Why People Should Not Follow My Blog

This is a rainy Sunday afternoon, finally rain arrived, after a long wait. It not only helped soil get back some of the moisture it lost in last month or so, but also it helped in containing Miami brush fire to a great extent.

My Google reader informed me that Miami fire rescue contained about 85% of fire! Not that we were in fire line, but It was not far either.

My wife’s been a couch potato for some time now since lunch, watching ‘Fighter’. I was glancing through various blog carnivals, searching if I am mentioned somewhere, nope after 30 mins of searching, there’s none. Which makes me realize that I am not worthy of  a mention. Earlier I wrote why I am Failing as a blog writer. But since then my daily visitor count increased and I am not failing as badly as I was. Still a LOT of improvement is needed to establish myself as a writer.

Now I am little more experienced as a blog writer, I can now distinguish between a genuine comment and a spam. I cna almost tell people’s reaction after reading my own blog post before publishing. I have developed a patience to read and re-read my posts before hitting the ‘Publish’ button. 4 months and 21 posts after, here is my self revelation..

why should people not subscribe to my blog.

1. I do not post deals, no, not at all. I see people at my work, in my friend circle, talking about deals and discounts. They do not have a habit of reading any finance blog. They do not talk about what GRS wrote this week or what Consumerist says. All they are interested in is how much saving they made lately and what is the exciting deal running currently. Well I get benefitted too, I had a BOGO lunch at Chipotle last week, I had a two fandango ticket vouchers for $9 

2. I do not write every day, people shall be loyal to someone who provide frequent updates and new posts. I have a very hard job, at times i put 10 -11 hours at work. I get week ends to do rest of the stuff, blogging is one of them. And I do publish my posts on week ends when people are enjoying with their family. What a timing!

3. I do not have a established community of readers. I am just a starter, taking baby steps in writing since March 2011, this is my 22nd post, well 22nd published post, as I have three in draft state. I do not proudly show off my readers number. People learn a lot for other readers’ comments. By having a minuscule subscribe base, I lack there compared to other blogs

4. I am not experienced writer. It must have been obvious by now, I do lack certain quality of free flow blog writers. Even though I changed my style a lot. If you read site’s disclaimer, which I wrote the first week this blog was born, you will feel the change in writing style. Of-course no one read the disclaimer except me in 2 months. Very popular post it was. I do not want to be Shakespeare of blog world, but  still I need to improve.

5. I do not publish recipes. Well I miss a big advantage when female readership is concerned, people dedicated to reading a particular blog look for variety, specially females look for cooking stuff a lot. Even if the food taste really bad, most of the diligent blog followers do try the recipes at home and of-course they state how good it came out in comment :-). You will not get to read recipes here, unless my wife, a very good cook at Indian cuisines decides to join me. I can’t cook at all! If you are interested in Indian cuisine, do state in the comments, probably that would act as a steroid to my wife.

6. I am not a paid writer. If you have noticed, I do not display add, well, when I am writing this post I don’t have any add since ad-sense blocked my account. So there is no monetary incentive for me to continue writing. I do it for my own satisfaction and knowledge.

Saying all the above points, I am being real. I stated who I am, although there is no ‘about’ page yet. I am honest in admitting my drawbacks.  All my acquired readers, did I crack you up? Give a second thought on continuing with your RSS feed. All other first time readers (I do get 60% of my daily visitors as first time visitors), or second or third, who haven’t subscribed to my feed yet probably will agree to me.

But I do try to provide information which I truly believe, and I will continue to do so. Follow or no-follow, this key board will produce some more good writings, that I can promise. One cent at a time is certainly part of my entrepreneurial plan, and is an integral part of my personal finance, I learn a lot while writing each post.

Let me remind my readers who have teens at home, this is a good summer to engage them in voluntary or paid work. Even, I do feel managing the checkout counter at your local grocers go a long way in establishing a sense of pride in them, they see real hard earned money in their hand. take the opportunity to implant the value of money in them.

Do always remember that, if you have option for education for your teens vs. having them work, always go for education! And the neo parents, congratulations to you, but this is beginning of  a tiresome 15 to 20 years to come. You have only these years to help your kids become persons you always wanted to become yourselves. People in to their retirement or close to it, enjoy your life while saving money, go to the places you want to go, see the thing you wanted to see in your childhood. People in their prime work life, work hard and earn more. Do save at least 30% of your income. Do start creating budgets and control your spend.

And yes, that ‘about’ page is coming in next few days! Now the rain has stopped, we finished our cup of Indian milk tea accompanying a mix of puffed rice and cut onions, masala, chilies and ginger and coriander leaves. We call it ‘Jhalmuri’ a great food as a replacement for popcorn. Do you want the recipe?

Indian puffed rice mix

Indian puffed rice mix - Jhalmuri

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  1. says

    You can write your posts on the weekend and schedule them to publish throughout the week. I think three posts a week is good for a PF blog and anymore is gravy.

    Welcome to the Yakezie Challenge. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. Ralph says

    I actually learned about nearly all of this, but however, I still believed it turned out valuable. Very good post!

    • says

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Did you think about joining a blog network? It will help you building your blog, I am a member of yakezie network, you can try at least

    • says

      yes I am trying hard not only food, she can write on consumer matters as well. Problem is she doesn’t even read my blog. but, I am still trying to persuade her . Thanks for the comment

    • says

      Thank you for letting me know that! I went to your blog and joined. You have some really delicious recipes there. I ask my wife to write some blog posts on Indian/bengali cuisines. She’s not interested.. :(

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