One Cent Sunday Round Up and Blog Insights

Its Sunday and its time to unplug and get in to a different blogging mode, when I become too personal, and, give insight in to blogs and the bloggers.

I received a mail asking why OCAAT doesn’t display any advertising banner.

Well, thank you for your mail, I am honored that you went beyond just commenting and asked this question via email. One Cent At A Time doesn’t display ad, for the lack of better words, advertisers don’t yet consider us worth of investment.

Next question I ask myself, do I consider my blog worth reading? I couldn’t convince myself. I do think readers won’t lament missing out on one of my posts. There’s just too many of finance blogs. No one will miss One Cent at a Time if I stop writing tomorrow.

But on contrary to my anticipation, last Tuesday, 09/20/2011, OCAAT had its largest number of visitors and page views on a single day. In last one month I have set this record more than 4 times, a sure sign that number of followers are on the rise.

Should I be jumping with joy now? Perhaps No, because any seasoned blogger shall tell you that this is the fact for each one of them. In first year, almost every blogger sees a steady growth. It stagnates afterwards and less brave quits as a result.

Unless a blogger is able to produce different content or same content with a different perspective why should other people be reading that blog?

You ask a yourself a question, why do you read blogs? It’s definitely not for reading news. There are number of reputed news channels out there. People read blogs to get a new perspective on a well known fact or news. People look to learn from other people through blogs.

I expect a blog writer will provide personalized perspective in to a credit card review but, mostly I find bloggers copying card features from the credit card issuers and presenting with just a different sentence formation. I get pissed off!

Round Up

Dollar Versity, is not only my neighbor physically (almost) but also he thinks like I am in many aspects. Entrepreneurship is my favorite subjects, he hits the right nail is his article, do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I love people who take risks. Life is not easy and you shouldn’t expect happiness be served to you in a plate. This week Untemplater presents her own life saga and taking risks in Untemplate Your Mind.

Free Money Finance presented a comparison between best cash credit card. I am a proponent of wise credit card usage, and, I do like other people blogging about the ways to use credit card to our favor. Interesting three out of my four credit cards are featured in this article, I am proud of my card choice.

I dug through a hitherto unknown blog Art of Manliness, and got amazed by the depth and quality of their articles, no wonder this blog is serving thousands of daily visitors. I will dig in to it further, here is a pick, 4 Finance Principles that would make grandfather proud.

Finally the rich are about to pay more taxes than middle class and the poor, Five Cent Nickel presents a Guide to Alternate Minimum Tax, a tool to tax the rich.

Consumerism Commentary presents save money by not having children, no it’s not the reason I am still child less, it’s just that god has not been kind enough to us.

Financial Samurai gives an interesting analogy between debt and bankruptcy. I hope none of you ever go in to bankruptcy.

Lastly, the lightest reading I had last week, is written by So Over Debt , don’t miss this hilarious post on why two personal finance bloggers should not marry or date each other.

Carnival Participation:

Since I have started putting 15 minutes of week’s time in to carnival submission, I have been featuring in almost all big personal finance blog carnivals. Last week OCAAT article on making saving a fun was selected as one of the top 10 blog posts for Best of Money Blog Carnival.

OCAAT did also featured in Carnival Of Personal Finance, Yakezie Blog Carnival, Carnival Of Wealth and Totally Money Blog Carnival. Each carnival is a showcase to the best of blogging world, if you are a blog reader don’t miss the carnivals, you may discover a new blogger who writes exactly as you want it.

last week also saw my second guest post appeared on a PR6 blog Frugal Dad, if you haven’t read the article on ways to reuse old clothes, I would request you to read once.

Readers, have you come across a post or written a post which you want to share with fellow readers? Feel free to insert links in your comments.

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    • says

      Exactly Aaron, I till now, am writing for fun, its my hobby and a tool to increase my own knowledge. So far my knowledge increased tremendously.

      • says

        I anticipate further volatility… no crystal ball here, but I did give my followers some hard numbers. For example, if the markets break below this support level, watch out… they’ll go to… and they did. I’m noticing a new level of resistance and support now. Meanwhile, they get tossed round within those perimeters rather violently.

        • says

          I am sure these are interesting things to consider for stock traders and short term investors. Unfortunately I am not in to trading stocks. I know people make a lot of money trading stocks, but its beyond my reach at this point.

  1. says

    I agree. Blogging should be a hobby and the money you make from it should be considered a bonus. You need to have fun with it or you won’t last.
    I agree with Nikki. I would miss you too. I really enjoy your site and like she said, advertisers will come. Just give it a bit more time. It took me over a year to get anything worth while.

  2. Jana says

    I wouldn’t stress about the money. I make $0 from my blog but I keep writing because it makes me feel good. You know how runners get a runner’s high? I get a writing high. Do I wish I got paid to do it? Absolutely. But for now, I’ll just settle on it as a hobby.

    You have great content and a wonderful perspective. To paraphrase, if you keep writing, they will come to you.

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