular posting schedule from tomorrow.

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